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Book 1 - contains notes on basic earth geography, direction on the earth's surface, terrestrial magnetism, maps and projections. map symbols, latitude and longitude, triangles of velocity and reporting. There is a team list at the back.

Book 2 -…

A technical document describing the theory of pressure pattern flying. It contains formulae, diagrams, tables and text describing the techniques to be used. The last page is annotated 'Pressure Pattern Flying for Air Ministry orders.'


Number 22. Reports letters and photographs that have arrived and states that mail ration has improved. Sends thanks to others who have written. They have performed the first show in a theatre which they have built. Still studying German and violin.

Number 24. Notes it is the 3rd anniversary of their engagement and he writes how lucky he has been since asking her to marry him. He has been for a walk and seen some of the outside world.

Number 34. List letters and parcels that have arrived. News from home and glad daughter avoided measles. He has a streaming cold.

Number 40. He is concerned she is overdoing things by taking on another job, which she had mentioned in letter number 37. He is grateful for the chess set from Hamley’s and hopes to play some games when he has time.

Number 44. Mentions no mail from her and nothing to report. Describes constructing ice rink for own barrack. Mention ice hockey rink monopolised by Canadians and Poles.

Number 46. Anxiously awaiting mail from her. Reminisces about time together and other friends. Waits for news of daughter.

Number 53. Catches up with letters and parcels arrived. Has no other requirements for clothes apart from those already mentioned. Comments on his poor ability with violin. Reports that mail is poring into camp now.

Number 10. Reports no mail but Red Cross parcels coming in. Recounts his own feelings and activities. Notes his 300th day in captivity while some others have 1300 days.

Number 55 (112). Writes that only one letter from her in the month has arrived but some parcels have come. Asks her to thank senders as his letter allowance would not allow him to send thanks. Mention weather in new camp is shocking. Still has no…

He hopes she has been lucky with Christmas presents, as she is a very good girl. He mentions that she has grown up a lot since he left and is longing to see her.

Thanks them for present of cigarettes and tobacco. Good to hear that tobacco crops had been good that year.

Reports arrival of latest letters. Speculates over when they could get to England after the war and whether he will be sent directly home. Mentions land settlement and passes on news of a friend.

Reports arrival of letters dated January and comments on news about Christmas at home and other news.

A note book belonging to Herbert O’Hara containing his notes on Royal Air Force rules and regulations, organisation and management.

A letter from Pete to Terry Ford where he writes about Terry starting to fly flying boats. Pete writes about how many hours he has got in flying. He has been to Vancouver on leave and is waiting to hear if he is going on a GR course.

Letter from niece in France writing that it is terrible that they are now at war. Writes about her family and mobilisation. Catches up with family news. Signed May.

She writes about the piano tuner turning up at the same time as the window cleaner. There have been 6 houses burgled recently in the area and she has recently seen Gone with the Wind, which she hopes they can see upon his return.

Acknowledges receipt of a number of letters and postcards from him. Mentions his health and that she had asked Red Cross to send violin strings to the camp. Mentions there would be no further private food parcels from the United States and some other…

Catches up with local news and that a number of acquaintances had passed away. Describes investigation of source of parcel he received from Sweden. Describes her and daughter's recent activities and that she had been able to get eggs recently.…

Writes that she has received a large amount of his mail and mentions her own letter frequency. Replies to all the points and requests that he made in his letters. Says he should not worry about her job goes on with description of their daughter and…

Writes that she has sent forth parcel and provides a long list and description of contents. Continues with news of holiday in Sussex describing availability of food from farm and new farming methods for tomatoes and lettuces. Goes on to describe…

Thanks him for recent letter and writes of recent activities and finances. Hopes his treatment is getting him well enough to come home on leave. Writes about daughter's upcoming dancing display. Mention she has sent him some papers and magazine and…

Writes of her attempts to find address of Stopes clinic and addresses some psychological issues that he has suffered despite a successful visit, Discusses whether he would like a relevant book with him or left at home. Writes she feels happy and…
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