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RAF Marston Moor Christmas menu for officer's mess. Signatures on reverse include K S Oakes.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are available.

28 men arranged in four rows, flanked by two cars. On the reverse are nine signatures and a photographers stamp.

Full length image of a sergeant airman wearing tunic with half brevet and side cap standing in a garden with a small dog sitting on his left. In the background foliage. On the reverse nine signatures with love and kisses.

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No 36 Service Flying Training School. RAF Penhold, Christmas dinner menu for 1942. Includes several signatures and named 'Sgt Price A.P'. at top. On the reverse, many more signatures.

Menu for Christmas eve dinner 24 December 1945. On the reverse signatures and location: RAF officers' mess Mauripur, Karachi, Sind, India.

RAF Snaith dinner menu with signatures on reverse.
Sgt H.E. Wakefield F/Eng written at the top.

For mess at Mauripur Sind, SEAAF Christmas 1945. Includes wine list, list of toasts and Christmas day dinner menu. On the back are signatures.

Three identical photos of 14 airmen arranged in two rows. One is eating a banana, several are drinking tea and others are holding bananas and oranges.
Jack Jones is front row, third from right.

#1 On the reverse -
'Would you like an orange mum…

A white, detached, shirt collar with names and addresses.


A cartoon of men and women dancing, annotated ' "Van Pan" indulges in a spot of elevation assisted by Don & ably supported by the Corps de Ballet'.
There are six signatures on the page.

A cartoon of seven airmen with shovels over their shoulders being led by an eighth with a large moustache. They are singing 'Hi-ho hi-ho Its off to work we go'. Four of the men have signed their names.

13 faces with mugs of beer. Each man has signed underneath. Further annotated '608 Squadron'.

16 trainees arranged in three rows. On the reverse each man has signed his name.

Head and shoulders portrait of an airman wearing tunic with wireless operator brevet. Captioned 'To Dad with love best wishes Franky'.

11 trainee airmen arranged in two rows in front of a wooden hut. On the reverse are the signatures of all the men.

A group of trainees arranged in four rows in front of the Trenance Hotel, Newquay.
On the reverse are the signatures of some of the trainees. A yellow post-it note states 'RRE Freeman 2nd row from left row 3'.

Thirty-six airmen all wearing tunic and side caps in three rows. Front row is squatting down the other two are standing. In the background a building with doorways either side of a bay window, On the reverse 'Flight B, Intake 42, 1942'. and a large…


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