Arrowsmith, Les. Flight


Arrowsmith, Les. Flight


15 pages of newspaper cuttings relating to 1930's aviation. It includes record breaking flights, and aircraft types including the Hurricane, Battle and Ju 52.




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Arrowsmith, HL

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Cover of a notebook containing cuttings of 1930s aircraft.

Flying Officer David Llewellyn
Cutting 1 is of David Llewellyn saying goodbye to Mrs Llewellyn. He is at the control of a light aircraft.
Cutting 2 is a group of civilians waving the light aircraft off.
The caption reads ' Taking off in his 40 horse-power midget plane...Flying…

Hawker Fury
Air-to-air view of a Fury in a climb, captioned 'The Hawker High-Speed Fury modified since its last appearance in public. A later type engine has been fitted and the performance shows a marked increase'.

History in the Making
Cutting 1 is a Comet racer surrounded by many spectators, captioned 'History in the Making. The D.H. Comet, piloted by C.W.A. Scott and T. Campbell Black, crossing the finishing line at Melbourne and so winning the England to Australia air race of…

Know them when you see them
Newspaper cutting 1 is a Comet Racer in flight with a caption praising its abilities and its development into a 12-seat airliner.
Cutting 2 is four airmen with a chart. They are dressed in flying gear and parachutes. One is pointing to the sky.

New London-Scandinavia Air Service
Cutting 1 is a side view of a DH86 Express airliner being waved off by a small group of spectators, captioned 'Waving Good-Bye to the first aeroplane to leave Croydon on the new London to Scandinavia service. It took off at 9 o'clock this morning and…

Britain First
Air-to-air view of a Blenheim above clouds. The caption refers to the aircraft as the Rothermere Bomber.

Air Bombers rule the Waves To-day
An article written by Major J. G Struthers. He argues against the practicality of large battleships which can easily be destroyed by aeroplane, fast torpedo boats and submarines. He suggests that money would be better spent on aircraft and submarines…

Famous Gun Taken to War Museum
Three newspaper cuttings -
Cutting 1 is about a Cursed Farm, a farmer in Eastbourne had rented a farm and lost a substantial amount of money.
Cutting 2 is about a five inch gun from HMS Chester beside which Jack Cornwell , VC stood at the battle of…

Model Aircraft
A drawing of a biplane.

R.A.F.'s New Wonder Bomber
Seven cuttings about the new bomber, the Fairey Battle.
Cutting 1 is a nose image showing its three bladed propeller. There are annotations referring to the engine, undercarriage, landing lights and bomb storage areas.
Cutting 2 is an air-to-air…

RAF Cranwell and Hawker Harts
Cutting 1 is an aerial view of RAF Cranwell, the RAF's Officer training college.
Cutting 2 is a photograph of a line of Hawker Harts captioned 'Britain's Air Force is growing rapidly under the Government's two-year expansion programme announced…

An air-to-air view of a Hurricane, taken from the front.

Fairey Torpedo Spotter
A picture of a Swordfish captioned 'The Fairey Torpedo Spotter reconnaissance ship-plane (Bristol"Pegasus"). An order will probably be placed shortly for machines of this type to equip a squadron of the Fleet Air Arm. (Flight Photo.)'.

Junker Ju 52
An air-to-air view of a Junkers Ju 52, D-AMYY, transport aircraft.
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