Prisoner of war letter from Donald Baker



Prisoner of war letter from Donald Baker


Request that addressee send him uniform, shirts, shoes and socks as well as photographs. Also mentions other items of clothing, financial matters and instructions to redirect mail. Asks them to keep personal belongings and send the odd Rhodesian cigarette. Thanks for kindness shown when he was in England.


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One page typewritten letter


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[Typewritten letter]

[underlined] C O P Y. [/underlined]

Pilot Officer Donal Arthur Baker,
Royal Air Force,
Dulag Luft,
Deutschland (Allemagne)

Dear Sir,

Am a prisoner and luckily very fit. I shall be pleased if you will kindly send me one uniform also all my shirts, shoes and socks and the photographs I had. Soap towels and warm clothing are particularly scarce so please procure same and sue the money in my bank account with Lloyds. Great coat and cap are not essential. As I owe Ralph Lewin £3. kindly refund same also from my bank account. Kindly redirect all mail addressed to me to the present address – Dulag Luft, Germany. Please keep all my personal belongings that you know I will not require here and I can collect them when I return. If it is possible the odd Rhodesian cigarette would be very welcome. Am very sorry to be so abrupt but you’ll realise I’m sure that we cannot write much. Thaks[sic] very much indeed for kindness shown to me when in England.

[centred] Yours sincerely,
(sgd.) Donald Baker. [/centred]


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