The bombing of Augsburg (17 May 1942) [concept]


The bombing of Augsburg (17 May 1942) [concept]
Augsburg raid; Operation Margin; [concept]


The MAN Diesel engine manufacturing workshops were attacked in daylight after a 1000 mile flight over enemy territory. The aim of the operation was to reduce the supply of U-boat engines and to test the capabilities of the new Lancaster
Of the six aircraft from 44 Squadron and six from 97 Squadron, four aircraft were lost to fighters at Beaumont le Roger airfield and three aircraft were lost to flak over the target. 37 men were killed and 12 were made prisoners-of-war.
Losses on the ground are unknown. There was minor damage to workshops as five bombs failed to explode. Squadron Leader John Nettleton was awarded a Victoria Cross for leadership.


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