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Telegram to Desmond O’Connell’s father informing him that he was severely burnt and in hospital, with an offer of two free return tickets if he could not afford the fare to Limavady.


Notes taken during Colin Wood's training. They cover navigation, wireless, radar, meteorology, intelligence, geography and operations.


Handwritten notes for Lancaster systems made during Syd Marshall's training to become a flight engineer. It includes detail on start up procedures, fuel and carburettor systems, climb rates, cruising, and cabin heating.

Jack Brown was born and spent his early life in Australia, leaving school at fourteen doing odd jobs before joining the civil service and then the RAF. He talks about his initial training before travelling to England and joining 69 Squadron. Jack…

Frances Cooper spent her early life in Uganda before settling with her parents in England for her schooling, then joining the WAAF. She speaks about the small village she lived in during the war, the arrival of Americans and prisoners of war, as well…

Sidney Cooper was born in Blackpool and speaks about his early life there. He joined the Royal Air Force in 1941. He first served as an engine fitter in Fighter Command before remustering as aircrew. He flew operations as a flight engineer with 427…

Mary Stanley Foister grew up in Buckinghamshire and served in the Women's Auxiliary Air Force after she left school. Following training, she had a number of administrative posts as PA to high ranking RAF officers. Mary married Alan Craig, a…

Fred Gardiner grew up in Oxfordshire and worked in a furniture factory before volunteering for the Royal Air Force. He flew five operations as a wireless operator / air gunner from RAF Syerston before his aircraft was shot down. He managed to evade…

Brian Hutson was a child during the war. He remembers his father, who worked on building airfields and delivering air raid shelters. He remembers his childhood, sleeping in a shelter and listening to aircraft, air raids, blackouts, playing with…

Douglas (Jim) James was born in India and returned to England when he was nine. After school, he jointed the RAF as an air gunner, forging his father’s signature on the application. Jim carried out twenty nine operations on 460 Squadron, flying in…

Harry James grew up in Berkshire and after school began training as a plumber. He joined the RAF and carried out thirty three operations as a rear gunner with 166 squadron. After the war Harry returned to plumbing in Berkshire. He tells of his…

Oral history interview with Peter William Arthur Jones (b. 1954) about his father Thomas John Jones DFC (b. 1921, 1640434 and 184141 Royal Air Force). Peter Jones discovered a memoir written by his father, Thomas Jones, a flight engineer, just after…

Fred Parker was born in Skegness and worked with boats and built pillboxes before the war. He later joined the Royal Air Force and served as ground personnel, where he worked at an air gunnery training unit at RAF Silloth with target tugs. Fred spent…

Propaganda leaflet by British fascist John Amery aimed at the British population and arguing that the sacrifices of the Allies have served only the interests of 'Stalin and the Jews'.

German propaganda leaflet directed at American forces in which a soldier questions in a letter home the reason why he is expected to die.


Briefing sheet for 1-1-44 indicates 12 by 1000 MC 1/2 hour or 1 hour delay with preselection settings, false height settings, Window, timings, bombing height. On the reverse handwritten notes on target marking and code words.

Table with weights for bombs, fuel and all up weight.Includes bomb load types for all aircraft. Sheet is laid on top of crew operation order.

Gives bomb load and bomb stations including preselection settings, false height settings, delays and other operation information including wave times, routes, bombing methods. On the reverse target marking information including 'Newhaven marking' .…

Single column table with Tare, fuel, bomb and all up weights as well as bomb load.

Details two different bomb loads with pre-selection settings. Includes route and method. Target 'Marquise (2 heavy railway guns)'. annotated 'Scrubbed' written in large red letters. Notes that bombs are not to be brought back but are to be jettisoned…

Two columns indicating two different bomb loads with tare, petrol, bomb and all up weights

Shows single bomb load with pre-selection settings, route and method. Notes that Mosquito will drop red and green target indicators. Annotated 'Cap Griz Nez'.

Single bomb load for all aircraft with pre-selection settings, route and method. Notes that musical paramatta Mosquito will drop long burning red target indicators. On the reverse a list of other bombing operations by group. Annotated target…

Single bomb load for squadron. Includes preselection settings, Window bundle numbers, timings, route and target marking notes on the reverse.

Shows single bomb load for squadron. Includes preselection settings, route, Window and notes on reverse.
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