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Four medals for service in the Army.
The 1939-45 star, The Defence medal, War medal 1939-1945 and Efficiency Medal: Territorial.

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Dunkirk Medal, King Albert of Belgium First World War Medal and
International prisoner of war medal.

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Four red chevrons on black background for four years service.

Head and shoulders view of a man with headphones at the fight engineers desk of a Short Belfast. On the reverse 'Flt Lt J R Lee'.

Head and shoulders portrait of Wing Commander Gomm wearing battledress with pilot's brevet and medal ribbons and peaked cap.

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Head and shoulders portrait of a pilot officer wearing uniform tunic with pilot's brevet, DFC ribbon and VR pins.

Two RAF officers. Wing Commander Arthur Cyril Ball (brother of Albert Ball VC) on the left and an air commodore on the right. Both wearing uniform tunic and side caps walking towards camera. In the background more officers and two civilians with…

Three officers wearing uniform tunic, two with side caps and the third with peaked cap walking across a car park. On the left is Wing Commander Arthur Cyril Ball (brother of Albert Ball VC). Two officers on the left have pilot's brevet and the other…

A man wearing RAF uniform tunic with half brevet is standing next to a woman wearing wedding dress and holding a bouquet. In the background a window.

Man standing in garden wearing RAF uniform tunic with half brevet and medal ribbons. In the background a wall.


Two men standing in a road by a car with French shop in the background. On the left is Emile Witmeur in shirt and tie and on the right is Flight Lieutenant Roy Brouard Langlois DFC in RAF tunic with pilots brevet and medal ribbons.

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Head and shoulders portrait of a sergeant wearing tunic with air gunner brevet and flying helmet.

Sacred Heart College Victoriaville Quebec captioned 'No 3 ITS RCAF 25.9.43'.

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Sitting on low wall, looking out over promenade and sea, North Pier and Blackpool Tower in background.

Three story building, trees behind, garden to the front. On the reverse, partially obscured captioned 'Chateau [??] January 1945

Two photographs taken from the air of an attack on a collection of large buildings, bomb explosions clearly visible.

Building with one and two story parts. Many glass windows with white bricks below. Steps lead down from doorway in centre front. A nurse stands at the bottom of the steps. In front grass and in the distance behind a hill.


Photo 1 is of the University Bridge in Saskatoon.
Photo 2 is of the Traffic Bridge and the Broadway bridge with the Bessborough Hotel behind.

An airman wearing flying helmet and goggles in the cockpit of a biplane with blind flying hood folded down. On the reverse 'John Turner, Penny and Carols dad'.

Air to ground view of eight Lancasters with light paint scheme lined up in pairs pointing right. Beyond them a runway with buildings on the far side.

Vertical air to ground view of an airfield parking pan running top left to bottom right. Airfield buildings are also shown. Parked on the pan are Lancaster, B-29, C-57, Northrop P61, B-17 and Lockheed Constellation as well as other aircraft.…

Air-to-ground view of Gander airfield looking south west . Main runway from mid left to bottom right. Hangars and other buildings below and above runway. Subsidiary runway on right River on left.

Target map latitude/longitude 48° 05’N 11° 17’E, centred on the aerodrome at Oberpfaffenhofen.
Fürstenfeldbruck, Eichenau, Alling, Gilching, Argelsried are also plotted.

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39 men in tunic and side caps in four rows RAF Little Rissington. The second row up are all officers apart from the outside two. All the rest of the men are sergeants. In the background a brick building with two arched entrances to windows and a…

In the foreground left a reviewing base with one officer standing saluting with one further standing to the rear. Left of the reviewing base are three offices standing in line. In the distance, behind the reviewing officers is a band. Marching on the…
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