Cuthill, Margaret


Cuthill, Margaret
Margaret Scott Foster Harper Cuthill
M S F H Cuthill


10 items. An oral history interview with Leading Aircraftswoman Margaret Cuthill (b. 1926, 2151005 Royal Air Force) (nee Logan), a written memoir, her service and release book and seven photographs. She served in the Women's Auxiliary Air Force from May 1944 to October 1947 as a teleprinter operator.

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Cuthill, MSFH

Collection Items

Margaret Cuthill
Margaret is standing in uniform in front of flowers and Nissen huts.

29 WAAFs including Margaret Cuthill
29 airwomen arranged in three rows. Margaret is seated, fourth from right. Behind is a prefabricated building with 'WIN' painted at a door.

Seven members of the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force including Margaret Cuthill
Four seated on a rug and three kneeling behind. Margaret is front row, far left. Behind are nissen huts.

Five WAAFs including Margaret Cuthill
Margaret is kneeling at the front of a group of five WAAFs. Behind are Nissen huts and flowers.

Six WAAFs including Margaret Cuthill
Margaret is at the back row, left. Three are sitting on a grassy mound and three are standing behind.

Margaret Cuthill, three WAAFs and a man
Group of five, the four women in uniform, the man in civilian clothes. Margaret is second from right. They are standing amongst grass with a boundary wall behind.

Seven airmen standing at the rear of a Lancaster
Seven airmen, including Charles Robert Cuthill (3rd left), standing at the rear of a Lancaster.

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Leading Aircraftswoman Margaret Logan's Service and Release Book
Records Margaret Logan's service as between 25 May 1944 and 10 October 1947.

She is described by her commanding officer as:
'A very good conscientious airwoman. Has carried out her duties in a very capable manner. Keen, willing and uses…

1944/47 WAAF Life and After
Margaret Cuthill's account of her time in the WAAF. At the age of 17 she volunteered for the WAAF and was enrolled as a teleprinter operator. She was sent to Wilmslow for training. After four weeks of drill and physical exercise she was posted to…

Interview with Margaret Cuthill
Margaret Cuthill volunteered for the WAAF in Edinburgh. She went for her basic training at Wilmslow before completing her training as a teleprinter operator at RAF Cranwell. She was then posted initially to 14 Maintenance Unit. After the war she…
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