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Reports arrival of latest letter. Sorry his cables take so long to get to them and they are investigating the reason. Discusses their difficulties with parcels for him but says he is looking forward to them arriving. Writes that he would like their…

Writes about latest mail received. Long correspondence on content of cables he has sent and received which reiterate his requirements for underwear, soap, toothbrush and footwear. Notes that parcels are now arriving regularly for others and mentions…

Narborough Road Senior Boys' School No 1 July 1937 school magazine. Articles about school visits, a short story, school sports and activities.

A letter to Dick Curnock from his mother with domestic news.

A letter to Dick from his mother wishing him a happy birthday, included is domestic news.

A letter and envelope to Dick Curnock from his mother. It is full of social news.

A biography of Jim Tyrie. He was called up on 1st September 1939 and learned to fly on Tiger Moths. He was shot down on his 7th operation over Berlin. In POW camp he was described as a dedicated tunneller. There is a list of the camps he was kept in…

Writes of recent activities and domestic matters. Hopes he was not fatigued by return journey and mentions that daughter fell down on way to school and grazed her arm.

She explains what she is doing for Christmas, details the work she has done to their new house and garden and includes a sketch map . She mentions their daughter, Frances, who is helping in the garden. Describes other activities around the new local…

She talks of photographs she is going to send him for his comments and continues with mention of daily activities.

Catches up with family/friends news and daily activities. Writes that she had not realized how depressed he was.

Reminisces over recent leave and comments on her recent activities. Comments on agricultural reading and papers. Notes that baby daughter Frances has cut two teeth and mention getting new ration books.

She thanks him for writing and is amused about his comments on the after-life, but tells him how worried she had been when she had heard that 19 bombers had been missing. She goes on to tell him of domestic matters and hopes for leave soon.

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Writes of rain, gardening and finances. Concludes with family chat and fact that daughter Frances is not taking to new gas mask.

Thanks him for ringing as it makes her happy and cheerful knowing he is safe. Asked his views on Churchill's speech but did not like his view on using gas on Germany. Writes of how much baby Frances dislike her gas mask and that she will try and get…

Number 58. Lists letters received and mentions medicine and request she send violin strings. Sorry that American parcels have stopped. Writes about future home appliances and mentions music theory study. Is delighted with photographs she sent of…

Number 57. Writes saying he has not been reading the mostly thriller books from Stockholm and will give them to the library. He goes on to give his opinion on the entertainment in the camp and mentions some of the various productions. He mentions…

Number 56. Thanks her for 200 cigarettes and has discovered the source of books sent although one was banned. He writes that he feels fitter as he has started playing football. He is anxious to hear her truthful thoughts of when she thinks he will…

Number 55. Thanks her for a parcel and he asks her to trace the sender of some books he has received. He also mentions that he is looking forward to a concert that the Symphony Orchestra will perform the following day. He goes on to explain how he…

Number 54. Received cigarette parcels and ask her to trace and thank donors. Notes parents worried that he is not acknowledging their parcels and writes that he has done so but letters may have gone mussing and that he is limited to two letters and…

Letter on headed paper to Mrs Valentine about the delay of parcels she has sent to her husband in Stalag Luft 6. She is advised to refrain from sending further parcels at the current time because of the difficulties of the transport system on the…

Writes that Christmas parcel has been sent by Krakenberger but choice of items that can be send from Switzerland was recently restricted. Only books, sports articles and musical instruments allowed. Requests what John might like.

Second of David Geach's diaries, describing his training for aircrew at Kingstown, Heaton Park, Hastings and Harrogate until his embarkation to Canada on the Queen Mary. Covers the period from 20 June 1942 to 7 October 1942.

Writes from No 9 Recruit Wing at Stratford-on-Avon about arrival in rain and billeted at old school. Issue of uniform and request they send maths books. Short description of town and mentions he is going to Shakespeare play. Concludes with talk of…

Writes from Stratford on Avon of uniform issue, medicals and inoculations. Continues with stories of activities in the local area, marching to lectures and drill. Requests that they send underclothing and sweets/chocolate if available. Concludes with…


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