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Morgan, Alan
Alan Morgan
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Six items. An oral history interview with Alan Morgan (b. 1923, 1589714 Royal air Force) and five photographs. He served as a flight engineer and lost his fingers to frost bite.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Alan Morgan and catalogued by Archive staff.


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Morgan, A

Collection Items

Alan Morgan and crew
Alan Morgan and crew left to right: bomb aimer, Mac; rear gunner, Jock; Alan; upper gunner, Tommy; navigator, Andy; wireless operator, Frank.

Aircrew identities via supplementary information from donor.

Alan Morgan
Half length portrait of Alan Morgan in uniform.

Three airmen including Alan Morgan, a man and a woman
Alan Morgan front row with sister Dorothy, back left to right: unknown; Jim's father; Jim, Alan's best man.

Alan and Ella Morgan
Standing outside a house. He is wearing his RAF uniform with a trainee flash on his side cap. He has a hard hat and gas mask. She is wearing a checked suit and is carrying a handbag.

Alan and Ella Morgan
Sergeant Alan and Ella Morgan on their wedding day. Alan is in uniform with a half brevet and sergeant's stripes. His hands are bandaged. Ella is in a pale wedding dress with headdress, veil and large bouquet.

Interview with Alan Morgan
Alan Morgan was an apprentice toolmaker and therefore working in a Reserved Occupation when he volunteered for air crew with his friend and fellow apprentice. His friend was killed on his first operation. Alan trained as a flight engineer. On one…
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