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Writes that he had had no mail for six weeks and that there must be some hold up; however, English mail was arriving again. Catches up with family/friends news and says his letters must be boring as nothing happens. Writes of his camp rugby team…

Sends birthday greetings and hopes that letter would arrive before Christmas. Sends family seasons greetings and sorry he would not be with them again this year. Mentions it was a depressing time. Talks of rumours of repatriation of badly wounded…

The letter refers to the death of her son and the revised financial payments.

The letter expresses regret at the loss of his son. It explains procedures to assist with finances.

Left page - letter from John Collier on Norfolk and Nowich Aero Club headed paper, thanking Jill Nicholls for her letter which thanked him for the flight she took with him. Right page - Title at top - 'Alex Henshaw Kings Cup 1938 and Cape records…

List train times, routes and reporting eventually to depot at RAF Bridgenorth. On the reverse part of a list of names.

Reply from WAAF recruiting office to Jill Nicholls application to join and noting that she would attend medical examination. On the reverse Form 2150W not filled in.

Enlisted as fitter in February 1939 and commissioned in November 1944. Lists promotions, appointments and postings up to November 1965.

Thanks George Dunmore for his long service, signed by Merlyn Rees, Under-Secretary of State.

Passes on the London Gazette citation for George Dunmore’s award of a DFM for participating in a large number of operational sorties including a daylight attack on Danzig. Written in response to an enquiry on her part.

Neill Chapman’s diary entries from 27th May to 1st June including a list of crew members and the results of their bombing trials.

Peter writes to Terry about receiving his wings and a commission.

Peter Lamb describes the training and his desire to visit Terry Ford.

Peter tells of some of his friends and the training experience

Terry Ford writes that it is the last week of the course and he has passed everything. He is looking forward to the Christmas off, possibly, for 3 or 4 weeks.

Terry Ford writes to his family that he has started night flying and the course finishes at Christmas. He also mentioned the Christmas decorations in the town.

Terry Ford writes to his family that he has plenty of hours solo flying. He also writes that he has had two spells in jankers.

Terry Ford writes about flying, the cold weather, the sociable nature of the Canadians,

Terry Ford listed some items which he was sending to members of his family.

Terry writes to his family about his work and leisure time.

Terry Ford was disappointed that he did not get a chance to go solo as, due to bad weather, he made poor landings. He had 7 days leave approaching.

Terry Ford thanked his parents for the cigarettes and letters. He was elated about flying an aircraft with his instructor in bad weather conditions.

Terry Ford writes to his family about his pending time at flying school and that he had been recommended for a commission, although he couldn’t understand why.

States he is fit and well and his greatest concern is their health. Mentions the weather. Says he is becoming an epicure and looks forward to experimenting. Says he has written 5 letters and hopes they got through. Wishes them a happy Christmas.…

Informs her that permits could not be granted to private individuals for the dispatch of parcels to British prisoners of war in neutral countries. Encloses leaflet with details regarding dispatch of parcels.
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