Preliminary report of flying accident to Whitley V.P.5006



Preliminary report of flying accident to Whitley V.P.5006


Gives details of accident being reported through police and of the crash site. Includes casualties. Cause of accident was obscure.



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[underlined] COPY [/underlined]

From:- Officer Commanding, R.A.F. Station, Kinloss.

To:- Air Ministry (A.A.I. & P.4.Cas.)
Air Ministry, (SA)
Headquarters, Bomber Command.
Headquarters, No.6 Group.

Date:- 25th September, 1940.

Ref:- 19OTU/1300/17/P1

Preliminary Report of Flying Accident to
[underlined] Whitley V. P. 5006 [/underlined]

Whitley V.P. 5006 left Kinloss aerodrome at 1600 hours on Thursday [underlined] 24th September, 1940 [/underlined], on a 2 1/2 hour cross country training flight. The crew consisted of a training crew made up as follows:-

No. 561992 F/Sgt. Ashley, C.H. u/t Pilot.
758162 Sgt. Foley, N.O. “
745400 “ Proudfoot, D.S. u/t Observer.
632538 “ Millard, E.S. u/t W.Op/A.G.
906233 “ Hay, I.D.E. u/t “
551706 “ Lucas, P.H. Screened W.Op/A.G.

2. At about 1640 hours information was received from the police at Elgin to the effect that an aircraft had crashed into the hillside at BEN AIGAN near Rothes. The police report that the aircraft emerged from the cloud in a dive and continued diving for 1500’ below the cloud base until it struck the hillside, exploded and burnt out.

3. The aircraft was identified as Whiteley [sic] V.5006 by the makers name plate and an identity card of No. 745400 Sgt. Proudfoot, D.S.

4. At the present moment there bodies only have been recovered, two of which have been identified as follows:-

No. 745400 Sgt. Proudfoot, D.S.
758162 “ Foley, N.O.

No trace has yet been found of the remaining three bodies, and it appears that owing to the severity of the crash, it may not be possible to recover the remaining bodies.

5. The possibility exists that some members of the crew may have escaped by parachute, but although extensive search of the countryside is being made by air and foot, no trace of such an escape has yet been found, but the search is continuing.

6. The cause of the accident is at present totally obscure.

(sgd) ? ?
Group Captain, Commanding,
No. 19 O.T.U., R.A.F. Kinloss.


Officer Commanding 19 OTU, “Preliminary report of flying accident to Whitley V.P.5006,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 7, 2023,

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