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Group of trainees arranged in five rows. Each individual is named in the caption underneath

Six airmen posing beside a bicycle. All wearing khaki shorts and three without shirts. On the reverse 'Barren Rock Wheelers' and 'Aden Sept 1946'.
The six men are named.


Photo 1 is an airman inspecting the damage at the rear of the Wellington, X9746, 'OJ-A'. The fabric has burned off exposing the geodetic structure.
Photo 2 is two airmen inspecting the damaged fabric at the tail of a Wellington.

Item 1 is a photo of the starboard side of a Beaufort in flight over clouds.
Item 2 is a card of a Lancaster flying over Lincoln cathedral.

A newspaper cutting with news about attacks on U-boat shelters at Farge, an oil storage depot, benzol plants near Hamm, railway targets in the Netherlands, vessels in the Western Baltic, merchant shipping in the Skaggerak and Freisian Islands and…

Photo 1 is a side view of a BV138 kicking up a lot of spray.
Photo 2 is a front view of a BV138 taxting towards the camera.
Photo 3 is a view of the rear of a BV138.
Photo 4 is an air to air view of the port side of a BV138.
Photo 5 is an air to…

Photo 1 is a starboard side view of a BV 141 flying.
Photo 2 is BV 141 seen from the front and underneath.
Photo 3 is a BV141 seen from starboard and slightly above.
The aircraft was designed for short range reconnaissance with a crew of three.

Photo 1 is a starboard side view of a BV142.
Photo 2 is a front view showing its four engines and cranked wing. It was all metal in construction and designed as a long range mail plane.

Photo 1 is a port side view of the BV222 seaplane on water.
Photo 2 is a view of the underside of the BV222.
Photo 3 is a view of the underside of the BV222. The angle shows two floats close to the end of the wings.

Photo 1 is a starboard side view of the six engined BV238 seaplane floating on water.
Photo 2 is a port side view of the BV40
Photo 3 is a port side and slightly rear view of a BV40.

A brief history of Blohm und Voss and the BV 155 and HA 137. This was designed as an all-metal dive-bomber.
Photo 1 is a front/ side view of an HA137.
Photo 2 is a port side view of an HA137.
Photo 3 is a front view of an HA137.
Photo 4 is a…

Photo 1 is a port side view of a HA139 sitting on the water.
Photo 2 is a starboard side view of a HA139 on a harbour jetty.
Photo 3 is a front view of a HA139. It is fitted with a magnetic degausser used in mine sweeping.

A starboard side view of a HA140 sitting on water.

A newspaper cutting referring to an attack on Berlin. Peter Twinn and Alec Gilbert have been quoted with comments on the cold and the fires in Berlin.

Photo 1 is a vertical aerial photograph of Bochum. Most of the image is obscured by incendiary explosions.
Photo 2 is a vertical aerial photography of Gelsenkirchen. Two bombs can be seen falling.

Notes including timings, heights, marking plan, master bomber and target marking.

Shows three bomb loads but with the middle one crossed out. Includes preselection settings, false heights, Window, nickles and zero hour.

Blank form on the front. On the reverse aiming instructions and other bombing notes.

Front not completed. On the reverse marking and tactics notes including Mosquito marking.

Shows four bomb loads for the squadron with two for one aircraft each and the other two for eight and six aircraft. Includes preselection settings, weights, timings, method. On the reverse bombing notes including target marking continued.

Shows two bomb loads with window, weights and other information. Struck through and annotated 'Cancelled'. On the reverse at the bottom weight calculations.

Shows two bomb loads for squadron. Includes preselection settings, false height settings, Window and effort. Annotated 'Brunswick'. On the reverse a signature sheet.

Gives bomb load and bomb stations including preselection settings, false height settings, delays and other operation information including wave times, routes, bombing methods. On the reverse target marking information including 'Newhaven marking' .…

Shows three bomb loads for operation. Details preselection and false height settings. Includes timing, weights, Window, effort level, route and marking method.
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