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Head and shoulders side view of an airman wearing battledress with flight engineer brevet. He has number board on his left shoulder. Wooden wall in background. On the reverse handwritten addresses.

List and next of kin of crew of James Lee's aircraft. Includes Wing Commander C L Gomm, Flying Officer T J Phillips, Flying Officer A H Rearden, Pilot Officer H N Pritchard, Warrant Officer L L McKenny.

Describes crash of HS-125 in which Harold Dryhurst was killed.


Account of scattering ashes of Harold Dryhurst over Stansted airport. He was killed in an aircraft crash. Includes accounts of funeral and of accident.

A montage of aircrew photographs. Course 84 33EFTS, Caron Saskatchewan, Canada, RAF, captioned; “No33 EFTS. Caron, Saskatchewan. Sept ’43”

A group of airmen arranged in six rows. On the reverse most of the men are named.

A religious poem about the ascent of the soul

A brief obituary of Peter. During the war he was awarded a DFC for bravery. He was proud of his wartime record and for a time was president of his local British Legion.

List of photos for: Jack Dalton 2nd pilot, Ivor Groves W/Op, Douglas Park navigator, Roy Lewis mid upper gunner.


This occurred on 1 December 1943, Ken Hook was the only crew member to survive. Five small children were killed.

Colour photograph of Ken's mounted medals and the Gazette entry for the award of his DFM. Note the bar to his DFM.

These report the crash of the Stirling where Ken was the sole surviving crew member, and five children were killed, on the 1 December 1943.

A newspaper cutting referring to an attack on Berlin. Peter Twinn and Alec Gilbert have been quoted with comments on the cold and the fires in Berlin.

A newspaper cutting referring to the first daylight 1000 bomber operations. Chris Scrimshaw took part in this attack. It is annotated 'Dad'.

List captains and take off and landing times from 23 July 1943 to 3 December 1942.


Squadron Leader Bob Wareing a prisoner of war. Scunthorpe double DFC baled out from blazing plane. Includes head and shoulders portrait of a man wearing uniform tunic with pilot's brevet. Account of how message got back to his wife and that he was…

1: prisoner in German hospital - news of Robert Wareing passed on by French woman, He was burned on bailing out of his aircraft and was a prisoner in hospital.
2: In German hands - message received over German wireless broadcast that Robert Wareing…

Two newspaper cuttings. Left - Scunthorpe day by day: account of Squadron Leader Robert Wareing returning home after several months in German hands. Right - For local airman/daring bomb attack on Brest harbour - announcement of award of DFC to Robert…

A group of ten airmen arranged in two rows in front of a wooden building. On the front is "N" and the names of the ten men. On the reverse is stamped 'RAF Evanton Crown Copyright Reserved'.

Two identical photographs of 11 trainee airmen arranged in two rows in front of a wooden building. On the reverse of the second photo are seven signatures.

11 airmen arranged in two rows in front of a wooden hut. On the reverse are the men's signatures.

15 airmen arranged in three rows in front of a wooden building. On the reverse are the men's signatures and 'Thanks a Million Best wishes "M" Squad'.

Reports that helpers at his first rendezvous had retained Jack Newton's kit. On his return to Belgium he recovered his flying boots and other crew's equipment.

Ten airmen arranged in two rows in front of a wooden building. Each man's name is written underneath. On the reverse are the signatures of all the men and a stamp with 'RAF Evanton Crown Copyright Reserved'.

11 airmen arranged in two rows in front of a wooden hut. Their names are written below. On the reverse is stamped 'RAF Evanton Crown Copyright Reserved'.
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