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A man wearing flying suit standing with his hand on the leading edge of the wing of a Blackburn B.2. In the background right another Blackburn B.2. captioned 'tony flight training 2'. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the…

Two aircrew, the one on the left wearing flying jacket and side cap, the one on the right flying helmet and battledress with pilot's brevet and parachute harness. In the background the nose of a Hampden with a dragon and 'P/O R Wareing' painted on…

Three men wearing civilian attire (two in plus fours) and two women wearing overcoats and hats standing in front of the port wing of a single engine biplane. On the reverse 'N Smith, C Smith, Narir B - Cyril Ball'.

Ralph at the controls of a Canadian Avro Anson. He is wearing tropical kit. On the reverse 'RRE Freeman'.

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An airman identified as Alan Edgar sitting in the cockpit of a Canadian built Avro Anson. He is wearing a leather helmet and goggles. On the reverse is written 'Freddie Firth takes one of yours truly -wrapped up for nothing Feb 43'.
A second…
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