Frost, Bob


Frost, Bob
R Frost


Four items. Two oral history interviews with Robert Frost (1383682 Royal Air Force), and two photographs. Sergeant Bob frost flew as a rear gunner with 150 Squadron from RAF Snaith. Shot down on an operation to Essen, he was helped by the Resistance and evaded through the Netherlands and France to Spain. The story of his evasion is available in video form.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Bob Frost and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Interview with Bob Frost. Two
Bob Frost flew on a night operation on 16/17 September 1942 as a rear gunner on Wellington BJ877, 150 Squadron, from RAF Snaith. Before reaching the target at Essen, the aircraft was hit by anti-aircraft fire and the port engine was damaged. He…

Bob Frost's  wedding to Daphne Mary
A three-quarter length portrait portrait of Sergeant Bob Frost holding the arm of his bride. She is carrying a floral bouquet and a lucky horseshoe.
On the reverse '21st June 1945 Northwick Park Harrow'

Sergeant Bob Frost and two airmen
Three quarters portrait of Sergeant Bob Frost and two airmen. On the reverse '(undecipherable) Hickey Dell Mounts Beulah, N Dak. U.S.A.
W Randle Barn Close, Lympstone, Devon'.

And 'Gibraltar A2
Group Cpt -rtd
Bill Randall - sgt in pic

Interview with Bob Frost. One
Bob Frost recounts experiencing the London Blitz as a member of the Auxiliary Fire Service. He volunteered for the Royal Air Force and trained at the Air Gunnery School at Evanton, Scotland. He was then posted to the Operational Training Unit at RAF…
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