The bombing of Kassel 22-23 October 1943

Kassel was bombed on the night of 22/23 October 1943 by over 500 Bomber Command aircraft.
Over 1,800 tons of bombs were dropped including nearly half a million incendiaries. As a result of effective target marking, 86 per cent of the attacking aircraft dropped their bombs within three miles of the aiming point.
A firestorm was created which burned for several days. The city centre was destroyed, more than 100,000 inhabitants were made homeless and around 10,000 people were killed.
43 aircraft, 7.6 per cent of the attacking force were lost; 240 aircrew were killed.
Although armament production was severely reduced by the destruction of workers’ quarters, it was back to 90 per cent of the pre-raid figures within three months.