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Form 407, RAF Large Note Book, belonging to Harold Warren, and consisting of 90 pages of notes and drawings relative to his training.

A note book belonging to Herbert O’Hara containing his notes on Royal Air Force rules and regulations, organisation and management.

Number 33. Wishes her happy birthday. Speculates on when he will be home. Mentions health and medicine issues. Writes about his Dutch room mates and another Belgian prisoners he likes. Describes multinational nature of prisoners in his block. Notes…

Lists letters recently received. Wishes his would to them would arrive sooner but hopeful as mail would now go by airmail via the consulate again and would take 6 weeks rather that the current 12-14 weeks. Comments on weather in England. Mentions…

Comments that he has received no new mail. Says he is enclosing three photographs taken some time ago and describes content. Says he is only sending a few photos at a time in case letters go missing. Writes that dramatic society are producing "Snow…

Number 22. Reports letters and photographs that have arrived and states that mail ration has improved. Sends thanks to others who have written. They have performed the first show in a theatre which they have built. Still studying German and violin.

Number 23. No mail since last card. Is fit and has enough to eat. No exercise for two months but hopes to play soccer soon. Has had notification of books on their way but no sign of clothing food or tobacco parcels. Has joined newly opened Toc H…

Number 24. Notes it is the 3rd anniversary of their engagement and he writes how lucky he has been since asking her to marry him. He has been for a walk and seen some of the outside world.

Number 34. List letters and parcels that have arrived. News from home and glad daughter avoided measles. He has a streaming cold.

Number 35. Lists letters and parcels (contents) received. Writes of nasal problems and relates issues of another prisoner, Frank Pepper who has been in interned for 2 1/2 years. Describes treatment of prisoners and reckons he is in best camp. Reports…

Number 40. He is concerned she is overdoing things by taking on another job, which she had mentioned in letter number 37. He is grateful for the chess set from Hamley’s and hopes to play some games when he has time.

Number 41. Lists books that have arrived and ask her to thank donors. Planning to start agriculture course. He is continuing with violin and would like to master Dutch. Reports second parcel of clothing has arrived and he has most of what he needs…

Number 44. Mentions no mail from her and nothing to report. Describes constructing ice rink for own barrack. Mention ice hockey rink monopolised by Canadians and Poles.

Number 45. Four weeks since last letter. Mentions new year pantomime which he did not enjoy. Describes gramophone recital and states that they have many mostly classical music records. Mentions problems with learning Dutch but still plugging away…

Number 46. Anxiously awaiting mail from her. Reminisces about time together and other friends. Waits for news of daughter.

Number 51. John apologises for upsetting Ursula in previous letters. He has received a second American parcel. Mentions he is proud of her of her working in a factory but urges her to be careful. He talks about the care within camp by the Germans.…

Number 52. He still has concerns about Ursula taking on a new job in a factory and asks her some details of the job. A third parcel has come from America containing about 10 lb of food. Thanks her for violin strings and describes lessons. Writes…

Number 53. Catches up with letters and parcels arrived. Has no other requirements for clothes apart from those already mentioned. Comments on his poor ability with violin. Reports that mail is poring into camp now.

Number 10. Reports no mail but Red Cross parcels coming in. Recounts his own feelings and activities. Notes his 300th day in captivity while some others have 1300 days.

Number 11. He has a new violin instructor and hopes this one lasts longer than the last one did. A New Zealander called Frank Hurst is to perform in a light classical concert next week. Mentions health and concern over fellow Belgian prisoner. No…

Number 15. Records letters that he has received and mentions how valuable they are to him. Mentions that typewritten ones seem to arrive quicker. Says he has a new violin teacher. Writes he is looking forward to more photographs, that he is…

Number 16. Reports letters arrives and sends thanks for tobacco parcels. Request she send him violin studies and that his new instructor is taking him seriously but he has progressed little despite much practising. Requests she send him farming…

Number 17. Reports no letters arrived and catches up with friends/family matters. He recalls the time around France’s birth and how tough the time has been for Ursula since then. Writes of health issues. Mentions a play 'The Merchant of Venice' is…

Number 54 (111). Writes that new camp is not as good as last due to lack of facilities which will take a long time to develop. Mentions new barracks housing 26. Asks her to see if anyone would would send his new hut leader some cigarettes. Worried by…

Number 55 (112). Writes that only one letter from her in the month has arrived but some parcels have come. Asks her to thank senders as his letter allowance would not allow him to send thanks. Mention weather in new camp is shocking. Still has no…
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