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Flying Control Logbook


A logbook covering the period 7th October to 26th November 1943 (73 pages)



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FROM OCTOBER 7th 1943.

TO = NOVEMBER 26th 1943.

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[Underlined] October 7, 1943, Thursday. [/underlined]

1830 On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

2030 Pundit Leeming’s pundits temporarily u/s. They think they can repair it within an hour so AS4 not informed.

2040 Hostiles From 12 Gp. MLO. – 60+ x-raids plotted off coast of East Anglia, believed to be hostiles. Our 1664 Bullseye a/c is due at Norwich at 21.58. Croft informed. Controller informed.

2054 Balloons Canterbury & Thames balloons at 6500 ft. All stations informed re this & intruders. Controller instructs no action to be taken with ops. a/c.

2057 Pundit Leeming’s pundits now okay.

2057 Hostiles 12 Gp. Controller orders recall of our Bullseye a/c due to hostile activity. DSO will handle the signals and Croft informed. All groups are recalling.

21.12-21.30 Crash Eastmoor report crash NE of them: ROC informed and give final plot of V2105 (a few miles east of Wombleton in Eastmoor crash area) Contacted Base 62 & Base 61. Eastmoor have operational take off at 21.55 so Topcliffe instructed to send out crash tender, ambulance & M.O. Helmsley and possibly two other village fire brigades were sent out (we requested Helmsley to go out) Controller & AOC informed.

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2120 Hostiles – Signal Controller instructed DSO to send out following message on GOF at 21.50 & 22.20: “Enemy a/c on your course between 21.30 & 22.30 hrs.” T.O.O. 21.30

2122 Hostiles – Signal Linton have sent to their ops. a/c on H/F D/F “Switch off Nav. lights” after getting permission of their Air Commodore.

2140 Crash C1408 The a/c [inserted] that [/inserted] crashed (see 21.12 above) was 408/C. All crew baled out, according to Linton who were speaking to one of the crew.

2145 Bullseye a/c acknowledged recall signal.

2150 Crash 408/C From Topcliffe: Helmsley police have informed Topcliffe base that the a/c crashed to Spaunton village (22/203097) and bomb exploded setting some houses on fire, causing [deleted] a few [/deleted] one casualty. All crew baled out but 2 not yet located.

2205 Crash Tried to get through to Spaunton by phone but apparently there is no phone there. Spoke to pilot at Huttonly Hall, nr. Spaunton, who said he was the last to bale out. Reason for baling out: controls locked on take-off.

2232 Weather Met. say they are not too happy about weather at base on return but will let us know by 0100 hrs. Controller says no action till after Met. conference.

2240 426/V Sent message: “Pilot hit, going to jettison in sea” sent in plain language. Position obtained by South. is 5044N 0017W 2nd. not passed to a/c as it was too approximate. 11 Gp. FCLO informed who says he has aerodromes in that area lit up. R/T call signs passed.

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2255 Crash 12 Gp. informed of crash of 408/C

2310 Weather Controller instructs that diversion bases be laid on with CFC in view of bad weather expected at our bases. Referred to our Met.

2315-0030 Diversion requested from CFC. They have practically [deleted word] no fit aerodromes they can offer us that are any good. Suggested Silloth for 432 a/c which we accepted after consulting met. They finally decided we would have to wait until after 0100 hrs. met. broadcast. Controller said okay.

2350 426/V landed Tangmere at 2305. Pilot in SSQ and says “a message he had sent he wants cancelled” Informed Linton.

[Underlined] Friday Oct. 8, 1943 [/underlined]

0047 Diversion Gave Silloth all gen. re diversion.

0110 Hostiles all gone and 11 Gp. balloons down to 1500 ft except Dover which is 2500 ft. Stations informed.

0130-0230 Weather From Met: Middleton, Acklington, Croft &Thornaby will be good enough to land 408 & 426 between them. In view of this Controller decided not to send out diversion message but to bring them back to base and divert them as follows by R/T:

408 & 426 – to Middleton & Croft (one each alternatively)
432 to Silloth

Stations are only to divert if their own weather bad. Scorton & Thornaby standing by in case Middleton & Croft go unfit. The latter two stations are not

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to re-divert without notifying Group. Informed CFC and Middleton, Croft, Scorton & Thornaby, 12 Gp. and 62 Base HQ. Thornaby say squeakers do not interfere unduly with Bomber R/T and they will attend to grounding of nearby balloons.

0230 10/K from Welbourne landed Linton at 0222 after giving darky call. Will be staying over night. 4 Gp. informed.

0247 432/B landed at Docking at 02.30. Reason: WOP thought he received a diversion message but could not understand it. Controller instructs that he stay over night & return first thing in the morning after checking weather. Linton informed.

0240 Billingham balloons will be grounded from 0330-0500 hrs.

0300 432 a/c all accounted for. Silloth stood down with thanks. CFC informed.

0315 432/B From 16 Gp: the reason mentioned in 0247 note is apparently wrong; 16 Gp. do not know where it came from. The reason now given for landing at Docking is “engine trouble” Linton informed.

0320 Crew that baled out – all now located and okay.

0430 Diversion bases, Thornaby & Scorton stood down as Middleton and Croft are holding out okay – Controller’s instructions.

0450 Darky Croft heard darky call by a “Handkerchief F” at 0449. There vis. was poor at that time so we instructed them to send him to Middleton if they can contact him again. They think it is an Anson; ROC has 3 or 4 Ansons on the board. Croft got no results by shooting

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Friday Oct 8/1943

mortars off. 12 Gp. informed.

0500 Results of ops. S/426 still outstanding. Middleton landed 4 of Linton’s a/c. Middleton & Croft stood down as far as Linton a/c are concerned. Nothing heard of 426/S.

0515-0525 Darky Croft have had another darky from an Anson and Middleton have been instructed to send up rockets & put their lights on. Croft have sent a “G” over to Middleton, & Scorton who have had a darky are going to send him to Middleton if they can contact him.

0530 Darky ROC have only 1 a/c, an Anson in our Group. They say he is circling Croft. Middleton shooting off rockets etc. & have contact lights on but a/c continues to call Croft asking them to put their lights on – Croft have lights on and are trying to contact him on R/T but without success. Scorton are pointing their Sandra light towards Middleton. 12 Gp. FCLO at a loss as to what to do.

0600 Darky has now left Croft and gone SW to Z40 into 9 Group who are now handling him. Middleton’s weather has now gone “out” but Thornaby still okay. Middleton & Croft informed.

0710 Anson landed at Cork at 0625.

0900 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.
09.00 On duty FD Clelland F/LT.

10.20 Diversion Bases. CFC asked for Provisional diversion bases for 67 Hals, 17 Lancs & 13 Wells. Will give answer to us after Met. Conference at 12.00 hrs.

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[Underlined] Friday Oct. 8 1943. [/underlined]

10.10 V/426 F/O Buchanan called re instructions about returning. Linton will arrange this.

10.45 C/408 Wombleton are guarding the aircraft. Only one casualty caused by bomb exploding.

10.30 Linton Aircraft lands away from base. Linton will arrange for their return.

14.45 1659 on Bullseye - Cancelled due to inexperienced crews.
1679.- Still on. (1 Lanc.)

16.30 Diversion Bases * C.F.C. contacted & we requested provisional bases in eastern coast of Norfolk if possible. They will call –

16.52 Hurricanes landed Skipton. 2 a/c of 174 & 2 a/c of 175 Sq. en route Drem to Northolt landed Skipton. FCLO 12 & 11 informed. Will probably stay night –

17.45 Billingham Balloons. Will be down until 05.30 hrs instead of 04.30.

17.50 Diversion Bases. CFC offer Swanton Morley definitely for Wellingtons 432

18.05 Bullseye Controller has scrubbed 1679 aircraft on bullseye due to weather at base for ETR.

18.20 X-Country. 1679 wanted to know if they could arrange a X-Country with ETA approx. 11.00 hrs. After consulting Mr Lumm here it was decided that weather would be too uncertain possibly 1000 to 1500 yds vis.

18.30 Off duty FD Cleland F/L
On duty H.L. Spence P/O.

1925 Pundits A.S.4 request, #1, 91, 115 & 140 dusk-dawn. Stations informed.

2015. Div. Base. Advised Linton that Swanton Marley had been laid on for 432 Sqn.

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2130. Anson M.G. 516. Leeming state message received this a/c landed at Fraserburgh & would stay overnight. FCLO 12 informed.

2145 Emerg. Div. Bases. In collaboration with Met, Controller & C.F.C. following emergency weather bases have been laid on & allocated as noted:

Horham – 419 Sq..
Manston – 428 Sqn.
Snetterton Heath – 427 Sqn.
Hethel – 429 Sqn.
Shipdham – 431 & 434
Bury St. Edmunds – 408 & 426.
Bradwell Bay – 432. – all stations informed.

2150. ditto. Air I instructed that a substitute diversion base be laid on in place of Snetterton Heath.

2245 ditto. C.F.C. have cancelled Bradwell Bay as diversion base.

2325 427/Diversion F/L Durham F/C Leeming advises this Squadron received all information re. Snetterton Heath. He also advised that W/C Pattison stated “Air I said he had permission to return to Leeming and do a Beam Landing if diverted.” Advised Controller who could not confirm.

[Underlined] SATURDAY – OCT. 9.

[Deleted] 1200 [/deleted] 0001 Diversion C.F.C. offer West Malling in place of Bradwell Bay. After consulting Met & Controller accepted. C.F.C. now state Horham not available. (Fortress difficulty) and offer Great Ashfield or Thorpe Abbotts. neither

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of which are on our Diversion Schedule.

[Deleted] 1205 [/deleted] 0005 419/T. 12 Gr. advise Hal. returning, making landfall at Whitby. They are search-lighting him & Thornaby is lighting up. Also request M.S.G. to be ready. Have instructed M.S.G. – Landed M.S.G. 0023. 12 Gr. Informed.

[Deleted] 1220 [/deleted] 0020 Diversion After consulting Controller accepted Great [deleted] Abbotts [/deleted] Ashfield & Thorpe Abbotts in place of Horham. Aircraft will be re-diverted by Horham to the other 2 stations.

0110/0120 Diversion Gen Passed to 11 Gp, 2 and 4 U.S. Wings. Re: [underlined] 427 [/underlined] Squadron – this squadron is to be sent to Horham and then re-diverted to Great Ashfield.

[Underlined] 429 [/underlined] - Hethel
[Underlined] 431-434 [/underlined] - Shipdham
[Underlined] 408-426 [/underlined] – Bury St. Edmund’s – the former will be diverted to Snetterton Heath if things are so at St. Edmunds.
[Underlined] 419 [/underlined] Horham – thence to Thorpe Abbots.
[Underlined] 428 [/underlined] – Manston
[Underlined] 432 [/underlined] West Malling

Advised all stations of the above.

Have made arrangements with 4 Gp. to take our early returns in case all of our bases out. Told stations & said advise this group before doing so in order that we could authorize the best aerodrome with regard to weather & also prevent overcrowding in that Gp.

0150 408/H This a/c idented at 0142. Permission granted by GDSO

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and Controller for the station to divert him to Lisset on their H/F D/F. once he crossed the Coast.

0200 Diversions Controller decides to make Diversions DEFINITE after hearing Met. story. Told stations; C.F.C. and 11 Gp F.C.L.O. 4 and 2 U.S. Wings D.F.C.O. At this [deleted] this [/deleted] time C.F.C. said, “I forgot to tell you, but 1 Group could take about 50 a/c and Docking is O.K. [Underlined] Only a phone call was needed and told him so. [/underlined]

0215 408/H DIVERTED TO LISSETT. Landed Leconfield 0255

0255 427 & 429 Sqns. a/c away F.C.O. Leeming (F/L. Durham) advised that their a/c should stay “put” until instructions for return are received from their base after 0800 hrs.

Ident Board changed.

0030 419/M. From Hull – Message “GCST VX (Rear Turret U/S.” TOO-0015 T.O.R.-0024 – Fix 5404N 0049E, 2nd class, Ident 0024 hrs. Passed to M.S.G.

0600 427 & 429 Sqn a/c away Passed Lemming’s instructions to F.C.O. of 2 & 3rd U/S Bomb Division for transmission to concerned stations.

426 sqn a/c away Linton requested this Sqn’s a/c to be ready to return between 0800 & 0900 but to await definite instructions. Passed to 2nd U/S Bomb Wing & 3 Gr.

[Deleted] 0900 Off duty H.L. Spence P/O. [/deleted]

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0820 0840. 419 & 428 a/c away. M.S.G. request a/c be ready to return to base by 1100 hrs. but must get OK from station before taking off. These instructions passed to F.C.L.O. of 11 & 12 Groups, and F.C.O. 3 Gr. & 3rd U.S. Bomb Div. for transmission to stations concerned.

0900 Off duty H.L. Spence P/O. D.H. Miller F/Lt.

1040-1050 Crash Leeming F/C say a civilian phoning from Kirby Hall (North of Leeming) reports a crash of an a/c near Kirby Fleetham. A/c is in flames. Catterick think it is a bomber. Leeming and Catterick both taking action. ROC give plot as Z7913 which is not near position given by Leeming. Asked them to check again. Passed to Leeming.

1056 Crash R.O.C. give us another plot Z7715 which still does not coincide with Leeming’s plot. They are checking further.

1100-1115 Crash Put through “a/c priority” call to Kirby Fleetham Hall and learned that a/c was a Wellington and crashed 3/4 mile east of Kirby Fleetham Hall. Fire is now under control. 3 RAF crash tenders and 2 NFS fire engines are at scene of crash. A/c not yet identified and only one member of crew located (dead) Passed this to Leeming & Catterick. 432 Sqdn have nothing flying from base.

1200 a/c away On instructions from Middleton F/C instructed all 419 a/c at Thorpe Abbott to return immediately Met. say okay.

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11.25-11.45 a/c away Leeming give us the following instructions to pass to their a/c away: 427 & 429 to stand by at 12.30 for permission from Leeming to take off. Passed this to stations concerned.

From Middleton: are happy about weather at base and want all of 419 & 428 to return immediately.

From Linton base: 432 a/c to return immediately 431, 434, 408 & 426 to be ready by 1300 for permission to take off.

All diversion A/D’s advised.

Met. say Middleton should be okay but are not happy about the other stations.

[Deleted] 1230 [/deleted]

1230 Weather by 1300 hrs. general weather in Group should be: 1500-2200 yds. vis. 4-8/10th at 2000. Vis. should pick up to 3000-5000 yds. later on Warned 62 Base & Middleton

1255 a/c away 3rd U.S. Bombing Div. want to know if 419 & 428 a/c can take off. Said yes, we had given them permission an hour ago.

1310 a/c away Asked Middleton about this weather and they are not happy about it. They want all their a/c that have not taken off to stand by. Informed appropriate Group HQ’s. 11 Gp. say 11 [inserted] a/c [/inserted]/428 have already taken off. Informed Middleton

1305 a/c away 426 & 408 are to return immediately and land at other 6 Gp. or 4 Gp. stations if necessary. Checked with 4 Gp. who say Holme should be fit for an hour or two at least. Passed instructions to Group HQ’s.

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1315 a/c away Tholthorpe want 434 & 431 to return immediately Warned them of weather. Passed instructions to Group HQ’s.

1440 a/c away G/C Ross wants us to either send the 11 a/c of 428 back to Manston or divert them en route as he is not happy about Middleton’s weather. Referred to Met. who say Bottesford okay. 5 Gp. informed and will take them. D.S.O. instructed to pass gen. to Middleton to send [inserted] message [/inserted] out at [deleted] 141 [/deleted] 15.15. Middleton informed.

1455 419 & 428 a/c Arranged for Holme to stand by for any of these a/c that are returning to Middleton. Holmes’ weather is quite reasonable.

1525 427 & 429 W/C Turnbull & acting sqdn. commander of 429 want al crews of these two squadrons stood down in view of weather, & to be ready to return in the morning. Passed this to all Group HQ’s concerned.

1530 Crash From Catterick: the a/c that crashed this morning was a Wellington from Lossiemouth. 4 crew killed and pilot injured (now in Catterick Military Hosp.) Catterick taking all casualty action. Controller informed.

1800 a/c away 35 a/c still away from base (46 a/c returned)

1830 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.
18.30 On duty F.D. Cleland F/L. [Signature]

0001 Sunday Oct 10th 1943.

0100 – Ident Bd Corrected

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Oct 10th 1943.

0147 Sycamore L. London W/T JyP Ex F.C.L.O 12 – Help requested for Wellington from 93 Group. reported short of petrol in Z-43. – Due west of Middleton.

0148 – Duty Met 6 Gp advised that Middleton would be best having 4000 yds vis, 4700’ ft cloud 8/10.
- CROFT = vis. 2200 yds, cloud 9/10 at 5700’.
- Skipton = vis 4000 yds, Cloud 3/10 at 6000’

(No duty flying control watch at Skipton because of Stand Down.)

0149. – Ex FCLO 12: Sycamore/L told to [deleted] ste [/deleted] fly EAST. (Acknowledged)

0150 – Broadcast to F.C. Middleton – Leeming – Topcliffe and Linton – Passed gen on, Sycamore L – asked all stations to light up (including Pundits) and to give all help they could

0153. – Ex FCLO 12 – Position = Z-30 N.W.

- F.C. 93 reported a/c working Lindholm W/T – QDM 150°.
A/C flying reciprocal course.

0214 Ex: F.C. Linton = Sycamore/L on R/T .

- F.C.L.O. 12 and 93 Gp (Tied on line 19) unable to understand R/T contact with Linton – because position of a/c given as proceeding NW over Pennines towards Carlisle!


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Oct 10th 1943.

Sycamore “L” Brief of R/T dialogue with Linton F.C.

0214 Darky call from Sycamore “L” – answered by Linton told a/c Linton-on-Ouse standing by.

0214 1/2 Sycamore “L” asked Linton to “Say again”
- Linton F.C. repeated.

0216 – F.C. Linton to Sycamore “L” message that see lights ON
- No reply.

0217 – F.C. Linton to Sycamore “L” message that all lights and Contact Strip on – advised against landing.
- No reply.

0218 – F.C. Linton to Sycamore “L” “Watch for Rockets” –
- Sycamore “L” acknowledged.

0220 F.C. Linton to Sycamore “L” Query – Can you see Rockets and Sandra?
- No Reply.

0221 Same message [inserted] as 0220 entry [/inserted] to a/c –
- No Reply.

0221 1/2 Hears Darky call from Sycamore L {heard and answered by Linton, who

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Told the aircraft has strength was growing weaker.
- No reply.

0222-0226 – Repeated calls to Sycamore L from F.C. Linton
- No Joy.


The F.C.L.O. 12, F.C. 93 and all 6 Group Stations (Lighted) were kept in the picture on Lintons R/T with the aircraft.

The F.C.L.O. 12 and R.O.C. continued to plot Wellington flying N.W. to Carlisle. The ROC maintained there was no other a/c flying in the area. The F.C.L.O. 12 maintained this to be the only a/c flying in all England!

Plots showed a/c to fly NM to Carlisle – thence NE to

0245 … Drem – and out to sea NE towards East coast of Scotland.

0247 (?) approx. – Ex F.C.L.O. – 6 Group Stns may dowse lights. Stations advised of whole picture.

0315-0330 To F.C. 93: Linton R/T Dialogue with Sycamore L. –

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Oct 10th 1943.

0335 Sycamore L. Ex. F.C. 93 – Crew of this aircraft bailed out over Doncaster!!! Contact made with one of the members of the crew at Doncaster Police Station.

R.O.C. No plots of any crash.

The other Wellington which was plotted out over Drem – now considered by F.C.L.O. to be one from Lossiemouth!

- Stations advised and stood down completely.

0900 – Off duty [Signature] F/L
On duty HL Spence P/O Cleland F/L.

0950 1000 a/c away 427/429 Leeming request all a/c away to stand by between 1230 & 1300 hrs. for return to base. Final authority to take off will come through them.

Passed to F.C.O. 2nd & 3rd U/S Bomb wings for transmission to Hethel 9 (429) – Great Ashfield 5 (427), Horham 2 (427), & Snetterton Heath 1 (429) also Flying Control 12 Group for Coltishall (1 ea)

1055 1110 ditto S/L Pattison explained his intention to get his a/c (429) as far north in 4 Group as possible today, arranging to have the more experienced Pilots land on the beam at Leeming if weather is fairly satisfactory and cannot

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get down at Skipton. He states W/C Turnbull (427) wishes to have better weather [inserted] for base [/inserted] but also desires to get his a/c as far north as possible.

Met state fog more widespread than yesterday and with the lower temperature to-day any lifting of the fog would take longer. There is less smoke today. The most optimistic forecast is 1500 to 2000 yds viz in our group by 1700 hrs. with somewhat similar conditions in 4 Group. Controller states the plan of 429 sounds reasonable provided the Met is watched. 4 Gr. F.C. (Elvidge) will be glad to co-operate, if their a/c’s are fit and ours not, in getting them further north. Leeming informed.

[Deleted] 115 [/deleted]

1125 1140 a/c away 427/429 F.C.O. 2nd & 3rd U/S Bomb Wings advised of the plans of Leeming (to be transmitted to S/L French at Hethel) F.C.L.O. 12 also informed a/c at Coltishall may not return direct to base but be diverted to 4 Group.

1205 1230 ditto F.C.O. 4 Group states there has been very little improvement of Met in their Group since 0900 hrs. All stations are red. Similar condition at Coltishall reported by FCLO 12 Gr. Some improvement in visibility in 6 Group (Leeming 1000 & M.S.G. 1600). Informed Leeming above Met picture indicating that while there was a possibility of there being [inserted] fairly [/inserted] good viz around 1600 hrs., the situation did not look favourable for a/c to return.

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Air I and Controller think it would be wiser if a/c away did not attempt to return to-day, as conditions appear at present, but no instructions were given as this is a Station responsibility.

1405 Defiant a/c. 12 Gr. Requested we offer every assistance to above a/c to land. Plotted over Linton, Topcliffe, Skipton area. Arranged for Linton, Topcliffe, Skipton to be on look-out.

1410 ditto 12 Gr. Reported a/c now over M.S.G. & requested to be landed & held for better weather. A/c has no R.T. Pilot F/O Treen en route to Sherburn. M.S.G. state a/c just landed.

1450. Hurricane [deleted] DDR15 [/deleted] DD715 Landed from Fairlop (en route to Church Fenton) at Tholthorpe. Will stay overnight. Informed FCLO 12.

1525 Defiant [deleted] DD715 [/deleted] a/c Entry 1405 & 1410. A/c took off 1521, to continue to Sherburn. 12 Gr. FCLO informed.

1530. Defiant #587. a/c. Landed at M.S.G. 1522 F/S Swan. En route to Sherburn. Waiting better weather.

1530-1545 Fortress F.C.L.O 12 Group advised that Newcastle Sector had given a Fortress QDM to M.S.G. Latter have not heard from this a/c although Croft had previously heard a darky call.

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1600 427/ac away W.C. Turnbull states crews at diversion bases may knock off for today but to stand by at 0930 hrs tomorrow. Advised FCO. 3rd U.S. Bomb Div. & 12 Gr. F.C.L.O.

Darky Call. Linton advise call from Banco “S” calling “Impact”. Transmission loud but a/c did not reply to them when they answered.

1630 429/ac away. W/C Pattison instructs his crews away to stand by 1000 hrs tomorrow. Informed 2nd & 3rd U.S. Bomb Divs & 12 Gr. F.C.L.O.

Fortress Landed at Osford (?) (field practically). Several Spits sent up to bring him in to MSG without success. M.S.G. state the a/c apparently went right over them (report from Gun ops.) but they didn’t see or hear him. He then turned back into Tyne area. M.S.G. do not know whether landing was good or not.

1830 Off duty H.L. Spence. P/O. On duty F/Lt Miller F/Lt.

2050 93 Gp. Wellington (see morning of Oct. 10) The [inserted five [/inserted] crew, who baled out over Doncaster are all okay. 93 Gp. have not spoken to any of them and do not know any further particulars as yet.

[Underlined] Monday Oct. 11, 1943 [/underlined]

0100 Ident. Bd changed.

0900 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

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[Underlined] October 11th 1943 [/underlined]

09.00 On duty. F.D. Cleland F/LT.

09.45 Aircraft [underlined] 429 [/underlined] away from base. W/C Pattinson asked that all his aircraft be standing by to take-off at 13.00 hrs for Leeming.

Groups concerned advised.

10.00 427 a/c W/C Turnbull wants crews standing by at 12.30 hrs.

431 a/c Arranging direct from F/C Tholthorpe
434 a/c Arranging direct but is U/S. (S/434 at Shipdham)
408/T Captain to leave after lunch. Met. report first.
432/Y U/S.
429 a/c Arranged direct from station.
428 a/c To leave between 12-13.00 hrs.

10.30 Use of Oxford for attending Court Martial W/C Ferris called to see if S/L Main could use the Oxford to attend a Court Martial in I. O. Man Oct 14-16th. Air I’s reply was no.

11.25 Topcliffe Inner Marker Inner Marker U/S T.F.N.

11.45 Blanket Coverage Non-op movements 12 Gp. have given blanket coverage for Air to Air, Air to Sea Firing, Fighter Affil & Height tests. *Bombing under serial number E19 (hours of daylight)

12.22 429 a/c Message from W/C Pattison. To take off fly at 5000’ on return until in clear over Lincolnshire, route Spalding to base. If S/L French considers any crew unfit then he can make decisions.

429 a/c. This message passed to S/L French by #2 Div. USAAF.
429 A. To leave when vis. 1500 yds.
429 V. To leave when vis. 1500 yds

427 a/c All to leave when vis. is 2000 yds.

13.00 Air I gives permission to W/C Sweatman to fly Lanc. to Tangmere to pick up Flight Commander (11.00 hrs)

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13.00 Permission given to Tholthorpe to fly Halifax to Harwell to pick up Hal M/434, subject to met. considerations.

12.45 429 a/c at Hethal Ex W/C Pattison – message for S/L French “Weather here is fine. You are at liberty to take off when weather is fit at Hethal. All to come back together. Climb to 5000’ and return via Spalding.”

15.45 Linton a/c away from base. Acting on Air I’s suggestion, Linton say 431 aircraft may return after dark up until 22.00 hrs. depending upon met. conditions.

431 a/c Shipdham say all 431 & 434 are U/S. Will not return tonight.

16.40 429 A. W/C Pattinson says for this ac to take off if vis. improves to 1000 yds – Passed to 3 Bomber Div.

16.50 429 A W/C Pattinson says for a/c to take off as soon as pilot thinks vis. is good enough. The 1000 yd. limit has been rescinded.

Note: Evidently [deleted] wea [/deleted] vis. at Snetterton Heath has not been good all day. [deleted] and [/deleted] Until W/C Pattinson decided to lower the limit from 1500 to 1000 and then finally leave it to pilot’s discretion this a/c has been unable to leave.

17.30 Snetterton Heath. Vis. 130 yds. Control there will not let him [inserted] (A/429) [/inserted] take off.

17.45 429 A. Ex W/C Pattinson. If A/429 does not take off before 18.30 they are to stay the night. Passed to 3 Bomber Div.

18.00 Ref: Movement W5. Linton have sent message to these a/c to be back at base by 22.00 hrs – (Weather reasons)

Ref. W8. Linton have sent message to these a/c to return to base by 21.30 hrs. (Weather reasons)

18.00 428/D 428/P These aircraft serviceable but weather bad. Wing Commander does not want them to return after dark.

[Page break]

18.15 [Deleted] Sp [/deleted] Hurricane from Skipton. E26. Took off 15.46. Have not arrived Northolt. Controller 12 enquiring. They already had warned Skipton that they might not reach Northolt tonight, but would drop down en route if weather bad.

18.30 Off duty F.D. Cleland F/L.
On duty H.L. Spence. P/O.

1845 Pundits A.S.4 request 1, 91, 115, & 140 Dusk to dawn. Stations informed.

1900 Group Night Flying passed to Stations & R.O.C.

2230/2245 1659/B. Topcliffe advise this a/c more than 1 hr overdue from cross country. Course from Fishguard – Market Drayton – Water Beach – Goole – Base. Checked R.O.C. 9 & 11 for plots but none showing. [Deleted] M.L.S. [/deleted] F.C.L.O. 12 stated he had heard of a crash in 9 Gr area, vicinity of Edgehill – Moreton-in- [deleted] Moor [/deleted] Marsh & crew of 2 at least had baled out. F.C.L.O. 9 Group had no further details of crash as yet but would advise us later. He believes one of the crew was named Hainefyse.

2320 1659/B. F.C.L.O. 9 stated this appeared to be [deleted] Crofts [/deleted] Topcliffes aircraft and that all the crew had baled put but only 2 had been heard from.

2330. 1659/B. F.C. 92 Group contacted Topcliffe advising that this a/c appeared to have been having engine trouble; first one motor had gone U/S and he appeared

[Page break]

to lose height. Then 2 more motors went U/S and it lost further height & crashed. On instructions of the Pilot all the crew baled out, 5 were accounted for out of the 7 as follows:-

Sgt. Mauher – Sick Quarters, Edgehill – OK.
P/O Denver. Ditto OK
Sgt. Boyd. Ditto. OK
Sgt Couron – Shipston hospital – Broken collar bone.

and one on his way to Edgehill by transport, apparently OK.

Position of crash. Lower Braills, about 6 miles west of Banbury. Time 2115 hrs.

2340. 1659/B. F.C.L.O. 9 Gr. Stated all the crew but one, the Bomb Aimer, had been accounted for and his name was not known to the others.

2345 1659/B. F.C. 92 Group again contacted. [Underlined] All [/underlined] crew accounted for. Sgt Lockyer now in Sick Quarters, Edgehill and OK. The two others Sgts Rowe & Harrison were OK., and transportation had been sent to bring them to Edgehill, a satellite of Chipping Norden. The latter were handling the crash and providing a guard. The a/c burned [inserted] completely. Crew staying where they are tonight. [/inserted] Thanked 92 Gr. For co-operation.

2350. 1659/B. (JB-893.) Advised F.C.L.O. [inserted] 92 Gr. [/inserted] of above. He stated Moreton-in-the-Marsh had answered a Mayday call intending to send it to Honeybourne but the aircraft apparently

[Page break]

did not hear them. Except for this Mayday call no request for them to light up or give assistance had been received. This may have been 1659/B.

[Underlined] TUESDAY – OCT 12/43 [/underlined]

0100 Ident Board changed.

0900 Off duty HL Spence P/O. D.H. Miller F/Lt on duty

1055 Darky Croft have ju8st heard a Darky call from an “Ardmore W” whom they believe to be an American. They answered once but no joy and now think another station is working it

1056 Darky Linton have heard a darky from an “Oldwell” (no letter picked up) They overheard something about the a/c being at 7000 ft. and say another station is working it.

1100 Darky Informed 12 Gp FCLO. ROC have no plots on our board at present but had 3 Ansons during the last 1/2 hour flying at a “fair heights”. They have now gone into Durham area.

1120 Darky 12 Gp FCLO after speaking to 9 Gp. say there are three Dakotas which have just arrived from America and are apparently lost. Call sign is “Addwolf” one of which is “W”. They have no plots on them but many stations have been getting these Darky calls all over the country. Informed all stations and asked them to report anything heard from this a/c.

[Page break]

1128 Darky Linton base say Tholthorpe have heard Benson working the Darky a/c, giving “course to steer 90°, fly 3 min. and circle.” 12 Gp informed.

1144 Darky Tholthorpe have heard Benson working [deleted] a/c [/deleted] Addwolf/N again, giving him “pancake”. 12 Gp. say Benson know nothing about it so Linton are checking up.

1152 Darky Tholthorpe have checked call signs and now find out it was not Benson but St. Davids. Informed 12 Gp. FCLO who says he has just learned that all the Dakotas are now down okay, the last two having landed at St. David’s. All stations informed.

1310 Weather Warned Tholthorpe (via base 62) that on their x-country (434 Sqdn) they will not be able to see much of ground, and the bases on return (2000 hrs) will be generally 1-2000 yds. mostly yellow. Met. will not guarantee them past 18.30 Topcliffe also given above gen. for their x-countries

1315 Movements To MLS: Hal. & Lancs. bombing at Strensall & airfiring Robin Hd. Bay from 1330-1800 and fighter affiliation from 1300-17.30 locally 5-8000 ft. – blanket movement.

1410 a/c away F/Lt. Durham says 429/A at [deleted] Sh [/deleted] Snetterton and 429/K at Castle Camps are to return immediately but not to take off after 15.30 due to expected deterioration at bases. Informed 11 Gp. & 3rd US Div.

W/C Turnbull says the same applies to 427/L & V at Great Ashfield. Warned them of weather.

[Page break]

1435 4 Hurricanes (see 18.15 Oct. 11) landed at Cambridge at 17.25 Oct 11th, according to Skipton F/C. Informed Station Z AS4 by phone who will inform Northolt.

1520 Wellington Litchfield of 27 OTU requested permission to land at Linton but due to their poor vis. they sent him to Pocklington which is “green”. Warned 4 Gp.

1620 a/c away 429/A at Snetterton did not have enough fuel on board when he got permission to take off, (required more fuel due to duff weather) and was not able to get refueled [deleted] by [/deleted] in time to arrive back at Leeming by 1700 hrs.
427/L – did not have enough brake pressure.
427/V – took off at 16.10 after having received instructions that he was not to take off unless he could make Leeming by 17.00.
429/K – (Castle Camps) had something wrong with his a/c (They think it was his wireless)

Informed Leeming of the above.

1830 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

1830 On duty SR Wyman F/Lt. & H.L. Spence P/O.

1900 Wellington Litchfield F.C. 27 O.T.U. state all their a/c accounted for & that one landed at Goxhill at 1710 hrs. This would appear to be the one referred to in entry 1520 which was given a QDM by Linton for Pocklington. Goxhill is on the same QDM & a/c did not land at Poklington. Informed 4 Gr F.C.

Pundits AS4 requested 1, 115, 91, 140 & 155 dusk to dawn. Stations informed.

[Page break]

2230. Provisional American Diversion C.F.C. intimated possibility of the necessity for diversion bases for American Squadrons a/c if they took off on ops. tomorrow. Our co-operation was requested. After consultation with the Controller following stations in 6 Group were selected to be used:- Middleton, Croft, Topcliffe, Linton & Eastmoor, - providing weather conditions were O.K.

2235 ditto Informed C.F.C. of above, and inasmuch as the probability of being able to take off was remote, it was not considered necessary to inform our stations.

[Underlined] WEDNESDAY – OCT 13- 1942 [/underlined]

0100 Ident Board changed.

0200 Pundits 1, 91, & 140 cancelled by A.S.4.

0330 Pundits 115 & 155 ditto.

0900 Off duty H.L. Spence P/O.
0900 On duty F.D. Cleland F/L.

09.15 428/I. At Bottesford. 5 Gp. enquire if he can return. Consulted Met. here & also Middleton. Decided weather unfit & he will probably have to remain until morning.

09.45 429 a/c Instructions passed to all 429 a/c away from base to stand by their aircraft ready to take off (W/C Pattison’s instructions) Doubtful if they can return due to weather conditions –

[Page break]

[Underlined] Wednesday, Oct 13th 1943 [/underlined]

10.00 427/L Told to stand by aircraft at Gt. Ashfield for instructions to return later in day. (W/C Turnbull.)

11.20 Ẋ/76 from Top., This a/c took off from Top. at 11.15 for Holme. Informed MLS 12 Gp.

1500 427 429 a/c All crews away from base to stand-down. Warned to be ready early tomorrow morning.

15.00 X-Countries 1659 C. U. Scrubbed.

16.45 Oxford P822 overdue. Leeming F.C. called stating that they had received signal from Gt. Ashfield that their Oxford was returning at 14.16. This put him one hour overdue. Checked with F/C Gt. Ashfield & they said he had called on RT to say he was going to Hethal. Called Hethal who say he is still there. Flap over -

18.40 Met. for tonight. Warning that despite temporary improvement met. feel very strongly that weather may clamp down at any moment. All contemplated X-C’s should be scrubbed.

1830 Off duty F/Lt. Cleland, on duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

[Underlined] Thursday October 14, 1943 [/underlined]

0100 Ident. Board changed.

0830 a/c away Air I instructed that stations & our met. be consulted as to getting our a/c back as soon as possible. Met. Say our weather is okay but some of the southern stations still have fog (all our stations want them back immediately.) Instructed by 11 Gp. 3rd & 2nd U.S. Div. to have

[Page break]

our a/c return as soon as the weather was fit down there. Stations informed.

0900 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.
On duty H.L. Spence P/O.

0910. 428/P. M.S.G. instruct the 2 members of this crew who were to have come back from Manston with F/L McLeish are to stay there until F/S. Armour arrives. Passed to F.C.L.O. 11 Group for transmission to Manston.

0915 Movement. Arranged with M.L.S. 12 for air firing at R.H.B. & Whitby & bombing at Strensall for Hals. Wells. & Lancs from 1000-1800 hrs. Ref. E-15.

1005 426/V Air I authorized W/C Sweatman to fly Lancaster to Tangmere for purpose of taking down crew to bring back 426/V. S/L Hughes (Pilot of 426/V) who is in hospital is to be ready to return at 1400 hrs. Passed to F.C.L.O. 11 Group for transmission to Tangmere.

1015 American Early Returns C.F.C. advise allotment of Croft, M.S.G. & Topcliffe for any American early returns this morning. Stations concerned, & Controller informed.

1125 ditto. 509/R Polebrook 1st U.S. Wing state this early return has been diverted to Topcliffe. R/T cs. Seagreen. W/T LG.K. Topcliffe informed.

[Page break]

1128 Crash Nr Thirsk R.O.C. report [deleted] crash [/deleted] smoke [inserted] 1/4 mile [/inserted] north of Thirsk near Stockston Rd. in Z9103.

1130 ditto Topcliffe sate crash occurred 1/4 mile north of Thirsk on the Kelvington Rd. No identification has been made yet. The N.F.S. are on the scene and our Fire Tender & Ambulance are on the way. The aircraft is burning and it is understood four bodies have been removed.

1200 1659/T. Crash (JD419) Reference entries 1128 & 1130 hrs. Topcliffe state this is their own a/c which was on a & l practice. 2 Port Engines cut and attempt was made to force land. Crew consisted of only 4 personnel – 2 of which are O.K. and 2 badly injured.

1230 ditto Topcliffe now state original report of only 2 being injured was optimistic. Crew of 3 are at North Allerton Hospital & the 4th is being taken by Skipton ambulance

Crew were:-

F/O Dickson – Pilot
F/L. Cook – Gun Ldr.
P/O. Shaw.
Sgt. Omar. All concerned informed

1238 525/E From Kimbolton (1 U/S Wing) landed at Croft 1238 hrs. F.C.O. 1st U.S. Wing informed.

1345 25756/J R Polebrook Landed at Leeming 1310 hrs. Informed 1st. U.S. Wing. Used R/T CS Daisychain & is the one diverted to Topcliffe originally.

[Page break]

1400 E/431 Air I authorized 431 Sqn to send crew in Halifax to Shipdham to bring this a/c back. 62 Base informed.

1600 Prov. Diversion Americans Central Flying Control warn of possibility of diverting American a/c at dusk & later. Following consultation with Met., Controller, Stations, the following were offered:-


Each station to be prepared to take care of 20 a/c. Stations & Air I informed.

1700 1659/C Fix from Hull. 5329N 0442W 1st class 1647 hrs. Acknowledged. Topcliffe informed.

1659/S Fix Fix from Hull 5419N 0446W 2nd class, 1653 hrs. acknowledged. Topcliffe informed.

1755 Prov. Diversion Americans. Central Flying Control advise American home bases were coping satisfactorily and there appeared little likelihood of our assistance. 6 Group stations informed of the situation. They are to stand down but be prepared to take care of any stragglers if necessary.

1805. 431/B. 431/P Fix Fix from Hull. 5539N 0051E, 1st Class 1742 hrs Ack.
Fix from Hull 5522N 0108E, 1st Class, 1746 hrs. ack.
62 Base informed.

[Page break]

[Underlined] Oct 14th 1943 [/underlined]

1805 Pundits 1, 91, 115, 140 & 155 requested by A.S 4 from dusk to dawn. Stations informed.

1830 Off duty H.L. Spence P/O.
1830 On duty F.D. Cleland F/L.

18.50 Anson Crashed. ROC 9. state that Anson (Millom) crashed near Whiteavon. Had originally believed it to be Oxford from Linton. All under control now.

19.30 Diversion to Leeming. 5 Gp. wish us to take 6 Lancs. After consulting met, decided Leeming was best. Leeming warned – 207 Squadron from Spilsby.

[Underlined] WT Call Sign A/C RT. Call Sign [/underlined]

KCQ DBK. 4 Officers 38 NCO’s. “October”.

Purely weather diversion – no petrol shortage.

20.00 Night Flying. Night flying details passed to stations, 12 Gp & R.O.C.

21.00 Leeming’s weather. Leeming not to satisfied about weather. Checked with met. re diversions from Spilsby – If they arrive soon then Leeming OK – if not, Middleton is expected to be OK. Middleton warned –

Tholthorpe’s Aircraft. 62 Base request provisional diversion base – Told Middleton is OK.

Lancs. from 5 Gp. All landed safely at Spilsby. Middleton & Leeming informed.

22.50 Tholthorpe a/c. All down but C/431.

22.55 431/C. Told by W/C Newsome to break cloud on Leeming beam. Checked with met who say QBB Tholthorpe is only 7-800 ft. Advised Linton Base to send him to either Topcliffe or [deleted] Linton [/deleted] Leeming if unable to land Tholthorpe.

[Page break]

[Underlined] Oct. 14th 1943. [/underlined]

23.25 431/C Did not break cloud on Leeming beam. Was diverted by RT. from Tholthorpe to Leeming. This was done by W/C Newsome [inserted] (ic night flying). [/inserted] When I checked [deleted] abo [/deleted] upon Leeming this info. from 62 Base and called Leeming; they did not have lights on and had not been warned by Tholthorpe previously. This matter was reported to F/C Linton Base who will take it up tomorrow.

23.35 431/C Landed at Tholthorpe OK after breaking cloud. Topcliffe & Leeming stood down.

[Underlined] Friday. Oct. 15th 1943 [/underlined]

00.01 All quiet.

07.00 Anson from Leeming. Leaving for Mildenhall at 07.30 via Spalding. Pilot is S/L of BAT Flight Leuchars who will use beam en route & for landing. Checked met who say conditions for take-off & landing – OK, but fog & low cloud en route.

07.30 Gladiator from Docking. Met. reconnaissance aircraft. C.F.C. enquire if we can land him in this group. Yes. 16 Group enquired direct and were told that we have fit stations. Will call us later if we are needed.

0750 Gladiator from Docking. Landed at Base OK.

09.00 Off duty F.W. Cleland F/L. On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

1015 Croft a/c. Hal. took off to have a look at the weather and is having trouble getting down. Where can they land him as there weather has closed in? After consulting Met., gave them Acklington. Croft could not contact him again by R/T and plots showed him stooging all over Group. Informed all station in Group to try and contact him by R/T or W/T and give him a course to steer to Acklington & fly at 4000 ft.

[Page break]

[Underlined] Friday Oct 15th 1943 [/underlined]

Croft a/c (cont) 12 Gp. say Newcastle balloons at 1500 ft. and defences have been warned.

Leeming eventually picked him up on W/T and he asked for the QFE. Leeming told him to fly at 4000 ft. gave him the QFE but when they sent out the diversion he did not acknowledge. He flew up and down Leeming’s beam, apparently working it. No further contact by R/T or W/T was effected. Leeming have their contact on & money flares out.

At 11.30 Acklington’s weather went unfit and 12 Gp. & Met. say Drem is very fit. All stations informed that they are to send him to Drem at 4000 ft.

Pilot is P/O Barker, has a full crew and 6 hours petrol. P/O Barker is an instructor at Croft.

The a/c finally landed at Leeming at 11.35 in vis. of 150 yds (!)

[Underlined] Report from Pilot: [/underlined] his R/T was u/s and as he intended to land on the beam [inserted] at Leeming [/inserted] he sent his WOP back to the rest position so had no W/T contact. He found the money flares at Leeming very helpful.

All stations informed & stood down. Also 12 Gp.

1215 Topcliffe have heard an R/T transmission: “Return to base, weather u/s, steer 045°” Call sign “Pegan L” ROC have 3 Lancs which they say are from Bourn

1220 Skipton – Darky Have heard a darky call but cannot contact him. ROC now have what they think is a Halifax at 6000 ft west of Skipton going west, and also 2 Lancs. 12 Gp. informed.

1310 Wyton a/c Middleton H/F D/F had TCU-E (Wyton a/c) on to them asking if they had any message – said he would

[Page break]

[Underlined] Friday Oct 15th 1943. [/underlined]

call back at 13.20. Wyton have no message and say their weather is good. Passed “no message” to aircraft.

1830 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.
On duty HL Spence. P/O.

2359 All quiet.

[Underlined] SATURDAY – OCT 16/43. [/underlined]

0100 Ident Board changed.

09.00 Off duty [deleted] FD [/deleted] HL Spence P/O
On duty F.D. Cleland F/L.

09.30 a/c away from Bases. 428/P at Manston & 428/Z at Bottesford both S. Told to return by Middleton.

11.30 Radar Routes. List of Special training X-Countries on Movements file.

12.15 Ex Topcliffe. Signals Officer at Topcliffe has told F.C. to discontinue giving QFE’s in clear, but in terms of a + or – from the basic QFE. Topcliffe will continue in clear in cases of emergency.

15.48 Well. NZ415 This a/c left Leeming at 13.40 hrs to go direct to Silloth. Pilot got met. report & said he would fly at 4000’ direct. Reported overdue by 9 Group via 4 Group. Pilot S/L Matthewman.

16.07 Well. NZ415 OK. Circling Silloth now.

16.20 Oxford R6160 Left Tholthorpe this morning 10.52 hrs. Route via West of Newcastle, Dyce & Peterhead. Had not landed Peterhead at 16.20. Query from 12 Gp.

[Page break]

Saturday. Oct 16/43

17.00 Exercise “Rose” MLO 12 called re Middlesborough [sic] balloons on day of exercise. If enemy approaches then balloons must go up. Suggested a warning or recall signal to be devised by Middleton in this event. Also requested early information if exercise to be carried out or not on Oct 24th

Passed to F/C Middleton-

18.25 Crash at Z6155 12 Group report crash. Middleton asked to send out Fire tender & Ambulance. Fir Tree 4 mi W of Bishop Aukland [sic]. Crash occurred at 17.45, say ROC.

1830 Off duty F.D Cleland On duty D.H Miller F/Lt.

1850 Crash Phoned Tow Law police station to get some information on the crash at Fir Tree (aircraft priority call) One of the men on ROC post J1 (Durham area) was at the police station and says up till ten minutes ago he had seen no crash. He did see, however, an a/c over his post at 17.45; it turned west flying very low but did not appear to be in any trouble. Informed 12 Gp. of this. He says he got his information from the police in the area and will check back right away. Middleton’s crash tender & ambulance have both gone. All Group aircraft are down.

[Underlined] DFCO Note [/underlined] Dishforth’s pundit has moved to Riccall.

20.10 Crash ROC Durham report via ROC that the police have been searching the area of the reported crash and can find no trace of it. 12 Gp. FCLO informed but is inclined to have our crash tender out there till it is definitely confirmed there is no crash.

2020 Martinet on way from Yeovilton to Ouston, landed Middleton 1840 due to weather. All informed.

[Page break]

2055-21.15 Crash After several calls to 12 FCLO nothing definite re crash could be obtained so contacted Newcastle controller and put a strong complaint to him. He gives the following story: ROC asked the police to search for an aircraft they thought may have crashed in Z6155 at 19.45 hrs. Durham & Stanhope police made a search & reported they could find nothing. The ROC post misinterpreted the report, taking it there had been a crash & so passed it to Newcastle, then to 12 Gp who passed it to us as a definite crash at 18.25 and requested us to send out our crash tender from Middleton.

21.15 Crash S/L Harris, who went out with crash tender phoned from Fir Tree, saying they could find [deleted] noet [/deleted] nothing of the crash and was told to return immediately by the Controller.

[Underlined] Sunday October 17/43 [/underlined]

0100 Ident Bd. changed.

0900 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.
On duty HL. Spence P/O.

0915 R.A.F. Sta. Heston Visiting a/c prohibited from remaining overnight except on account of unserviceability or bad weather.

D.F.C.O’s [underlined] to note [/underlined] No re-fuelling facilities afforded to visiting a/c except in emergency; pilots must make arrangements to refuel at other airfields when visiting Hendon.

1030. Petrol Weather Provis. Diversion Requested Harwell for 6 Wells.

[Page break]

11.30. Prov. Diversion Base. Cancelled request for Harwell & asked for Pershore – weather should be better:- on advice of Met. & Controller

1115 LFB #24 (Torquay) 10 Group F.C.L.O. requested to lay on from 2130-2230 on 360°T.

62 Base informed.

1115 to 1200 Balloons B.L.O’s 9, 10 & 12 Groups confirmed flying of balloons as follows:-

Manchester & Crew. [sic]
Cardiff, Bristol } all at 500 ft.
Newport Weston } from 1800-0001 hrs.
Derby & Sheffield

We will be informed if need arises to change the height – 62 Base informed.

1135. Lanc from Lossiemouth 4 Gr. F.C. has stated an a/c of 3 Group en route from Lossiemouth might require diversion landing. Checked with Met and as MSG was only Green airfield in 6 Group offered it. MSG standing by.

1215 ditto. 3 Gr. F.C. advise they have diverted the concerned a/c to Tangmere and M.S.G. not required to stand by. Informed M.S.G.

1440 Balloons Yeovil B.LO. 10 Gr. confirmed these balloons will be at 1500 ft, this Group to be informed of any change. [inserted] 2145-2245. [/inserted] 62 [deleted] Group [/deleted] Base informed.
1505 Prov Diversion C.F.C. confirmed Pershore as provisional diversion base.

[Page break]

1630 Pundits A.S. 4. Request 91, 115 & 140 dusk to dawn. Stations informed.

18.30 Off Duty H.L. Spence P/O
On duty. F.D. Cleland F/L

20.00 Met. Met. say weather should be fair to midnight. Clear skies & moderate visibility.

21.00 A/c Landed Away from bases last 7 op. flights Air I asked for total numbers of aircraft landed away and also number landing at American bases.

* Attention DFCO There is a list of aircraft and bases they landed at in back of log if required for fuller details.

22.30 Leeming for 432 a/c Warned Leeming that diversion of 432 a/c to them is probable due to weather. All details passed.

23.30 Leeming. Stood down.

[Underlined] Oct 18th 1943 [/underlined]

00.01 Pershore Called 91 Gp & stood Pershore down.

01.00 Ident. Board changed

09.00 Off duty FD Cleland F/L On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

1025 Permission given by Air I to send ground crew down by air to Shipdham to repair 431/E which has a coolant leak & mag. drop.

1045 Weather Met. say no diversion bases required tonight.

Bullseye 12 Gp. Night Ops. (12 Gp PBX 128) requested our participation in a Bullseye tonight: Route:- Base – St. Neots – Goole(IR) Newcastle, Glasgow,

[Page break]

Edinburgh, Middlesborough, [sic] Goole (IR) Lincoln, Base.

Bombing runs will be made at Newcastle, Glasgow, & Middlesborough.
Starting beacon at St. Neots
Starting time 19.30 at St. Neots.

Aircraft will fly at 14000-15000 ft and will be spaced at 2 minute intervals. There will be searchlights and beams and Mosquitoes all along the route.

All information passed to stations concerned.

1350 Movements [underlined] E 296 [/underlined] Hal. & Lancs. bombing at Strensall and air firing at Strensall from 14.15 till 1800.

1430 Weather 431/E on practice flight over east coast to 5500N 0200E is going to send an [deleted] practice [/deleted] training bomber code between 1600 & 16.30 hrs. the tops of the clouds in that area. Tholthorpe want message to be sent to them undecoded.

1530 LFB #2 Arranged with Controller 12 Gp. for LFB #2 to be exposed at bearing of 265°T. Times to be notified later when target is decided.

1600 LFB #2 will be exposed as above from 21.45-23.00 hrs.

1745 Night Flying passed to ROC & stations

1750 Weather 431/E (see 1430 above) sent message to 62 Base that tops of clouds over North Sea were at 18000 ft. Controller informed.

1755 AC Marshal Ludlow Hewitt. landed at Dalton 17.53 in an Oxford from Church Fenton. AOC, & Controller & Air I

[Page break]

informed. AOC knew nothing of this visit and would like to know more about it. On enquiry from Topcliffe it was found that the visit is thought to be unofficial so Topcliffe although expecting him did not notify Group. ACM L/H will be staying overnight in Ripon and landed at Dalton as it was the nearest aerodrome. W/C Holmes, C.O. of Dalton met him. He will be going to Scotland tomorrow.

1830. Off duty F/L. Miller
On duty H.L. Spence P/O.

1840. Darky. F.C.L.O. 12 Group. A/c (Hal) circling in. Z64 asking for course to steer, appeared lost. After consultation offered Croft & M.S.G. Believe it is 1664/O. a/c as they heard from him on R/T but he did not appear to get them on either R/T or W/T.

1850 1920 do. 12 Group advise a/c now in Newcastle area (Ouston & Woolington). Beaufighters sent to lead him in. He appears to start to follow the Beau. but veers off. Viz about 1 mile at Ouston. Last heard of about 10 miles SE of Ouston. Newcastle instructed to have Beau. lead him to Croft.

1935 1945 1664/O. Landed at Ouston, roughly due to bent starboard Oleo leg. Crew OK and staying overnight. Croft state Sgt. Smilie has no experience on night landing in Halifax. Requested Croft to advise us,

[Page break]

DFCO [underlined] NOTE for information of 12 Group F.C.L.O. of the assistance received by this a/c from the R.O.C. and reason for not following Beaufighter, etc. [/underlined] Croft suggest latest information on method used by fighters to lead in last aircraft be circulated to all stations.

[Deleted] 09 [/deleted] 2100 408/H 426/K. [underlined] SOS ↓[/underlined] 62 Base advise these 2 E.R’s have been instructed to jettison 30 miles out from Flamborough Head. M.L.O 12 request they go 50 miles out if possible. Informed 62 Base who believe a/c are out of range but would try to contact them again.

2145 426/T S.O.S. At 2133 a/c gave position [deleted] 043 [/deleted] 5232N 0433E and requested fix in S.O.S. message. Hull replied with 1st class fix viz, 5210N 0343E at 2134. A/c acknowledged. At 2138 Hull gave 2nd class fix of 5155N 0355E, also acknowledged by a/c.

F.C.L.O. 11 Group advised of above and asked to render all possible assistance.

2148 426/T FIX IN “G” CO-ORDINATES Hull reported message from a/c “B672 C3840” at 2140 hrs – interpreted as “G” position [deleted] 02 [/deleted] 5212N 0352E

2150 426/T Fix from Hull 5158N 0300E 3rd class at 2143, acknowledged.

62 Base informed of above status of aircraft.

[Page break]

2158 426/T S.O.S. message from Hull: “Force landing 5207N 0220E – 2152 hrs.” 62 Base informed.

Proposal of 11 Group to send out a fighter was cancelled due to enemy activity.

0145 19/10/43 429/T 11 Gp F/C say entire crew of a/c picked up by a “flack” ship off Southwold and at present in the Aldeburgh Police Station. Linton told.

2200. 426/F Ident & message from Hull: 5303N 0225E. 2nd class. Sighted crew baled out 1824 at 5324N 0047E. Passed to 62 Base & 12 Group F.C.L.O.

[Underlined] TUES. – OCT. 19/43 [/underlined]

0041 426/F Received amplification of entry 2200 hrs from Captain viz. that a/c was at 18000 ft on a course of [deleted] 182° [/deleted] 128°M and saw an eruption of water indicating jettisoning, and a parachute. Two parachutes seen close together later.

Passed above to 12 Group.

0100 Ident Board changed.

0140. Pundits A.S.4 request cancelled.

0900 Off duty H.L. Spence. P/O.
09.00 On duty. F.D. Cleland F/L

10.45 Prov. Petrol Diversion Bases. Asked C.F.C. for bases for approx. 77 Halis. & 28 Lancs between S. coast & the Wash. Approx. time midnight. They will call after Met. conference.

[Page break]

[Underlined] Tuesday. Oct 19th 1943. [/underlined]

11.00 Air Chief Marshall Ludlow Hewitt. Oxford DF 336. Leaving Dalton at 11.00 hrs. W/Op. requests we ask E. Fortune to pass their call sign on DF at intervals and listen to their call sign RBV as they may be very weak – also Darky set up. Route. Base – Middleton – Tesham Harbour – East Fortune.

Passed to 17 Group. ROC, 12 Group & E. Fortune. 13 Gp.

11.40 MLS 12 Gp. Blanket coverage [underlined] E229 [/underlined] given for Air to Air, Air to Sea, Fighter Affil. Bombing at Strensall – Ht. Tests up to 18000’ during 11.30 hrs to 18.00 hrs.

12.45 Thames Est Balloons & Canterbury Balloons. At 1500’ [deleted] dusk to dawn [/deleted] 00.01-02.00 hrs.
Billingham. Close hauled 16.30-1800 and 01.30-03.00 hrs.
Dungeness – Landfall beacon 360° 00.15-01.15 hrs.
Bradwell Bay – Landfall beacon 320° 00.30-01.30 hrs.

13.00 ASR of 426/T. No further information. Evidently landed close to a Flak ship and were sighted very quickly.

15.30 Ops Cancelled. Cancelled LF Beacons & Balloon arrangements

1600. HQ. 62 Base. Permission given to 408 Sqdn to fly Lancaster to Martlesham Heath to pick up crew who ditched last night. Taking off at 16:30.

1630 HQ Base 62 Checked with S/L Lyles that the weather picture for a/c going to Martlesham is fully appreciated since conditions for return are expected to be very serious.

S/L Lyles advised that weather picture is appreciated. That the a/c has taken off. That pilot will recheck

[Page break]

conditions at Base prior to take off for return.

1650 Advised F/C. Martlesham of all foregoing entry.

1820 V/408 Ex. Base 62. Aircraft which went to Martlesham Heath is remaining there the night. Pilot S/L Miles.

1830 – Off duty [Signature]
On duty F/Lt. Miller

1845 V/408 3 Gp. phoned asking if we had diverted V/408 to Stradishall. Told them it was news to us but checked with 62 Base who said all they knew was that it had been okayed by W/C Ferris. Apparently Martlesham F/C had told Stradishall direct that he was just taking off for Strad. and 3 Gp. are very put out about the whole thing. The Station Commander at Stradishall is also displeased & wants to know why this a/c is coming when they haven’t been properly notified. CFC are taking a dim view of the whole business.

1900 V/408 62 Base have now learned from W/C Ferris that the pilot V/408 phoned W/C Ferris from Martlesham saying the weather was okay to return to Linton. W/C Ferris said to come back but if he met with adverse weather he was to land at an intermediate A/D. Explained the situation to 3 Gp. and apologised for the trouble they were caused. V/408 landed at Stradishall at 18.48 and will be staying the night. 62 Base informed.

[Page break]

1930 1664/O Darky (see 18.40 Oct. 18 log) Croft explain that the reason this a/c did not follow the Beaufighter was as follows: Pilot (F/S Smillie) was uncertain of his position at dusk, his W/T was U/S and he had no Gee. He asked for QDM to base after calling darky, thought he heard “185° 17 miles Newcastle”; he circled but had no further contact with ground. Later he saw a pundit which he circled, flashing his lights. He got no reply however but saw some rockets and lights and prepared to land. It was then he saw the Beaufighter for the first time but his petrol was low and he landed. The aerodrome was Ouston but he had no R/T contact with it as they were on a different frequency.

2130 A/S Rescue Can we send 8 a/c on air sea search tomorrow morning? Air I says 8 a/c of 432 to be detailed for it.

Area: 5452N 0330E 5510N 0450E
5510N 0330E 5452N 0450E

Callsign: WCF 65-72 inclusive

Parallel track search from west to east with 1/4 mile visibility. A/c will be on 500 kc. except at the hour & 1/2 hour when for a period of 5 min they will be on sect J (385 kcs.)

When they see a dinghy, a/c are to climb & get a fix over the dinghy on 385 kc. & send a report in Operational Bombing code on this freq. giving number of occupants, and remain circling dinghy to total of their endurance. Instructions will be given to a/c by W/T. Not likely there will be any boats out as far as that and as airborne life boat may have to be sent out. A dinghy is believed to be in that area.

[Page break]

Air I’s instructions: aircraft are not to fly above 2000 ft. on the way out and back and are to be careful of being blown too far east by strong SW’ly winds. They are not to be airborne more than 5 hours – ETZ to ETD.

Met: Front will be past 0500°E by 0900 hrs. but there will be showers with 2-3000 ft/ cloud base. Wind at 2000 ft 220° 40-50 mph. Bases will be okay from 0800-1300 hrs.

All information passed to 62 Base.

1030 A/S Rescue From Chatham: a/c [deleted] circling [/deleted] sighting a dinghy, after sending message in code, is to circle dinghy and listen out on 385 kc. continuously for relieving a/c and home it when it comes up.

2330 Pundits AS4 request Pundit 115 from now till dawn.

2345 A/S Rescue Linton DSO enquired what code the a/c were to use. He was instructed to use Operational Bomber Code which 16 Gp. agreed with.

[Underlined] Wednesday October 20th 1943 [/underlined]

0100 Ident Bd. changed.

0817 V/408 instructed him to return to base from Stradishall immediately. Informed 62 Base

0900 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.
On duty HL Spence P/O.

Blanket Movement Air firing at R.H.B. & Whitby and bombing at Strensall for Hals. Wells & Lancs from 1000-1800 hrs – arranged with M.L.S. 12 – Ref. E15

[Page break]

0915 426/T 11 Group reported wreckage of a Lancaster washed up on beach near Cost Guard Station at Aldeburgh. Framlingham (U.S. Station) is arranging to pull it further up the beach to prevent it being washed away with the tide which goes out at 1600 hrs. It is thought likely to be the 426 Sqn a/c which was abandoned night of 18/19. Group Engr. Officer informed & Air I.

0945 Air-Sea Rescue 16 Group F.C.L.O. informed 432 Sqn a/c airborne 0921 hrs.

1220 LFB #2 Will be laid on 270°T from 2330 to 0030 hrs. Arranged thru Ops 12 Gr. 62 Base informed.

1200 1355. 1664/W. Darky. This a/c on C & L and local flying appeared to become lost. Croft heard Darky calls at various times from it but could not make contact. Checked with R.O.C., 12 Gr., Thornaby, Scorton, etc. who had no information of any a/c in distress. Finally 12 Group informed us it had landed at Morpeth. Latter stated a/c had a glycol leak in S.I. Motor. Landed 1330 hrs.

1050. 431/E Air I authorized 431/N to land at Shipdham on x-country to deliver spare parts for this a/c. 62 Base informed.

1458 Crash. Advice from 12 Group of a Halifax having crashed in Z8139. R.O.C.

[Page break]

state position as Grid Z8139 on the Darlington Sedgefield Rd., near Sudburgh. [inserted] Sedburgh [/inserted] M.S.G. informed. Darlington Police are believed to have arranged for ambulance & fire tender to go to the scene.

1510 1520. Crash M.S.G. reported the crash occurred near Army Searchlight Battery 343 and Army ambulance & guard was on hand. Army map ref. 849433. Latest information is that all crew were killed and aircraft is a total loss. Our crash tender, Engr. Officer & M.O. proceeding to scene of crash.

1530 [Underlined] A.S.R. Search 432/Q [/underlined] reported seeing a red bottom dinghy from height of 25-30 ft. at position 5508N 0348E at 1108 hrs.

[Underlined] 432/H [/underlined] reported a balloon (barrage) at pos. 5444N 0247E, at 1245 hrs. from a height of 600 ft. A Mitchell aircraft was circling it.

F.C.L.O. 16 Group informed of these reports & that last a/c of 432 Sqn on the search returned at 1446 hrs.

12 Group informed any showing of a broad I.F.F. from an aircraft of 432 Sqn on this search could only have been through faulty mechanism and a check of the sets is being made.

1600 408/V Landed back at base from Stradishall at 1000 hrs. (Not informed until checked-up.)

[Page break]

1740 Crash 1664/L. DG343. Controller received advice that crash referred to in previous entries was 1664/L from Croft. A/c had just finished Fighter Affiliation exercise. R.O.C. had it plotted at 4000 ft – it appeared to make 2 rolls and then dropped at a 45° angle to crash. The a/c burned, and 6 bodies recovered were scattered over an area of 2 to 3 hundred yards. (All parties informed)

1830. Night Flying passed to R.O.C. & Stations

Off duty HL Spence. P/O.
On duty FD Cleland F/L.

23.04 Florid “N” This aircraft circling MSG & calling “Middleton St. George this is “Florid” N-Nan.” Checked on call sign for MSG. A/c belongs to Wymeswold 93 Gp O.T.U.

23.25 Florid “N” Landed.

23.25 408/H Sent message HF/DF Linton 23.15. “53°10’N 0450E Heading 250° 165 mph 18000’. Running short of petrol.”

408 H Upon inst. from Air I this a/c was told to land at Coltishall. Acknowledged by a/c. Also told to go over to MF.

23.32 408 H. MF Hull told if H called to confirm diversion

[Underlined] Thursday Oct 21st 1943 [/underlined]

00.10 408 J Fix “5308N 0220E II” puts him off E. Anglia. Passed C’signs to FCLO in case he makes for Nkf or Suffolk.

[Page break]

[Underlined] Thursday Oct 21st 1943 [/underlined]

00.35 Well. O/82 OUT Gamston. Landed 00.15. Croft. Told 93 Gp.

00.45 Hal. D/1664 Croft now claim this a/c overdue

00.48 Hal. D/1664 Croft now say he landed at 23.30. We were not told, and also times for X-C route were not correctly passed earlier.

(Explanation later from Croft – New clerk put X-C times on their board wrongly – those given to us were correct. Also clerk forgot to write up landing time, so this was not passed to us.)

07.47 Whitley 81 OTU. – 403N. Landed at Skipton after calling “Darky”. Belongs to Tilstock 81 OTU. Pilot Sgt. Ross. Short of petrol. Had been on unsuccessful gardening mission.

09.00 Off duty. F.D. Cleland F/L On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

0945 Movement E 216 Hal. & Lancs. bombing at Strensall & air firing at Whitby from 1100 to 1800 hrs. Also height tests locally from 1030-1700 hrs. to height of 16000 ft.

1100 Tilstock a/c at Skipton ready to take off. Checked weather at Tilstock with 93 Gp. who say they are having an occasional shower there and want the a/c to remain until they advise us weather is okay. Informed Linton. 93 Gp. say weather at Gamston is okay & advised them their Well. O/82 OTU would be taking off in about 10 mins.

1045 Wombleton 1666 a/c are now moving to Wombleton; 2 or 3 a/c have already taken off without flying control either at base, Dalton or Wombleton having been notified. The wind at Wombleton is 15+ mph. 60° off the runway giving a strong starboard drift. Flying control is not very happy about

[Page break]

the situation but the flight commander, F/Lt. Reed thinks the a/c can cope. Controller suggests F/Lt Reed fly over & if he thinks it is all right then, the a/c are not to be stopped.

1130 AOC to Wombleton From 61 Base: The AOC intends to fly to Wombleton today but the conditions (see above) are not very good. Controller informed.

1310 F & W of 1659 H.C.U. – w. crossing coast at Scarborough 1420 hrs for Air Firing practice and recrossing coast at 1520 hrs.

“F.” practicing 3 engine flying locally between 1600 hrs and 1800 hrs.

Z & J Air to Air – Crossing cost at 1535 hrs – recrossing coast at 1636 hrs.

1315 “E” of 419 Sqdn crossing coast at 1410 for Air to Air – recrossing coast at 1510.

1430 AOC to Wombleton From 62 Base: AOC took off from Linton at 14.25 for Wombleton in the Phoenix. 61 Base informed. There is a strong cross wind at Wombleton but AOC has been warned.

1440 AOC landed at Wombleton at 14.35.

1400-1545 408/H at Bungay – pilot phoned through to say his CSU or SOE is U/S and wants to know what to do. Referred to 408 W/C who says pilot is to try and contact eng. officer at Little Snoring (115 Sqdn) and have him repair the a/c if possible. Could not contact the pilot again as the lines are U/S for the present (!) Finally got through at 1550 and passed message to the pilot direct.

[Page break]

1630 1666 HCU 9 a/c are now at Wombleton [deleted] Cro [/deleted] S/D informed. 5 left at Dalton, 1 at Croft, 1 at Topcliffe.

1702 AOC left Wombleton at 1700 hrs. 62 Base informed.

Ditching of 426/T (see 21.45 entry Oct 18) On enquiry into this matter the following was found:

From the duty Staff Officer at Harwich: the ditching of the a/c was heard and reported by a soldier to the [deleted] Naval [/deleted] Duty Staff Officer at Harwich via the Naval Coast Guard. The Duty Staff Officer immediately had the Royal National Lifeboat Institute send out a lifeboat to the position and also arranged for the army to sweep the sea with searchlights. The crew however had reached shore via dinghy when the life boat arrived and they were taken to the Aldeburgh police station.

From the crew of 426/T:
Returning from operations, they crossed the coast at 800 ft. and two engines cut. Pilot immediately turned out to sea to ditch and effected a successful ditching a mile or so off shore. Ten feet from the water the remaining two engines cut. After boarding the dinghy the crew were carried to shore by the wind and tide. The a/c is believed to have been washed ashore.

The crew are now back at Linton.

1730 AOC landed back at Linton 17.23. 61 Base informed.

1830 Pundits #91, #115 & #140 requested by A.S.4 from dusk to dawn. Stations informed.

Off duty F/L Miller. – On duty HL Spence. P/O.

[Page break]

1915 Night Flying Passed to R.O.C. & Stations.

2100 1664/K. (EB-136) [underlined] Crash [/underlined] (Squadron Letters DH) This a/c on C & L details ground looped on take off at 2040 hrs. Crew are O.K. but proceeded to sick quarters. A/c thought to be cat ac. or [underlined] Cat. “E” [/underlined] Pilot slightly injured in the face.

2105 Pundits Request by A.S.4 cancelled. Stations informed.

2130 1664/K. (Squadron Letters ZU) This x-country a/c has made 2 Darky calls – one answered by Chipping Norden at 2109 hrs & the other by Barford St John at 2115 hrs. appears to be OK and merely verifying his position. Above passed by 92 Group to Croft direct.

2315 Redfinch “X” Darky 62 Base reported giving m/n aircraft a QDM of 157/30 miles to Goole. Advised 92 Gr. for information of Market Harborough

[Underlined] FRIDAY – OCT 22ND – 1943 [/underlined]

0030. Elflake “L” Darky. Croft report a/c calling darky Trying to contact it. Middleton advised

0008 Maple “P” (Whitby) 12 Group request Linton light up for this a/c which is being searchlighted there. 62 Base informed.

0015 Maple “P” 12 Group request cancelled as a/c has secured a fix and is returning to base.

0044 No 30 O.T.U. a/c “L” Wellington Landed at Leeming – Port Engine U/S.

[Page break]

Staying overnight. 93 Gr F.C. informed for transmission to Seighford.

0100 Ident Board changed.

0120 Crash Croft reported aircraft which had entered their circuit had disappeared and shortly thereafter a flash of flame had been seen to the south east. R.O.C. York 9 confirmed this and thought the crash had occurred at Croft.

0130. Crash Definite location of crash not yet determined. Scorton had no knowledge of it. Police in that vicinity being questioned.

0145 Crash Scorton advise they have a general idea of location & were taking action.

0200 1664/H. M.S.G. state they are endeavouring to contact 1664/H, which is considerably overdue from x-country, by W/T.

0205 Crash. Croft state latest information from A.R.P. is that crash occurred at Church House Farm near North Cowton & local fire-tender & ambulance are on the scene.

0210 Crash Scorton have informed Croft that crash occurred west of South Cowton at an intersection of 3 roads called Atley Hill. Crash tender, ambulance and M.O. from both Scorton & Croft en route as location appears to be midway between Stations, approx. 4 miles from each.

[Page break]

0240. 1664/H No W/T contact has been made with this a/c which is now more than 1 hr overdue.

0310 [Underlined] Crash 1664/H. [/underlined] EB 199 Sgt. Simmons (Capt.) Croft have confirmed that this is their aircraft. No explanation of the cause is possible. [Underlined] Six [/underlined] of the crew were [underlined] killed outright [/underlined] and the [underlined] 7th, [/underlined] the Observer, while still alive is very [underlined] badly injured, [/underlined] and was taken to Scorton Sick Quarters. [Underlined] The aircraft is a complete write-off [/underlined] R.A.F. Regiment from Croft is furnishing a guard. Croft is also taking all necessary signal action etc.

0900 Off duty HL Spence P/O.
0900 On duty F.D. Cleland F/L.

11.00 Blanket Coverage for Movements. E266 covers Ht. Tests. Air to Air. Air to Sea, Local Flying & Bombing. Lancs. Halis & Wells during daylight.

10.00 Crashes of 1664 C.U. All concerned at Group informed.

13.00 Landfall Beacons #2 & #10 arranged.

14.00 Landfall Beacons #10 cancelled and #2 ordered from 23.00-00.01 bearing of 270°T.

14.55 Bullseye Offered 3 Lancs 432 Sq., 3 Hals. 1664, 7 Hals. 1659.

17.00 Bullseye scrubbed. Passed to 62 Base, 1664 Croft and FCLO 11 Gp. & Fighter Command.

17.00 Diversion Bases. Allotments as follows:

[Page break]

[Underlined] Oct 22/1943 [/underlined]

17.00 Diversion Bases 431 – Acklington 12 Gp.
432 – Acklington 12 Gp.
434 – Croft
426 – Scorton 12 Gp.
408 – Silloth – Controlled Oper. By 15 Gp.

All above stations have been warned of number of aircraft to be diverted and are willing to accept them. No particulars have been passed yet.

17.00 Billingham Balloons. Arranged at 15.00 hrs – Close-hauled 16.30-18.00 hrs. And from 23.30-01.30 hrs.

18.00 Y/1664. Claims to have been shot at by coastal battery at 16.50 hrs. Was flying on Air to Sea firing detail at 1500 ft about 1 – 1 1/2 miles from shore opposite Whitby.

When reported to MLO 12 Gp the following answer was received. That a light AA battery had been practicing all day. It is likely they were firing at the time, but as visibility was good they could see him at that distance. So Y/1664 may have seen a flash and assumed that he was the target.

18.45 Y/427 Going to jettison. M.L.S. advised. Also ROC.

18.30 Off duty F.H. Cleland F/Lt. On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

1905 Night Flying passed to stations & ROC.

1940 Y/427 ROC have no plots of this a/c. Asked FCLO if he could trace it. Says he has been trying to plot it but ROC cannot find any plots and have had none since the a/c left Leeming

20.30 431/S up on R/T P.E. U/S – going to Jett. At Whitby

[Page break]

ROC & FCLO 12 Gp. informed

2033 427/Y (see above) Ident. At 20.27 position 5210N 0243E 1st class Ident. (!)

2035 426/B came up on R/T and was sent out to jett. At Flamborough, 40 miles out. ROC & FCLO 12 Gp. informed.

2057 434/B landed base, and asked for ambulance on R/T. (Mid-upper gunner sick)

2100 4 Gp. Diversion Can we take any of their a/c in our Group. Controller said that in view of weather forecast it wasn’t very likely but if it turns out better we will try and help them.

2230 Tholthorpe – a/c bogged on runway – A/D temp. U/S. They think they can get it off very shortly. Eastmoor teed up to take a/c if necessary.

2235 Weather Met. re 2200 Met. conference: general weather in group will be 1500-2000 ft cloud base, vis [deleted] at worst [/deleted] generally 3000 yds. some stations better. There will be some general rain, mainly slight. Acklington much the same, & Silloth good. Controller gave CFC Scorton for other groups’ use. Linton informed.

2245 428/I sent the following message on Hull at 22.43: “Emergency 5327N 0414E”. Message was weak and Hull passed him a 2nd class fix of 5258N 0300E which 12 Gp. say was ack. but which our W/T say wasn’t ack., and our W/T says the a/c requested a repeat. Checking up with Hull. FCLO informed.

2259 428/I Ident. On Hull at 2254 – 5247N 0225E 3rd showing him as heading towards East Anglia. Also sent “Receiver U/S” 12 Gp FCLO informed and has all

[Page break]

Available A/D’s on East Anglia coast it up. Weather at Coltishall not very good but Docking and Hardwick areas fairly good.

2330 Diversion Controller decided we won’t need Acklington now as other other groups especially 5 Gp. are having trouble with their weather. Informed CFC.

2340 Diversion CFC say 5 Gp. don’t want Acklington but would like Silloth. Controller [deleted] infor [/deleted] said okay & 62 Base instructed not to divert anywhere without consulting Group. Weather appears as if it is going to hold fairly well all over group.

2350 Diversion CFC say 5 Gp in great distress so Controller decided to give them Acklington and said we can take 15 a/c at Skipton & 15 at Dalton. Informed 61 Base [inserted] & Leeming [/inserted] Met. still optimistic about weather.

[Underlined] Saturday Oct 23/43 [/underlined]

0010 428/I crash landed at Snetterton Heath [inserted] at 2335. [/inserted] Badly shot up, rear gunner killed, flight engineer and mid upper gunner wounded, navigator suffering from shock. Rest okay. A/c was shot up by a fighter. Pilot made “damn good landing under circumstances” says 3rd US Wing F/C but a/c is a write off. 12 FCLO informed

0040 a/c to Middleton 12 Gp FCLO say there is an a/c apparently in distress off Whitby and they are going to S/L him to Middleton. Weather there is good. Warned Middleton.

[Page break]

0055 H/619 from Woodhall landed Leeming 0038
S/[deleted] 84 OTU [/deleted] 625 from Kelstern (1 Gp) landed Leeming 0050
CFC informed.

0100 427/E Informed FCLO that this a/c idented on Rulham at 19.34 position 5222N 0315E 2nd. Nothing heard from him since. They can’t give us much help.

0110 a/c to Middleton (see 0040) landed at Pocklington. Middleton informed.

0115 427/E Crash Four Group say a Mk. V Halifax crashed near Newton Kyme Railway Station on the Boston Spa – Tadcaster Road. No. of a/c is DK182. Church Fenton took all crash action. 7 bodies have been removed to Marston Moor.

This is 427/E (see 0100 above) Marston say crew appeared to have been in crash position preparing for a crash landing. Observers of crash say engines appeared duff before the crash.

Time of crash was about 20.37.

0200 Results 12 a/c still outstanding & considered missing.
Landed away: 1 at Snetterton Heath (3rd Div.)
3 at Rufforth.

None were diverted.

0820 H/619 5 Gp. says H/619 is to take off as soon as possible for base. Informed Leeming (“red” at present.)

0830 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.
On duty H.L. Spence P/O.

1100 H/619 Returning to Woodhall Spa 1100 hrs. via Gainsborough. 5 Group F.C. informed & ok’d.

S/625 Returning to Kelstern 1130 hrs via Gainsborough. 1 Group F.C. informed & ok’d.

[Page break]

1110 W/C Sugget Oxford Snetterton Heath Air I authorized W/C Sugget to take Oxford to Snetterton Heath. M.S.G. informed.

[Deleted] 1200 [/deleted] 1140 Com. a/c Proctor Reserved for W/C Fleming for 1215 hrs. Required all afternoon. Going to M.S.G. 62 Base informed.

1200 Identification of body at Thorney Island. Thorney Island have requested through Air Ministry for someone to go to Thorney Island to identify a body washed ashore, believed to be Sgt. Hayward. Air I had ruled:

1. Journey not to be made in Halifax.
2. Any a/c of Com. Flight may be used.
3. Any Oxford available from another Station
4. If one of above not possible journey to be made by rail.

62 Base informed.

1201 Movement Arranged for Air Firing at R.H.B. and Whitby for Lancs. Wells. & Hals. – also Bombing at Strensall from 1200-1800 hrs. Ref. – E-227.

1300 Diversion In to 6 Gp. From 1 Gp. 3 Jaywalk a/c being sent to 6 Gp for weather reasons. O.K. send to Linton. Told 62 Base & 6 Gp. Met. OK.

1310 Diversion Cancelled by 1 Gp & 62 Base notified.

1420 Middleton crew at Snetterton Heath “We sho would like to fly your boys up to save a long train trip, O.K? Contacted M. StG. Who said, Yes.

[Page break]

1430 Pundits 19, 91, 115 & 145 requested by A.S.4 Dusk to Dawn.

1453 Jaywalk /X Diverted from Blyton (1 Group) E.T.A. 1550 Diverted from Blyton (1 Group) E.T.A. 1550 Told 6 Base.

1510 619/H [indecipherable] 5 Gp say hold m/n a/c until further notice.

1555 Jaywalk X landed Linton Told 1 Gp F/C.

1540 [indecipherable Left Catterick 1550 E.T.A. Topcliffe 1645 Told Base 61.

1600 619/H 5 Gp say O K for their a/c to return to Base. Told Leeming a/b 1625

1710 A.C.M. Ludlow Hewitt landed Topcliffe 1714.

1810 1 Gp diversion [indecipherable] Given O.K. to send 1 Wellington to Linton will advise later if it matures

1830 Off duty SR Wyman F/L
1830 On duty F.D. Cleland F/L.

19.00 1 Gp Diversion [indecipherable] This a/c landed at Riccall. Linton stood down.

19.00 Night Flying Passed to 12 Gp. ROC.

19.35 Exercise “Rose” 10 Whitleys landed at Middleton
1 Whitley landed at Croft
3 others landed elsewhere and will try to get up tomorrow – A.M.

[Underlined] Sunday, Oct. 24/43. [/underlined]

0900 Off duty F/L Cleland. On duty H.L. Spence P/O.

[Page break]

0910 Ex. ROSE Take off postponed due to weather. A/c intend returning to M.S.G. for paratroops.

0930 Ex. ROSE New take off time 1100 hrs. M.L.O. informed of new arrangement.

Close handling of Billingham balloons from 0900-1200 hrs arranged for.

0945 Ex. ROSE B.L.O. requested to extend time of close hauling Middlesboro balloons to 1400. They will be kept so after 1315 hrs. until we inform him the a/c concerned have all taken off.

1050 Ex. ROSE O/C of this exercise at M.S.G. has cancelled it. Ops at 38 Wing & M.L.O. & B.L.O. 12 Gr. informed. Also R.O.C.

1130. L.F.B. #2 Will be flashing from 2145-2245 on 265°T. Arranged through Ops. 12 Group.

1140 16 Gr. Enquired re use of M.S.G. to land 3 a/c (Warwick, Proctor & 1 other) en route to Thornaby. Met & M.S.G. not happy and 16 Group informed.

1220 419/J & X Diverted to Silloth Fitness of M.S.G. & rest of group necessitates diverting these a/c on return from x countries. Silloth contacted and agreed to take them. C.F.C., 9 Gr. & all concerned informed.

1230 Pundits 115, 91, 150 requested by AS4 dusk to dawn.

[Page break]

1255 V.I.P. A/C/M. Ludlow Hewitt. Left Topcliffe for Elvington F.C.L.O. 12 Group advised. 1330

1300. 4 Hals. For M.S.G. M.S.G. has just received word that 4 new Halifaxes are en route to them (from Southampton [inserted] 1215 hrs. [/inserted]). R.O.C. telling a/c, to us approaching from south.

1330 419/J & X Ref. entry 1220 hrs. “J” landed Silloth at 1300 hrs & “X” at 1322 hrs. M.S.G. informed.

1447 4 Hals for M.S.G. These a/c from East Leigh landed as follows:-

2- at Riccal
1 at Leconfield.
1 at Melbourne
Anson at Snaith.

1500. Ex Rose Whitleys 38 Wing say OK for these a/c to return to base (Stoney Cross). M.S.G. & Croft informed and a/c are taking off immediately. All concerned informed.

1200. Diversion Base. C.F.C. have allotted us Bottesford as provisional weather diversion base. – 61 Base informed.

1615 L.F.B. #2. Request cancelled.

1618 Diversion Base. C.F.C. informed Diversion Base not required.

1650. Albion “J” This a/c overhead at Linton, who do

1700 (or Albain)

[Page break]

not feel happy about landing him. Checked Met. and on their recommendation Conningsby [sic] was selected for diverting him. [Deleted] Aircraft given a QDM to [/deleted] Aircraft was told to stand by for a course to steer for Conningsby [sic] but Linton unable to contact him again. 5 Group F.C. informed. 1715 A/c requested Driffield but 4 Group say no, they are themselves considering diversions to 5 Group.
1720-1740. Scampton & Waddington both U/S. Dunholme and Skellingthorpe possible but in view of the good conditions at Conningsby [sic] it was considered the little distance farther north of these 2 stations did not warrant changes of station. R.O.C. telling him and plots show up from Linton to Middleton. The latter and Leeming put on their contact lights, etc. No further contact was possible by the 3 stations with the aircraft.

1805 Albani “J” R.O.C. state this a/c followed through to Lincoln & was lost around Faldingworth or Wickenby & suggest checking there. F.C.O. 1 Group stated on being checked that Air Commodore Slessor landed at Lindholme at 1724 hrs., and that he understood H.Q. 6 Group had been contacted and informed he was proceeding to York by road. F.C.O. 5 Group informed & Conningsby [sic] stood down.

18.40 Pundits cancelled. Stations informed.

[Page break]

1930. Off duty HL Spence P/O.

1930 On duty SR Wyman F/L.

2300 Prov. Diversion. Told 5 Gp. – Bottesford not req’d

[Underlined] 25 OCTOBER 1943 [/underlined]

Ident. Sigs. Board changed.

0035 FOR [underlined S.F.C.O. [/underlined] Test RIT R.O.C. 0/4 There is a letter which is against this. But under circumstances seems advisable. Controller & R.O.C., suggests or requests a test to be made of R.O.C. post 0.4 (Castleton) on first suitable day. This station has been called upon to make 7 calls to a/c and has not yet received any answer. Referred matter to Base #61 who will arrange test & notify us of time. D.F.C.O. to notify controller IX.

0900 off duty SR Wyman F/L.
0900 On duty F.D. Cleland F/L.

10.30 Hal. to Shipdham. Permission given by Air I for Halifax of 4311 Sq. to go to Shipdham to pick up bomb carrier & SBC’s.

12.00 Oxford to Hawarden Permission for Linton Oxford to go to Hawarden to pick up Air Comm. Blackthorn(RAAF). Routed Base - East Retford – Hawarden.

12.00 Proctor of Middleton VB 6303. En route Melton Mowbray from Crosby. S/L Harrison was listed as overdue from Pt Allen to M. Mowbray om “HW451”. Trying to check with Station Z to reassure them.

16.50 Diversion from 5 Gp. 11 a/c need to be diverted. Weather reasons. Offered Linton & Eastmoor to them. Particulars later.

17.05 Diversion from 5 Gp. 6 Lancs of 57 Squadon – Base: East Kirkby. RJ. Call Signs { Senate Aggie. Letters of a/c: K, J, S. F, Q, U.

17.30 Em. 4 Gp. K/57 landed Rufforth. F.C. 5 Gp. informed.

[Page break]

[Underlined] Oct 25th 1943 [/underlined]

18.00 Diversion from 5 Gp. All diverted a/c landed OK Linton & Eastmoor. 5 Gp Inf.

18.20 Div. from Linton 343/A & 434/R diverted to Topcliffe. Topcliffe warned.
431/C & 431/R diverted to Topcliffe. Priority asked for R/431 who may be short of petrol.

1830 Off duty F/L Cleland, on duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

19.15 Diversion Tholthorpe vis. improving slightly and they think their a/c can land there alright for the time being.

1945 431 & 434 a/c have all landed at Tholthorpe except two, which landed at Topcliffe. Crews staying over night at Topcliffe.

[Underlined] DFCO’s Note [/underlined] See revised Granite Scheme on map board (extended north to Paitley Bridge)

[Underlined] Tuesday October 26, 1943 [/underlined]

0100 Ident Bd. changed.

0900 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.
On duty H.L. Spence P/O.

1005 419/J to Boscombe Down (F/L Hewitt) Air I authorized flight to Boscombe Down to have a/c weighted. M.S.G. informed. Weather to be checked as our Met say conditions unfavourable, with little likelihood of clearance until this afternoon.

[Page break]

1245 Liberator 9 R.O.C. reported a Lib [inserted] “stooging” [/inserted] in & around Middleton and Croft. Contacted those stations and advised mortor & money flares if no reply to Darkies on both frequencies received. All action taken but it appears a/c did not wish to land. 12 F.C.L.O. had no “gen” re this a/c which appeared O.K.

1334 1350 Right Close “V” Hethel 2nd U.S. Wing F.C.L.O. 12 Group requested R/T message be passed to m/n aircraft “to return to base” which is Hethel. Leeming Topcliffe & Linton unsuccessful in attempting to contact him. This Liberator now in A.04 near Burn & appears to be heading for his base F.C.L.O. 12 Group informed.

1345 431/Q 62 Base state arrangements have been made for this a/c to take off from Shipdham for return to Tholthorpe by 1500-1600 hrs. Met say this is best time but if Tholthorpe is not fit M.S.G. should be able to land him. 62 Base know this

1425 A.T.A. Hals. At Leeming Leeming report 2 Hals. circling but unable to land. F.C.L.O. 12 Group contacted for fighter to lead them to Ouston.

1440. ditto 12 Group state fighter not available but an Oxford from Ouston is on the way down to lead them to Ouston.

1510. ditto Leeming advise one a/c landed there & one at M.S.G. F.C.L.O. 12 Group informed.

[Page break]

1515 431/Q This a/c not yet airborne. Met state weather deteriorating at M.S.G. and will become worse particularly after 1630 to 1700 hrs. Recommend a/c not to take off from Shipdham if it has not already done so. Informed 62 Base who requested we have Shipdham hold the a/c there overnight. 2nd U.S Div. informed for transmission to Shipdham. (Notes - Improvement in weather at Tholthorpe only temporary say Met.)

[Underlined] Note: [/underlined] F/L Durham suggests that A.T.A. pilots be instructed to check the Met picture before taking off. On Sunday, Oct. 24th, 4 more of these a/c were unable to land at M.S.G. due to weather.

Bomb Demolition Topcliffe advise demolition of unserviceable bombs would be effected north of their Bomb Store Areas during hours 0930 & 1630 on Oct 26th & 27th.

1800 Night Flying Stations & R.O.C. informed there is no night flying in the Group.

1830 Off duty HL Spence P/O.

1830 On duty [Signature]

0001 [underlined] October 27th 1943. [/underlined]

0900 Off duty [Signature]

[Page break]

Oct 27th, 1943.

0900 On Duty [Signature]

1115 L.F.B. No 10. Arranged to be operating on a bearing of 270° T from 21:00 hours to 21:45

1120 WINDOW AT FINNINGLEY. Permission granted by AIR I for X-country a/c from Eastmoor to land at Finningley to pick up ”window” erroneously left on board Wellington of 432 delivered to 93 Gp.

1130 Balloons Arranged through [deleted] Op [/deleted] B.L.O. 12 Gp for Balloons at Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft and Norwich to be at no greater height than 1500 ft from 2030 hrs to 2300 hrs – and for Billingham Balloons to be close hauled from 1600-1800 hrs and again from 2130 to 2359 hours.

11:40 OTU Well’n’s AT M.S.G. Ex. F.C. M.S.G. – News that two Wellington a/c Nos = HF637 and HF681 which landed there yesterday (No knowledge here) because of adverse weather took off 1135 for Wellesbourne Mountford. Everything about the movement was most unsatisfactory – F.C MSG. finally conceded that the

[Page break]

following route was given: viz M.S.G. – Lincoln – Northampton Wellesbourne. This route would take the a/c bang over Grantham Defences! Since a/c had already taken off, could only warn MLS 12 and hope for the best.

1215 Jettisoning Dud 1000 lb. bombs. Permission granted by MLO 12 for 8 Lancaster a/c to jettison 47 Dud 1000 lb bombs at Posn 54.40N 0120E. – fused to explode at 25 ft below surface.

1330 Diversions Requested C.F.C. to provide Diversion Bases in 13 Group for 80 Halifaxes.

1400 Diversions Ex. C.F.C. Following bases allocated: Drem – Charter Hall – Kinloss – Lossiemouth.

1415 Diversions Sqn Allocation and Diversion Gen. passed to stations.

1417 Diversions Ex. F.C. 13. Drem can cope with only 12 aircraft and Charter Hall with only 6.
- much quibbling followed

1420 5 Gp a/c Here. Ex. F.C. 5. All Lancs of 57 Sqn in 6 Gp to return to base.

1421 5 Gp a/c Here. Pass to S/L Kyles. Base 62

[Page break]

1430 5 Gp a/c To F.C. 5. All Lancs 57 Sqn a/bn

[Deleted] 1432 [/deleted] 1507 D’v’n Gen. Final Sqn allocation ref. Diversions (see Form B256) passed to Base 62.

1508 A.T.A. Hal. Ex. F.C. MSG. A.T.A. Hal took off for Long – Latter informed.

1510 JTM/B [Deleted] This [/deleted] Ex: F.C. Base 61. –
AIRCRAFT B1 16 OTU. CS. [underlined] JTM [/underlined] of Up. Heyford passed following message on Topcliffe H/F D/F “Position Y at 1438” – at 1615 finally got through to F.C. 92 with above message.

1600. S/JA130 This Wellington landed at Topcliffe from Binbrook. Later at 1600 took off for Leconfield – Pilot F/O Osborne.

F.C. 4 advised.

1600 [Underlined] OPS [/underlined] Ex SDn Ops Cancelled –

1601 L.F.S.
1602 Balloons.
1603. Diversion Bases } Cancelled with Thanks.

1605 6 Gp a/c All 6 Gp a/c now back at Bases.

1810 Defiant Ferry Command} At Croft from Lossiemouth En route to Desford.

1830 – Off Duty [Signature]

[Page break]

1830. On duty HL Spence P/O.

[Underlined] 28 OCTOBER 1943 – THURSDAY [/underlined]

2359 Ident Board O.K.

0900 off duty S R Wyman F/L. On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt

1200 Movement E 20 Bombing at Strensall & Airfiring at Whitby from 1430-1800 by Lancs. & Hal.

1230 Weather Re Eastmoor’s proposed x-countries this afternoon Met. say if vis. at take-off is below 2000 yds. the vis. on return at 1700 hrs. will not be very good. Warned 62 Base.

1530 Spitfire from Dyce landed at Middleton and is proceeding immediately to Benson. He has checked route & weather at Benson & is happy.

1650 Walrus W2704 landed at Eastmoor from Eastly at about 16.30, heading for Sherburn. Pilot is 1st Officer Hayman and is staying over night on account of weather. Informed 41 Gp.

1830 off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.
On duty F.D. Cleland F/L.

[Underlined] Oct 29/43 [/underlined]

01.00 Ident Board changed

09.00 Off duty F.D. Cleland F/L
On duty HL Spence P/O.

1830 [Deleted] Off On [deleted] duty H.L. Spence P/O.
Off duty HL

[Page break]

1830 On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

Comm, Flight: Proctor reserved for S/L Jacobs for 0900 hrs. Nov. 1st all day. Comm. Flight informed 13.40 Oct. 28th.

[Underlined] Saturday October 30, 1943 [/underlined]

0100 Ident Bd changed.

0900 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.
09.00 On duty F.D. Cleland F/L.

0850 Darky Middleton have heard an a/c around them and have had a darky call by a “Recorder 5” a/c now north of Middleton & wants to know a course to steer to Middleton who are in R/T contact with him. They gave him course & he finally landed at Middleton in vis. of 1500 yds.

09.04 Darky Halifax BB 431 – Landed Middleton. 148 Squadron – Pilot: Sgt. Bruce. 1 crews, 8 passengers. From Breda, Algiers en route to R.A.F. [deleted word] Clifton.

R.A.F. Clifton (York 2064) & 44 Group informed.

10.15 Movement Serial # E44 Covers Air to Air, Air to Sea Firing, Bombing at Strensall, Fighter Affil. & Height Tests up to 20000’ from 1030-17.30 hrs for Halis, Lancs & Wells.

12.05 Flight Plan Conference Scheduled for 13.00 hrs. Midd. Leeming 62 Base & Air I informed.

12.30 Fortresses 12 Gp F.C. say there was a large abortive Fortress raid. These a/c have been recalled. If any are flying in our area we are to land them.

62 Base, 61 Base, Middleton, Leeming informed.

[Page break]

12.55 CFC re Prov. Petrol Bases Will let us know in 2 hours time. Needed in S of England (not East Anglia)

12.30 Billingham – Close-hauled 16.30-17.30, 23.00-2300 hrs.
Gt Yarmouth } Close-hauled 21.00-22.00 hrs.
Lowestoft }


Southwold L.F.B. from 21.00-22.00 hrs }
Dungeness LFB from 21.30-22.30 hrs }
Southend LFB from 21.45-22.45 hrs }

16.30 Cancelled Above arrangements

14.25 Hal. BB431 Left Middleton for RAF Clifton. Landed there 15.55 hrs.

16.30 Liberator I/67 Squadron. From Shipdham (2nd Bomber Div) Pilot Lt. O’Neill. Landed at Wombleton 14.55 hrs. Weather reasons – also see entry of 12.30 hrs.

All afternoon our stations had been hearing “Darky” calls from Americans but were unable to contact them. Cloud base was the main difficulty as none managed to break cloud. Fighter Group 12 were finally persuaded to send two fighters to help land another Liberator near Pocklington. We offered Topcliffe & Leeming if needed. This Lib. landed at Hutton Cranswick O.K.

1830. Off duty F/L. Cleland.
On duty H.L. Spence P/O.

SUNDAY – OCT. 31 – 1943.

0100 Ident Board changed.

0900 Off duty H.L. Spence P/O.

[Page break]

Oct 31st 1943.

0900 – On duty [Signature]

1000 Liberator at Wombleton – Weather adverse for safe return to Shipdham Hambleton F/C informed through Base 61. F.C.

1530 Pundits. AS4’s request for pundits No 91 115 140 passed to St’n’s.

16.30 On duty FD Cleland F/L.

17.30 Pundits cancelled.

09.00 Off duty FW Cleland F/L.
On duty H.L. Spence P/O.

1200 Lib. at Wombleton 2nd U.S. Div. F. Control have instructed that 67/I is not to take off for return to Shipdham until they advise us. Topcliffe informed.

1250 WELLINGTON NUTT’S CORNER 12 F.C.L.O. Wellington a/c (SGG-A; R/T Yardhouse A) on a Nav. Exercise from Nutt’s corner. Should be near Linton. Tell him to go to Valley – 4/10 2000 viz 3000x Llandedr 5/10 viz 6 MLS not to go to Nutt’s Corner.

Contacted Flying Control Linton & gave above information.

1252 WELLINGTON NUTT’S CORNER Told Tholthorpe to look after same a/c

1255 WELLINGTON NUTT’S CORNER Linton heard this a/c on R/T.

1257 Landed Linton. Told 12 Gp who passed Nutt’s Corner instruction namely that a/c to stay where he was until he heard from Nutt’s Corner.

[Page break]

1330. 67/I – Liberator to Shipdham 2nd. Div. U/S Flying Control instructed this a/c could take off provided his E.T.A. at Shipdham would be 1400 hrs. 61 Base was so informed and a/c took off at 1333 hrs before we were able to get thru to 2nd. US. Wing for O.K. inasmuch as his E.T.A would be 20 minutes after deadline set. 2nd. U.S. Wing advised.

1830 Off duty HL Spence P/O.

1830 – On Duty [Signature]

0001 Nov 2nd. 1943.

0830 – [Deleted] On [/deleted] Off Duty [Signature]

09.10 Tholthorpe Crash Tender The first line crash tender at Tholthorpe will be U/S for two days and they will be unable to take outside crash action 62 Base will co-ordinate.

09.20 On duty FW Cleland F/L

15.40 Diversion from 4 Gp. 3 Halis. from Marston Moor to land at Topcliffe (Weather reasons.)

15.50 Diversion from 4 Gp. Now only 1 left to come. Others landed at Marston. “J” – RT. “Nightjar” or “Shipwake”.

15.55 Diversion from 4 Gp. Cancelled. All landed at base.

18.30 Off duty Cleland & Justason
On duty HL Spence P/O.

[Page break]

1940 Pundits No. 140 Flashing

[Underlined] NOV. 3RD – 1943. [/underlined]

0100 Ident Board changed.

0135 Aircraft – L or R 62 Base called to say an aircraft using a/c L or R was calling a ground station, whose C/S was Expert, which is the c/s at Gibraltar. Contacted R.O.C. 9 and 10 who said only aircraft [inserted] in this area [/inserted] was a friendly bomber in A82. Spoke to 12 F.C.L.O. who said the only a/c was the one noted above. This a/c L or R was heard making Darky call by R/T stations in all the Bomber Group. The a/c, which was in A82 passed from the 12 Group area over to 9 Gp.

0345 ditto. Linton called to say they thought the aircraft landed. Information gleaned from a garbled message overheard by Eastmoor Darky.

0900 Off duty H.L. Spence. P/O.

0900 – On Duty [Signature]

1000 WELLINGTON Z-1395 A/SGG. Ex. F.C. Linton. Wellington from Nutt’s Corner returning to Base as of 10:15 hours. Linton: RED. Weather at Nutts Corner o.k.

Route etc passed to both MLS 12 and F.C.L.O 9 – and advised the latter that the a/c was a/b at 10.16

[Page break]

1215. L.F.B. #10 On bearing of 270°T from 2030 hours to 21:30 hours.

1215 Balloons. Norwich, Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft – 1500 feet all night, {S.O.R. except during E.A.

1520 Diversion Bases. Request made to C.F.C. for suitable Provisional Weather Diversion Bases to accommodate 117 Hals and Lancs of 8 squadrons

1430 Diversion Bases. Ex. C.F.C. Following Stations Allocated as Provisional Weather Diversion Bases:

Mildenhall – Lakenheath – Downham Market – Waterbeach – Newmarket – Witchford – Mepal – Docking. –

These were accepted by the Controller who allocated Squadrons and advised stations [inserted] of some together [/inserted] with ‘gen on our Bases.

Pundits. – see the above stns were covered by a QDM and Dist from a Pundit except Downham Market F.C.3 gave Lat & Long pos’n of Mildenhall and said to set course from there.
1500. Station advised (Lat & Long Mildenhall pundit given by F.C. 3 as: 52° 15’ 31” N 00° 29’ 53” E

[Page break]

1445 P.F.F. Lanc 7 Sqn. Query Ex. F.C./P.F.F. = ref weather and serviceability of Topcliffe. – advised o.k. Lanc from P.F.F. landed Topcliffe 1554. – Took off again for base 1610. –

Passed to F.C/P.F.F.

1448 E. 314 Blanket coverage with MLS.

1740 G/1659 Ex. F.C. BASE 61. After advising that all their Non-op day flying were finished – found G/1659 still a/bn. Queried for Provisional diversion base.

6 Gp Met advise Eastmoor OK.

1750 – Informed FC Base 62 to stand by at Eastmoor.

1800 G/1659 Landed Topcliffe. Eastmoor stood down.

1830 Off duty [Signature]

18.30 On duty FD Cleland F/L

18.55 Balloons Yarmouth Norwich & Lowestoft } Due to hostile action must be raised to 6500’.

19.00 Y/429 Received II class fix (Ident.) which puts him in East Anglia. Told 12 Group about balloons & asked them to look out for him.

20.15 Balloons Yarmouth, Norwich, Lowestoft now at 1500 ft.

20.30 Diversions CFC say lights are out on Lakenheath, Mildenhall, and Newmarket.

New Diversion bases: Shipdham, Hethel & Hardwick.

[Page break]

21.10 Diversion Bases Hethel & Hardwick now u/s – Hunsden – Horsham now are offered.

21.26 Balloons. BLO 12 called to ask about Billingham Balloons. I asked for them close-hauled immediately until 23.00 hrs. He had not received any requests for them today.

22.05 Searchlight. Searchlight waving at west end of Tholthorpe interfering with landings. FCLO 12 told. 3 mi. SW. Rathokell Station.

01.15 Crash near Coningsby. An aircraft – four-engined bomber crashed and burned out completely at 21.33 hrs. Maps partially burnt show track to Middleton and name “Witham” was written on it. All crew killed. E/428 Crash position: OSC55 – 651701. EW Maplethorpe’s field, Low ground, South Kyme – 5 mi. S.W. of Coningsby. Middleton informed. Southdown informed.

09.00 Off duty F.D. Cleland F/L.
On duty H.L. Spence P/O.

1045 E/428 Crash near Coningsby definitely identified as E/428. Advice received by M.S.G. direct from Coningsby.

1100 a/c away 427/Q Both Church Fenton + Leeming Unfit – check later.

1500 ditto Group Met state Church Fenton still red but may progress to yellow later. Leeming 10/10’s cloud, base 600, viz 2200 with chance of a break in cloud & base. F.C. at Church Fenton do not anticipate

[Page break]

improvement in weather. Also, the a/c is still being worked on S.B.A. still u/s. Other aids packed up when a/c landed last night. Leeming informed a/c would not return today.

1615 419/K M.S.G. instruct m/n aircraft which landed at Leeming yesterday is to stay overnight. Leeming informed.

1652 Anson 501 Marston Moor 62 Base state m/n aircraft took off at 1604 for return to base. 4 Group informed.

1830 Off duty H.L. Spence P/O.

1830 On Duty [Signature]

2000 Dinghy CR.248 Ex. F.C.L.O. 12. Query whether Dinghy, bearing No. C.R. 248 and again U111/330 washed up at Bridlington might belong to an aircraft from 6 Group – last on operation.

- Checked with Stations who are to advise.

0001 – Friday Nov 5th ’43.

0900 – Off duty [Signature]
09.30 On duty F.D. Cleland F/L

10.00 Darky Calls. Croft, Leeming & Skipton report Darky Calls from American aircraft “Rifle” R.V.C.N.M. Reported to 12 Gp who say it has also been heard in Cheshire & North Scotland.

[Page break]

11.00 R/427 At Church Fenton. Weather there not good enough yet to return to Leeming. Pilot will call here when conditions are good enough. Leeming informed.

12.30 Beaufighter JL876 Landed Eastmoor from Catfoss.

13.15 Magister at Linton Requires route to Errol near Perth. ETD 14.00. Told Linton to route via Falkirk but pointed out that weather was not good.

14.00 Proctor from Middleton G/C Swain Going to Lossiemouth. Warned him that QBB is very low en route – 700 ft average. His route, however, hakes him clear of high ground and he will cut out over coast if in difficulty. He is C/O of Lossiemouth and knows the country and he has been warned by met. at Middleton.

16.00 Magister to Errol Took off from Linton. Landed Middleton to check weather. Rerouted from Middleton at 16.09 hrs.

17.30 Dinghy CR248. This was checked with stations and we had no information for 12 Gp. to help them. Suggested the “CR” might be squadron letters.

1830 Off duty F/L Cleland.
On duty H.L. Spence. P/O.

1945 Bomber H6-K 4 Group state this Wellington in V3305 appears to be lost, flying at 3,000 ft.

1950 ditto On enquiry R.O.C. 9 stated the a/c appeared to have straightened himself out & was in V-50 heading out to sea.

[Page break]

2050 F.379 12 Group advise S.O.S. aircraft heading for Wombleton, now in V-40. Had previously warned 61 Base, now advised 62 Base to have Eastmoor on the lookout.

2055 ditto 62 Base have warned Linton – Eastmoor lighting up.

2058 do. R.O.C. state a/c now in A-2963 at 6000 ft. proceeding south. Later plots indicate continuance south & into Leeds area.

2110 do. Informed 61 & 62 Bases to stand down.

Saturday – Nov 6/43

0100 Ident Board changed.

0900 Off duty H.L. Spence P/O.

0900 – On Duty [Signature]

0915 E-7 Blanket coverage on the M.L.S. for Air/Sea = Air/Air = Bombing Strensall – Height Tests - Fighter Affiliation during hours [deleted] darkness [/deleted] daylight today.

1720 [Deleted] Q [/deleted] Z/1659 FD/I. Ex. F.C. Base 61 – I Q/1659 overdue said to have crashed on the Isle of Mann. Knowledge gained by F.C. Topcliffe by phone

[Page break]

call from Jurby. (R.A.F.)

1721 Contact F.C.L.O. 9 Group from whom the following information was learned “Halifax W-1251 passed over Radio Station at Scarlet Point – with one engine on fire. At 14.20 it crashed at Fisher’s Hill – approximately 3 miles NW of Scarlet Point. 7 of crew killed. Of bodies discerned one was identified as KROTZ, P.E. – Flight Engineer of [deleted] Q [/deleted] I/1659.

- Controller informed – (R.A.F. Jurby taking necessary crash actions)

1725 Crash Ex. R.O.C. Crash NE Eastmoor.

1727 Crash Ex. F.C.L.O. 12 Crash 4 Engine a/c in A. 1694. –

Identified as Lanc. DS649. 1679/E. Eastmoor instructed through Base 62 to take all necessary Crash action and to deal with the provision of guard etc.

No information available

1730/1800 Martinet and Hurricane } Ex. F.C. Base 61. These 2 a/c not accounted for from the days AIR to AIR firing exercise. After much futile search

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both a/c were discovered to be on their own dispersals!

1830 Off Duty [Signature]
18.30 On duty FD Cleland F/L.

20.30 Crash 1679/E. This aircraft was doing Circuits & Landings at Eastmoor & crashed. See entry 17.25 hrs. Pilot was P/O Davis, R.A. J17508. 6 crew killed including the pilot. Grid Ref. #22-144918.

19.30 I/1659 See entry 17.20 hrs. Crew list passed to 9 Group.

21.20 Well Q Pershore 23 OTU. Landed Croft. Oil trouble. Will return as soon as serviceable. 91 Gp informed.

22.07 Hal Q/428 Reports brake pressure trouble. Requests long runway at Middleton. F/O Walmsley says their long runway is out of wind. Trying to contact Dalton as their runway should be into wind.

22.20 Hal Q/428 Arranged with Leeming for this instead of Dalton.

23.18 Hal Q/428 Landed Topcliffe.

22.20 Well Q Pershore 23 OTU Left for Pershore at 22.20. 91 Gp & MLS informed.

23.00 I/1659 Further details on crash – At 14.20 entered cloud with Port outer on fire. Crashed at VC 7281. An explosion was heard and part of tail unit fell off the aircraft before hitting the ground. Ex F/C Topcliffe.

[Underlined] Sunday. Nov. 7th 1943 [/underlined]

08.45 Off duty F.D. Cleland F/L
On duty H.L. Spence. P/O.

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0920 E 300 Blanket coverage for Air-Air Air-Sea Firing at R.H.B. & Whitby, Bombing at Strensall, Ht. Tests & Fighter Aff. Locally for Hals & Lancs. from 1000-1800 hrs.

0930 Crashes. 1679/E 1659/I All concerned at Group informed regarding these 2 accidents.

1040. Command Bulls Eye. Col. Wood. F.C. requested offers for Bulls-Eye for this evening, similar to yesterdays but without P.F.F. demonstration. Stations informed. – 4 Lancs. 1679.

1105. Prov. Petrol Diversion Bases. Following consultation with Controller & Met. requested 2 provisional petrol diversion bases, suggesting Bradwell Bay and Stradishall.

1150. ditto Requested additional provisional petrol bases for Hals. – [deleted] 4 or 5 [/deleted] 6 more. C.F.C. confirmed Bradwell Bay and Stradishall OK.

1230 Bulls Eye Called - C-63.
[Underlined] Route: [/underlined] Crewe – Okehampton (Devonshire) Exeter – Bristol – Cambridge – York.
[Underlined] I.R. [/underlined] Bristol & Goole
Times – 1830 hrs at Crewe
Ht. – 13000 ft.

Mixing friendlies & hostiles – a/c to burn downward recognition lights between Exeter & Bridgewater [underlined] over [/underlined]

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I.F.F. switched off between Exeter and a point 10 miles beyond Bristol – 62 Base informed. 1410 hrs.

1310 LFB #14 Will be on 350° from 0540-0640 hrs. 0515 0615

Balloons arranged through 11 Gr B.L.O. at the following hts:-

Chelmsford } 0515 0530 hrs to 0645 0630 hrs.
Canterbury } 1500 ft.
Dover }
Thames Est. 2000 ft.

(We will be informed if there is any change.)

Billingham – close-hauled
2200-2330 2130 2300 and 0700-0800 0630 0730 hrs.

1400 L.F.B. 14 Revised time 0515-0615 hrs.
Balloons Revised time 0515-0630 hrs.

Billingham now 2130-2300 & 0630-0730

Prov. Petrol Div. Bases Received bases from C.F.C and allocation made by Controller as follows:-

408 Linton – Feltwell 15
426 Linton - Waterbeach 14
419 M.S.G. – Docking 16
428 M.S.G. Tuddenham 16
427 Leeming – Stradishall 14
429 Leeming – Coltishall 12
431 Tholthorpe – Chedburgh 12
434 Tholthorpe – Bradwell Bay 12

1450 ditto Information on bases passed to Stations.

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1700 Div. Bases. Only 2 bases now required. At recommendation of Controller retained Waterbeach & Stradishall, latter allotted to 408 Sqn.

62 Base informed & “gen” passed them. C.F.C. informed.

Pundits Provisional Petrol Diversion Base Pundits requested of 3 Group to be on from 0300 hrs to dawn.

Explosion nr. Tholthorpe 62 Base state Tholthorpe will be exploding a 1,000 lb bomb between 1800 & 2000 hrs. R.O.C. informed.

1730. 1664/K. Croft state this a/c overdue. Checked R.O.C, 12 Gr. & 11 Gr unsuccessfully for word of it.

1820 1664/K Croft advise m/n aircraft landed at Fulbeck, short of petrol. Intends returning at 1930 hrs.

1830 Off duty HL Spence P/O.

1830 – On Duty [Signature]

1930 Balloons Ex. B.L.O. 11. Chelmsford, Canterbury and Thames Estuary Balloons will be at 500 feet from 2230 50 0800 hours Dover Waterborne = 2000’. 22:30 to 08:30 hrs

-Information passed to S/L Kyles.

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Nov 7th Cont’d.

2115 Operational Command ops Cancelled.

2120 LFB. Balloons } Cancelled with 11 Group.

2125 Diversion Bases } Cancelled with F.C. 3.

2130 K/1664 Ex. F.C. Croft = K/1664 crashed on take off at Fulbeck. –

Cause: Port Engine cut.
Crew: o.k.

Controller and AIR I informed.

0001 [Underlined] Monday NOV 8 ’43 [/underlined]

0010 FLUCO “U” Reported engine trouble over Eastmoor. Given permission to land – stooged away southward.

0015 FLUCO “U” – Reported to F.C. 4.

0023 FLUCO “U” Landed Marston Moor – Eastmoor stood down F.C.L.O. 12 informed.

Off Duty [Signature]

09.00 On duty FD Cleland F/L.

10.40 Permission granted by Air I for W/C Clark to fly from Croft to Fulbeck to examine K/1664 which crashed there on take-off last night. (Subject to weather conditions)

11.45 Diversion Bases Waterbeach & Stradishall arranged for 408 & 426 Squadron.

Waterbeach – 426 Sqdn. – 13 aircraft.

[Page break]

[Underlined] Monday Nov. 8th 1943 [/underlined]

11.45 Ballooons. Chelmsford. }
Canterbury } 1500 ft from 05.45 -06.45
Thames Estuary }

Dover (Waterborne) – 2000ft from 05.45-06.45.

L.F.B. 12 Dungeness 360°T – 05.45-06.45 hrs.
14 Shoeburyness 350°T 05.45-06.45 hrs.

13.00 MF Sections. Tonight out – N, alternative E or Q
Tonight in – N, alternative H.

16.00 Waterbeach Pundits U/S tonight – Oakington subbing. 62 Base informed.

17.05 Rapide X7338 Landed Topcliffe at 13.26 hrs. 1st Officer Forbes from Feltwell en route Thornaby. Weather reasons. Thornaby informed.

17.20 Rascal Squadrons Crews of 420 Sqdn at Dalton – W/C McIntosh.
Crews of 425 Sqdn at Dishforth – W/C Richer.
Crews of 424 Sqdn at Skipton – W/C McCarthy.

1830 Off duty [deleted] HL Spence [/deleted] F/L Cleland.
On duty HL Spence P/O.

1900 Magister T9888 Lieut. Smith en route from Drem to West Malling, via Acklington, Church Fenton & Wittering landed at Ottertown Hall, near North Allerton. Leeming Station arranged to refuel the a/c & gave him a weather report recommending he stay put or land at Leeming. He took off at 1420 hrs but no further word has been received from him. Drem, West Malling & 12 Gr FCLO contacted. West Malling taking overdue action.

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1905 Group Night Flying passed to R.O.C. and Stations.

2210 L.F.B’s & Balloons Requests for Landfall Beacons & control of Balloons with 11 Group cancelled.

[Underlined] TUESDAY – NOV. 9/43. [/underlined]

0020 431 & 434 a/c 62 Base report ground haze at Tholthorpe and may require diversion base for x-countries. Checked with met & Topcliffe. Requested M.S.G. to stand by.

0040 ditto Leeming Cross Countries practically all down & on instructions of Controller arranged for them to stand by for possible diversion from Tholthorpe. M.S.G. stood down.

0100 Ident Board changed.

0900 off duty HL Spence P/O.

0900 – On Duty [Signature]

1000 E-209 Blanket Cover with MLS for AIR/AIR = AIR/SEA Firing and Strensall Bombing Practice.

1025 – Permission refused by AIR I to 429 Sqn request to land at Thurleigh for purpose

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of picking up a camera there.
- Passed to F.C. Long.

1525 O/419 A/b at 1505 for Berwick – there to test R.O.C. post NI. (failed to inform F.C.L.O. 12 until 1600 hrs. – when learned that post was not manned i.e. did not keep continuous Darky watch.)

1700 O/419 Ex F.C. M.S.G. O/419 test with ROC NI. Unsuccessful.

[Underlined] DFCO’s N.B. [/underlined] Weather Permitting this test will be carried out tomorrow with one hour’s notice in order to enable all necessary arrangements to be made through F.C.L.O. 12.

1830 – Off Duty [Signature]
18.30 On duty F.D. Cleland F/L

[Underlined] Wednesday Nov 10th 1943 [/underlined]

01.00 Ident Board Changed.

09.00 Off duty F.D. Cleland F/L.
On duty H.L. Spence P/O.

0905 E-15 Blanket cover with M.L.S. for Air-Air Air-Sea Firing at R.H.B. & Whitby. Bombing at Strensal; [sic] and Ht. Tests and Fighter Affil. Exercises locally.

[Page break]

1035 C & L Rufforth a/c. F.C.O. 4 Gr. request permission to do c & l by 2 a/c from Rufforth at M.S.G. Latter say OK. 4 Group informed.

1105 do. R/T c/s of aircraft in entry 1035 “Humphrey” a/c letter B & C. M.S.G. informed.

1110 426/2 a/c Jett. Bombs. M.L.O. 12 Group suggests dropping of 6 (1000 lb.) bombs each by 2 a/c of 426 Sqn. be done off Flamboro at around position 0030E 55N rather than 095° - 85 miles from Flamboro as latter is in the middle of an area in which a search is being made. Passed to 62 Base.

1130. 62 Base. 426 a/c Foulsham Re: a/c delivered by A.T.A. at Foulsham in error. Air I ruled that W/C Sweetman should send a skeleton crew by train this pm, instead of flying crew down, to being a/c to Linton. 62 Base informed.

[Deleted] 1335 [/deleted] 1135 Testing of ROC/N-I. Post. M.S.G. a/c planning test of R/T with m/n Post. ETD 1330. F.C.L.O. & M.L.O. 12 Group informed so that the post will be manned for Pr Darky.

1120 1230. A/c Broadcast of Intercom Talk. Tholthorpe Leeming & MSG. report R/T reception of crew patter from a/c with Intercom. on. Mention made of being over coast, heading for Thirsk, 345° at 1133 hrs.

[Page break]

question of being at Northallerton instead of Thirsk. Rear Gunner taking over controls & instructions given how to fly. Over York. Position 5410N 0130W, steering course 337 for Hexham mentioned at 1226 and that “we may” have to cross over a convoy.”

1330. 1664/B (EB-157) F.C.L.O. 9 Group advised m/n a/c landed at Llandwrog, undercarriage & tail damaged but crew O.K. The a/c broke through cloud and in levelling out hit the water. Pilot, F/S. Thompson, was able to retain control and get down OK. Croft informed.

Testing of ROC/post. MSG. state this test for to-day is cancelled. F.C.L.O. 12 informed.

1530 Met. Cold front is rapidly approaching from West bringing low cloud & rain. Recommend cross-country aircraft to return to bases by 1900 hrs. Informed 62 Base whose a/c are not routed to return before this time.

1620 1664/B Re entry 1330. Further advice received by Croft from Llandwrog. A/c is Cat “B”, crew returning by rail. Belly damaged & tail twisted. Air I, Controller, Engr., Equip., G.I.I. (2), informed.

[Page break]

1625 Test of R/O/C – NI. Post. F.C.L.O. 12 Group suggests this test could be done at night as the post is manned only from dusk to dawn for “darky”. M.S.G. informed.

62 Base 426 a/c Foulsham. Re entry 1130. Now learn authorization given by A.O.C. for flight to Foulsham taking crew to bring back the new a/c left there in error. Flying Control at the Base & Linton were not informed before the a/c took off

1845 [Underlined] SFCO [/underlined] Some confusion resulted from 2 a/c of 426 Sqn. taking off without the movement being passed properly. Reasons – Route was not standard; points & times of crossing the Coast were not given Station Flying Control; Isle of Man was given as a turning point twice with no specific point mentioned. As delay was experienced in getting full information and a/c had taken off, the movement was passed to 12 Group “as was” and corrected later. No harm was experienced but the incident indicated lack of co-operation by the Squadron with Flying Control. S/L Kyles indicated he was checking on the circumstances.

1830 Off duty HL Spence P/O.
On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

[Page break]

1840 Permission requested by W/C Clark of 1664 to go to Llandwrog in Middleton’s Oxford to see about their a/c 1664/B that was damaged there this afternoon. Said we’d phone back in the morning. ETD 1000 hrs. Route to be passed later.

1900 Night Flying passed to stations and ROC.

[Underlined] Thursday November 11, 1943 [/underlined]

0101 Ident. Bd. changed.

0900 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.
09.00 On duty F.D. Cleland F/L.

10.00 Permission given by Air I for W/C Clark to go to Llandwrog to see 1664/B.

10.15 Test of ROC. N.I. (Berwick) This test may be arranged in daytime by giving FCLO 12 half an hour’s notice. M.S.G. informed.

10.30 Blanket Coverage E 52. For Lancs & Halis. doing Fighter Affil. Air Firing & Height Tests from 10.00 hrs. to 18.00 today.

11.00 Diversion Bases. Asked for 2 bases on South Coast. Named Ford Tangmere, Beaulieu, Thorney Island, etc. C.F.C will not promise two but will give us at least one after midday met. conference.

12.15 Landfall Beacon. Selsey Bill 360°T from 01.15-02.15 hrs.

Billingham Balloons. Close hauled 17.30-18.30 hrs. & 02.30 hrs to 03.30 hrs.

Diversion Base. Tangmere arranged as emergency petrol div. base. Leeming & Middleton informed.

[Page break]

13.50 Oxford Comm. Flight. For W/C Weir. Arranged for Oxford to be DI’d for him. He will give it Air Test. Told them he was on his way over now.

14.00 Billingham Balloons. Now close-hauled from 17.45-18.45 & 02.45-03.45 hrs.

14.00 Selsey L.F.B. Now operating from 01.30-02.30 hrs.

14.00 Tangmere Pundit. QDM to aerodrome is 255°M 1 3/4 miles. Passed to Leeming & Middleton.

17.50 Night Flying. Passed to MLS 12, Stations

18.00 Off duty FD Cleland F/L
On duty HL Spence P/O.

19.00 Darky Lugger “B” 22 OUT Wellesbourne Skipton report darky call but was unable to contact the a/c. Neither Topcliffe or Leeming heard it. F.C.L.O. 12 also had similar report from Lindholme.

Met. 61 & 62 Bases, Leeming & Croft informed of Group Met’s forecast of low cloud base, rain & possibility of poor viz around 2300 to 2330 hrs. On instructions of Controller recommended all cross countries be on the deck by 2300 hrs.

[Underlined] FRIDAY – NOV 12/43. [/underlined]

0100 Ident Board changed.

0500 c/s L.F.W. “X” M.L.S. 12 Group reported position (from Hull)

[Page break]

of 5159N 0350W – 3rd class – 2113 hrs. – acknowledged from a/c using callsign L.F.W. “X”. This c/s was used by M.S.G. last month. 6 Group had no “X” aircraft out tonight. The position given was not near the track of any M.S.G. aircraft on tonight’s operations. M.L.O. 12 informed

0900 Off duty P/O Spence. On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

0935 Movement E18 Blanket coverage for bombing at Strensall, air firing at Whitby, local height tests,

1100 Permission given by SASO for 419/X to go down to Boscombe Down to get weighed.

1340 1659/C crash (BB326) From Topcliffe: This a/c which landed at Halfpenny Green (Bobbington) last night took off for base at 13.12 and crashed at 13.17. a/c now in flames and no other facts as yet known.

1500 1659/C From Topcliffe: Bobbington have informed them that all crew believed killed except possibly the Rear Gunner (P/O Murdock) Crash occurred 1 mile due east of Bobbington. Controller, Eng. & Equip. Officers, G.T.I 2 informed. SASO & Air I not available and P4 not informed till casualties definite. There were eight in the crew.

1630 Oxford T LX675 landed at Topcliffe from Hullavington. Staying overnight & returning in morning.

[Page break]

1720 1659/C From Bobbington: Possibility that a starboard engine cut out after take-off; pilot apparently tried to land again but a/c stalled and went into a small wood, bursting into flames. 6 bodies have been found, one not located and one is okay with [deleted] slight [/deleted] body injuries. Passed to Topcliffe.

1800 IFF 62 Base inform us that F.O.R of 431 Sqdn which took off on an x-country over the west coast at 16.30 hrs. have no IFF. a/c crossed west coast about 17.35. MLS informed.

1815 Bullseye 1 a/c from 1659, Ā is half and [sic] hour late on take off on Bullseye, and 1659/M was about one hour late. Informed MLS and said the latter a/c probably would go straight to Bristol

1830 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.
18.30 On duty F.D. Cleland F/L.

20.20 Fix J/1664. From Hull 5344N 0034E I ack. at 20.02. Passed to Croft.

21.10 Fix J/1664 From Hull. 52.29N 01.51W ② ack. 21.05 Passed Croft.

22.10 Whitley LA 934 From Ashbourne. Landed at Tholthorpe 20.24 P.Engine U/S.

22.45 Proctor at [deleted] Leeming [/deleted] Linton. Reserved for W/C Saunders at 09.15 hrs tomorrow.

[Underlined] Saturday Nov 13th 1943 [/underlined]

01.00 Ident Board changed.

08.30 Off duty F.D. Cleland F/L. On duty H.L. Spence P/O.

[Page break]

0905 Blanket Movement E-2. Arranged for Air-Air & Air-Sea Firing at R.H.B. & Whitby; Bombing at Strensall; local F.A. & Ht. Tests from 0930-1730 hrs for Lancs. & Hals.

0910 Possible American Diversion In consultation with Controller offered Middleton, Croft, Leeming, Topcliffe, Linton, Tholthorpe, & Eastmoor, as diversion bases in case Americans are recalled.

1659/C Crash. Topcliffe state 7th body located P/O Murdock the only survivor is in hospital. Has 2 broken ribs & smashed arm. P.4 informed.

1040 Comm. Flt. Proctor. Reserved for S/L Jacobs 1200 hrs.

1105 American Diversion Re entry 0910. C.F.C. advise Americans appear to be able to cope at own stations

1200 Oxford T from Hullavington. 61 Base state this a/c took off for Hullavington. Did not ask for route. (W/C. Pilot)

1430 351/H 231066 100TH GROUP. M/n Fortress from Thorpe Abbott, 3rd U.S. Wing (1st Lt. Love, Capt.) landed at Wombleton 1418 hrs., short of petrol with R/T & W/T u/s. 3rd wing informed.

1605 FORTRESS [deleted] 160 [/deleted] 231153 M St. G reports m/n a/c very dangerously shot up a/d (not the usual); also a school in such a way as to endanger 50-75 schoolchildren. F/C Middleton has full details. Advised S.O.C. Pinetree.

[Page break]

1615 351/H. Wombleton advise the Oil Cooler on S.O.E. (No4) is U/S and a/c not airworthy. Replacement is required. Informed F.C.O. 3rd US. For transmission to Thorpe Abbots. Crew staying overnight.

1645 Met. Group Met. advise against any night x countries in view of N.E Wind & likelihood of rain or sleet & hail. 62 Base warned in view of 3 a/c projected cross country up north & to coast/coast Freezing level 1500 to 15000 ft and a/c would have to fly above 20,000 ft. Met state icing conditions would be particularly severe both ascending and descending.

Original routeing of flight was at normal ht. and in view of our earlier warning re above it was changed to 20,000.

62 Base Met & Flying Control aware of weather picture and despite their cautions to Tholthorpe the 431 Sqn a/c took off on their detail.

1830 Off duty P/O Spence: On duty D.H. Miller F//Lt.

1845 Night Flying All proposed x-countries cancelled due to weather Passed remaining night flying to stations.

1940 Eastmoor’s outer circuit u/s – they will continue their c & l’s nevertheless.

[Page break]

2005 Crash Warwick From 12 Gp: what is believed to have been a Warwick crashed in V32 just off main road between Whitby & Pickering near the village of Sleight. FCLO 12 Gp says Wombleton should take action rather than Thornaby as it is closer (doesn’t know anything about our crash areas) No officer on duty at 61 Base so contacted Wombleton direct and they will send out crash tender (their only one) and an ambulance immediately.

0120 Crash Phone call from F/Lt. Adams at Sleight: crash tender & ambulance arrived at scene of crash at 21:30 (left about 20:30) and found the a/c had burnt out & was scattered over 200 yds. One body identified as S/L Goode has been found and a search party is being organized by F/O McCallun (R.D.F. officer 60 Gp. Danby Beacon) to search for remaining crew. The aircraft is believed to have taken off from Thornaby and the crew is as follows: S/L E.A. Goode, Sgt. Richardson #1377980, and P/O Cooms, W.W. J17250. Wombleton’s M.O. who was at scene of crash says it happened about 18.30 hrs. Crash is being guarded by 52 A.A. Signal Training Unit (Phone no. Whitby 490)
Grid ref. of crash: V335243.

Above gen. passed to FCLO 12 Gp.

[Underlined] Sunday Nov. 14, 1943 [/underlined]

02.50 Crash Wombleton says Thornaby probably taking casualty action. Recovered body now turns out to be Sgt. Richardson, not S/L Goode. Wombleton’s

[Page break]

ambulance broke down and is now at Whitby.

0900 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.
09.00 On duty. F.D. Cleland F/L.

09.40 Re Crashed Warwick Near Wombleton. Informed SASO & Air I. Thornaby taking casualty action. GTI. Informed.

09.30 Barrage Balloon. Which broke loose & grounded itself at Col. Green’s house, Manor House, Castleton, Husthwaite. BLO at 12 says nearest RAF Station to take action as laid down in AP1975. Passed this information to 61 Base, as Topcliffe if nearest aerodrome.

11.10 A/C calling Topcliffe. 61 Base report and aircraft calling “Goodfriend” and requesting permission to land. They cannot see him. Checking with 12 Gp and getting plots from ROC.

11.25 Anson EG652 Landed Middleton at 11.25. F/L McDonald (pilot) en route Turnhouse to Watchfield. Experiencing icing troubles. Information passed to 50 Gp.

11.30 Oxford at Leeming MP414 When calling Leeming re entry 11.10 and new plots from West, F/L Durham stated that an Oxford landed there at 11.07 hrs. We were not told because it did not concern us – according to him. (From Prestwick to Eastmoor.)

1300 Middleton. U/S. Emergency landings only.

1830 Off duty. FD Cleland F/L On duty HL Spence P/O.

Controller S/L Malkin.

[Underlined] MONDAY – NOV. 15 – 1943 [/underlined]

0100 Ident Board changed.

[Page break]

0100 Off duty H.L. Spence P/O. On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

0940 Comm Flight Proctor reserved for S/L Jacobs for 10.30 for all day.

0945 Movement E26 Hal. & Lancs. air firing at Whitby and bombing at Strensall 10.30-1800 hrs.

1000 Comm. Flight Oxford reserved for S/L Gordon & W/C Ferris to go to Coningsby (via Digby) at 1430 today to attend a courts martial.

11.15 429/F S/L Rawson took off from Leeming about 5 minutes ago for Pershore Leeming F/C knew nothing about it and on enquiring were told that Group knew all about it. SASO and G.T.I. 1 & 2 know nothing about it. Referred to 429 Sqdn. adj. who is going to try and find out purpose of flight

1155 Comm Flight (see 10.00 hr. entry) Trip now cancelled. Comm. Flight informed.

1228 Tiger Moth DE663 from Scorton landed at Dalton to refuel on way to Doncaster.

Dominie X7454 landed at Topcliffe at 11.58 on way from Sherburn to Dumfries, on account of weather. Will proceed after lunch, weather permitting.

1230 Middleton is now serviceable.

1235 Baracudas 11 of these a/c landed at Croft on way from Lee-on-Solent to Tain, on account of weather. Will continue on after lunch weather permitting. Tain & Lee-on-Solent informed.

1300 Oxford T1070 landed at Topcliffe from Scorton. Pilot is W/C Warner.

[Page break]

1435 Baracudas at Croft will be staying over night on account of the weather. Tain & Lee-on-Solent informed.

1530 Oxford DE144 landed Topcliffe at 15.35 from Marham. Pilot is F/Lt. Burley.

1555 Middleton now u/s due to strong wind 50° off closest available runway.

1650 Fortress 231062 from Port Abbott landed at Wombleton bringing spares for Fortress that landed there a few days ago.

1830 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.
On duty F.D. Cleland F/LT.

2000 Night Flying No night flying in the Group.

[Underlined] Tuesday. Nov 16 1943. [/underlined]

01.00 Ident Board changed.

09.00 Off duty F.D. Cleland F/L. On duty H.L. Spence P/O.

0915 Possible U.S. Div. C.F.C. advise of possibility of Americans requiring diversion bases. Offered Eastmoor, Tholthorpe, Linton, Topcliffe Leeming Croft & M.S.G.

0916 Air-Sea Search 16 Gr. F.C. request we have some a/c standing by in case required for air-sea search at around 1300 hrs. We to advise after day’s commitment known.

[Page break]

1000 Air-Sea Search Unable to contact Air-Sea Rescue Officer. Stations asked for offers. (M.S.G. 6. Leeming 6. Tholthorpe 6.)

1010 Blanket Cover [underlined] E-59 [/underlined] Arranged for Air Firing at R.H.B. and Whitby. Bombing at Strensall, F.A. locally & local ht. tests from 1000 hrs to 1730 hrs for Hals & Lancs. Ref:- E59

1050 U.S. Div. C.F.C. have allotted stations mentioned in entry 0915 to 3rd U.S. Div. for possible diversion. Stations concerned informed. 1115 hrs.

1050 Emerg. Weather Diversion On instructions of Controller requested 2 Diversion Bases from C.F.C. for Lancs.

1145 U.S. Divers. 3rd U.S. Div. passed information on Sqn. R/T & W/T call signs. They hope to get their a/c back to own bases. Gen passed to stations by 1240 hrs.

1230 L.F.B. Special Beacon at Beachy Head on 310° from 2145-2245 or 2215-2315 hrs.

Balloons Langley & Weybridge Balloons will be at 1500 ft from 2145-2315 hrs.

1255 Diversion Bases. C.F.C. have reserved Ford & Thorney Island for Provisional Weather Diversion Bases. Met say OK. and Controller has allotted Ford to 408 Sqn & Thorney Island to 426 Sqn.

1300 L.F.B. Balloons Div. Bases. Ops cancelled. 11 Gr. informed L.F.B., Balloons, & Diversion Bases not required.

[Page break]

1400 Comm. Flight Proctor Reserved by S/L Jacobs for 1430 hrs.

1350 M.S.G. A/d. Service Station state a/d u/s because of wind.

1320-1400 S.O.S. Aircraft. S.O.S. from KCH “D” on Docking HF D/F intercepted by Leeming – QDM 240. Transmitted to 16 Group and 12 Group.

Message from Leeming from KCH “D” – (QDM 250) “Aircraft left formation, maybe in distress – 57 00N 04 00E – Magnetic 252 T.O.O. 1505A” (Perhaps should be 1305A) Passed to 12 Group.

M.S.G. reported giving QDY to KCH “D” of 261° at 1325 hrs. Passed to 12 Group.

1400 Beaufort LZ 450 [deleted] JM550 [/deleted] M/n aircraft left Leeming for Northolt. Capt. Simons, at 1006. Had not arrived 1400 hrs.

1500 Darky Leeming heard call, could not make out C/S, from “F” requesting permission to land. M.S.G. also reported

1515 “Badfall F” (23249) Fortress 413 Sqn. (2nd Lt. Deccard) Landed at Skipton. Home Station Snetterton Heath. #3 Engine U/S. Manifold head or pressure trouble. Unable to return to base, staying overnight. 3rd. U.S. Div. informed.

1520 Air Sea Search Tholthorpe Squadrons stood down. Leeming & M.S.G. detailed.

[Page break]

1625 Air Sea Rescue 3 a/c of 419 & 3 a/c of 428; 3 a/c of 427 & 3 a/c of 429 all airborne in air-sea rescue.

2000 A/S Rescue All Group a/c on A/S Rescue now back.

1830 Off duty [Deleted] D [/deleted] H.L. Spence, P/O On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt

20.55 Crash 432/B Lanc II. From 1 Gp: this a/c crashed 1 mile west of Ingham near Ingham village. A/c is still buring. Crash was reported to Ingham at 19.45 who immediately took crash action. 2 crew, Sgt. Calderwood (Wop.) & Sgt. Huggins (MUG) baled out & are at Hemswell sick quarters – both okay. Two bodies unidentified have been found in crash by Ingham MO.

Above passed to 62 Base.

2105 Crash From 1 Group: the two crew that baled out report that SIE caught fire, and following this SOE cut. Soon [deleted] the [/deleted] one port engine packed up and a/c crashed.

21.15 Crash From 1 Group: F/S Bell (nav.) & F/S Powers (RG) both baled out and are apparently okay. Hemswell picking them up. These two report that Sgt. Simmons, the engineer, baled out before they did. This would account for the seven crew of a/c. Dead members of crew are F/S Burgess (pilot) & F/S Mayo (BA)

21.45 Crash From 62 Base: 4 crew at Hemswell are to remain there till the morning when Eastmoor will send down transport to pick them up. Hemswell may organise search for Sgt. Simmons – they will let us know.

[Page break]

2155 Middleton completely u/s due to ice on runways. However they think they can get their A/S Rescue a/c away in the morning if necessary.

Air Sea Rescue From 16 Gp: Can we put up 15 a/c to continue search tomorrow morning? Controller said okay after consulting squadron. Allocation as follows: 1659 – 4 a/c (possibly not till 11 o’clock)
1664 – 4 a/c
419 – 2 a/c
428 – 2 a/c
431 & 434 – 3 a/c between them.

2345 Crash From 1 Gp: search parties for Sgt. Simmons have been instituted by Hemswell & Ingham and police are also searching. 62 Base informed.

[Underlined] Wednesday, Nov. 17. 1943 [/underlined]

0105 Diversion From 5 Gp: possibility they may have to send 2 or 3 of their a/c up to us; what can we offer? Gave them Eastmoor after checking with Met. & 62 Base.

0315 Diversion 5 Gp. now quite happy, no diversion. Informed 62 Base

0615 A/S Rescue From 16 Gp: Areas are as follows:

3 a/c of 43 – Call signs – WCF 50, 51, 52
5440N 0040E 5450N 0040E
5450N 0140E 5440N 0140E

3 a/c of 4 – Call signs WCF 53, 54, 55
5450N 0040E 5500N 0040E
5450N 0140E 5500N 0140E

[Underlined] 3 a/c of 1664 [/underlined] – Call sign WCF 56, 57, 58
5500N 0040E 5510N 0140E
5510N 0040E 5500N 0140E

[Page break]

a/c are to carry out a parallel track search from West to East with 1/4 mile visibility a/c to fly at 300 ft. If an a/c makes a sighting it is to signal other two a/c, one of which is to climb to 1500 ft & get 1st class fix on Sect. J. Sighting a/c is to continue circling dinghy while other two a/c search for HSL’s and lead them to dinghy. There will be two HSL’s at a position 5427N 0113E about 1100 hrs. onwards Call sign of HSL’s: MHB 62 & MHB 64.

The a/c getting the first class fix will sent the message re dinghy to be either in Bomber Code or AP1927, taking care to specify number of crew in dinghy.

There will be 4 Warwicks searching in same longitude south of us.

All a/c are searching for only one dinghy, the one we sighted yesterday. There are no other dinghies out there.

A/c are to be on 500 kcs at all times except for 5 min. at the hour & half past when they will be on Sect. J 385 kc. HSL’s will be on 500 kcs. All the time except the hour & half hour when they will be on their port wave for 5 minutes.

0800 Sgt. Simmons – lost member of 432/B’s crew has not yet been located but search being continued today.

0900 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

09.00 On duty F.D. Cleland F/L

09.55 Sgt. Simmons. Dead. Body found 1/2 mile north of Fillingham. 1 Group will phone more particulars later.

[Page break]

10.05 Crash 432B. Lanc II D.S. 847. Informed SASO, Controller, GTI (1), W/C Saunders, W/C Guest and Group Engineer.

12.05 Bullseye. (Command) Asked Conversion Units for offers tonight:-

1679 – nil
432 – 4 Lancs
[Deleted] 1664 – 3 Halis [/deleted] (Scrubbed at 14.30 hrs)
1659 – 6 Hals.

13.55 Sighting Report. 429 R, while on Air to Sea firing, sighted what was believed to be 3 mines at pos’n. 5437N-0061/2 W at 12.10 hrs. Passed to Controller & N.S.O. Southdown.

14.40 432 B. 4 Survivors are returning by road today – all okay. Crash signal has been originated by RAF Hemswell.

14.50 Proctor Comm. Flight. Permission given by Air I for Linton to use Proctor tomorrow at 11.00 hrs to take pilot to Luton to bring back the Tiger Moth.

16.45 Oxford Comm. Flight. Oxford for W/C Weir at 08.00 hrs tomorrow.

16.45 Lancaster Q/Blyton. This a/c now over Isle of Man. Pilot not used to night-flying so it may be necessary to land him at Topcliffe or Leeming. Ex. F/C. 1 Gp.

17.00 Lancaster Q/Blyton Now diverted to Leeming. W/T call sign: SOH
RT call sign: Jaywalk or Immune.

17.30 Lancaster Q/Blyton No diversion. Heading toward base O.K.

17.50 Y/434 Landed Riccal due to weather

18.00 Y/434 Told to return to base when weather OK.

1830 Off duty F.L. Cleland. On duty H.L. Spence.

1906 Y/434 Returned to base.

[Page break]

2130. Air-Sea Rescue Search 16 Group state the search is to continue tomorrow. We are asked to provide 4 aircraft for take off at 0815 hrs.


[Underlined] C/S [/underlined] “W.C.F.” [underlined] Nos. [/underlined] 55 to 58 (incl.)

[Underlined] Type of Search: [/underlined] Parallel track search 1/4 mile viz. (1/2 mile between a/c) West to East, creeping south to north.
[Underlined] W/T: [/underlined] Usual (385 & 500 kcs.)
[Underlined] Area [/underlined]
5410N 0015W
5420N 0015W
5410N 0050E
5420N 0050E
[Underlined] No. of A/C [/underlined] 4
[Underlined] T.O. [/underlined] – 1815 hrs.

2200 ASR.S Offers accepted by Controller:-

1659 – Topcliffe – 2 a/c
1664 – Croft – 2 a/c.

2330. A.SR.S. From 16 Group

Details of Surface craft.

R.M.L. 550 C/S MHB-13
R.M.L. 520 C/S MHB-11
In position 5355N 0020E at 0830 hrs.

H.S.L. 2574 c/s MHB. 66
H.S.L. 2572 c/s MHB. 67
In position 5430N 0000E at 0930 hrs.

There will be a south bound and possibly a north bound convoy in the area. Navy are advising the convoys and their balloons will be close hauled between 5340N & 5440N.

[Page break]

[Underlined] THURSDAY – NOV. 18/43 [/underlined]

0100 Ident Board changed.

0900 Off duty H.L. Spence P/O. On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

0945 Movement E226-32 Hal. & Lancs. air firing at Whitby and bombing at Strensall 0930-1730; local height tests to 16000 ft.

1045 Weather From Met: bases will be fit tonight - no diversions required due to weather.

1110 Petrol Diversion On Controller’s instruction requested 3 emergency diversion bases on south coast area of England. Will phone us back.

1130 A/S Rescue. From 16 Gp: can we put up 8 a/c as stand by for possible A/S Rescue operations around 1400 hrs. today. This is not for the dinghy that we have previously been searching for (looks like another American operation) SASO said to ask 432 & Con. Units: final offers were as follows:

1679 – 4 a/c
1659 – 1 a/c (cancelled)
1664 – 1 a/c (cancelled)
432 – 4 a/c

16 Gp say they would like the whole 10 a/c to stand by and will let us know as soon as possible if they require us or not.

1215 Landfall Beacon at Beachy Head will be on bearing of 360°T from 22.15-2300 and from 23.45-0045

12.20 Balloons Langley & Weybridge at 1500’ 17.45-18.45 & 2200-0200

[Page break]

1225 A/S Rescue Neither of 1659 a/c on search sights of anything Passed to 16 Gp.

1330 Diversions Prov. Petrol Diversions laid on as follows:

419, 428, & 408 to Tangmere
429, 427, & 426 to Thorney Island
431 & 434 to Stanton Harcourt.

Passed to stations. Okayed by Met.

1500 Billingham Balloons will be close hauled from 16.15-1800 and from 23.00 to 01.30. Stations informed.

1505 A/S Rescue 1664 a/c on sea search this morning have nothing to report.

1515 A/S Rescue Reference entry of 11.30:- from 16 Gp:-

[Underlined] Area I [/underlined] 4 a/c Call signs: WCF 85, 86, 87, 88
5455N 0313E 5455N 0400E
5506N 0313E 5506N 0400E
Report of dinghy in pos’n 5500N 0340E

[Underlined] Area II [/underlined] [deleted] 4/ [/deleted] 4 a/c Call sign: WCF 89, 90, 91, 92
5415N 0235E 5427N 0235E
5427N 0322E 5415N 0322E
Report of dinghy in pos’n 5422N 0305E

Aircraft are to carry out a parallel track search with 1/4 mile vis. from west to east. There will be no surface craft but an airborn lifeboat will be sent out to any sighting a/c when it gets a fix.

1725 431/Q took off at 17.22 before Control could stop him. (Controller had instructed them not to let him go as he was too late)

1830 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

[Page break]

Thursday, November 18th 1943

18.30 On duty F.D. Cleland F/L.

[deleted] 21.2 [/deleted] 18.12 H/419 Gaining height over aerodrome while Control calling H/428 (non-ops.). Told [inserted] H/428 [/inserted] to stand by for oper. takeoff. H/419 thought message to stand by was for him. Upon hearing H/428 told to land, H/419 answered saying he would jettison first. Control there were also mixed up and thought H/419 was an early return. Result was that H/419 thought he had been recalled, jettisoned his bombs & came back & landed at 18.12 hrs.

21.22 K/426 Receiving SOS fixes from Hull and gives height as 19800’, speed 200, heading 310° Posn 5300N 0400E.

21.38 K/426 Appears to be heading toward E. Anglia. Asked 11 Gp to look out for him and light up coastal aerodromes, including Woodbridge. Hardwick is lit up waiting for him.

22.12 K/426 Cancels SOS.

22.15 K/426 Lands at Hardwick. Badly shot up. Two engines U/S. All crew OK.

22.30 Q/431 Calling Southampton. Too weak for bearing.

22.59 Q/431 SOS. Posn 5006N – 01.04E II Pulham.

23.28 Q/431 164° from Ringway.

23.35 Q/431 Ex. 11 Gp – Aircraft believed to be Q/431 ditched at posn. WV2444. Fighter patrolling reported posn. (RD7 plot). At first light ASR boats will be sent out. 11 Gp. handling the rescue work.

[Underlined] Friday. Nov 19th 1943 [/underlined]

01.30 Air Sea Rescue. 16 Gp request 3 aircraft for ASR in morning.

[Page break]

[Underlined] Friday. Nov 19th 1943 [/underlined]

01.30 Air Sea Rescue Topcliffe 1659 C.U. providing 3 aircraft for search for American dinghies

Area 5345N 0050E
5345N 0300E
5350N 0050E
5350N 0300E

Time: Weather permitting – 1st light of day.

Method: Parallel tracks west to east, creeping North at 1/4 mile visibility.
Call Signs: WCF 133, 134 & 135.
Listen on Sect. J at hour & half hour
All other times to 500 KC’s.

Note: 2 HSL’s, call-sign “MHB” 35 & 44 will be south of the area. Also 2 HSL’s 20 mi N of Spurn Head “MHB” 16 & 18.

Wellingtons will be searching south of area
Marauders will be searching north of area.

02.30 Crew of K/426 This aircraft landed at Hardwick badly shot up. Crew are OK. W/C Sweatman suggested that they fly back with another aircraft. Arranged that V/426 at Shipdham bring them back when they return in the morning.

08.00 V/426 At Shipdham. Has been given instructions to pick up crew of K/426 at Hardwick. Passed through USAAF Shipdham.

08.50 F/431 At Woodbridge, believed serviceable. Trying to arrange for F/431 to fly crew of 428/O back from Woodbridge.

*1330 Diversion Gen. Information re. Dunsfold and Tangmere passed to Leem. M. St. G & 62 Base.

[Line through remainder of page]

[Page break]

0900. – On Duty. [Signature]

1000/1100 Aircraft away. F/C at respective Group HQ’s having 6 Group a/c from last nights ops were contact [sic] and instructed that all serviceable 6 Group aircraft were to return to base as soon as possible.

1115 F/431 O/428. Crew of O/428 to return with F/431 to Linton-on-Ouse. Transport to be arranged from Middleton to take crew O/428 back to base.

1150 S/426 U/426 Ex. AIR I. S/426 to land at Waterbeach and bring back crew of C/426.

G/426 to land at Hardwick and pick up crew of K/426. – F.C. Tangmere advised.

1220 427 a/c W/C Turnbull happily ‘[indecipherable]’ into the picture ref his a/c away.

Crew H/427 Snaith returning by train.

1230. 429 a/c Instructions Ex W/C Pattison

Crew V/429 – return by train
Crews X/429 } remain with their
I/429 } aircraft.

Instructions passed.

[Page break]

1240 Bullseye. Ex Col Wood. – to Bases 61, 62 RCAF Croft.


Starting Point = ANDOVER
TOT = 18:50

Infra Reds: Fishguard – Bideford Northampton – Goole.

Heights – Hal – 15000’
Lanc. 18000’

1300 C.F.C. Following two Bases allotted by C.F.C. to be used tonight in a strictly emergency capacity only by a/c of this Gp – Tangmere – Dunsfold.

1310 L.F.B. Beachy Hd. Bearing 310°T
Time – 20:45-21 45

1315 Balloons. Warwick }
Gt Yarmouth }
Lowestoft } 1500 ft.
Langley } Dusk-Dawn
Weybridge } snp En. Act’y

14.30 CFC 6 Gp met unhappy over Dunsfold.

W/C Monk C.F.C. suggests Tangmere should be sufficient to cope with all emergencies – Stations advised

[Page break]

1500 Sea Search Result. 1300- all aircraft 1659 landed – Search carried out from height of 450 ft 1/4 mile visibility between 0947 hours and 1206 hours nothing seen.

Passed to F.C. 16

Participating a/c.

T – 134; W – 135; P – 133

1730 Beaufighter V-8876. F/O Brown.

At Middleton. Ex W Malling. Enroute – Drem.
Staying Night

1810 Diversion into Gp. Ex F.C. 1 Gp. Request Diversion (provisional) Base as of 2000 hrs for 4 Wellingtons

Discussed with Controller and Duty Met – Advised LINTON could cope.

1830 AIR MARSHALL BARRETT. Ex Squires Gate AT Linton (Destination) A/C Dominie.

1830 – Off Duty [Signature]
On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

1910 Diversion from 1 Gp. 1 Gp. say they will definitely divert their 4 Well. to Linton if they cannot get them in at Ingham. They will phone us first. ETA at Linton is 20.30. A/c letters: S, C, B, O

[Page break]

W/T callsign: WNB, R/T Callsign: “Perhaps”.
Crews: 6 Officers & 14 other ranks.

2020 Diversion from 1 Gp: their 4 Well. landed at their own base – informed 62 Base.

2030 Weather From Met: till midnight our weather will be as follows – deterioration of vis. generally to 2-3000 yds. cloud base 2000 ft 8/10’s, with general slight precipitation. Tangmere will be okay. Only other parts of England that are as good as we are, - Docking & Cornwall.

2045 Topcliffe Night flying a/c bogged on main runway intersection. They will be using one of the shorter runways for emergency. Asked them to tee up Dalton in case of diversion from other groups.

2220 4 Gp. From CFC: can we help 4 Gp. Controller said okay – gave them the following A/D’s in degree of priority: Croft, Skipton, Dalton and Linton. All stations warned.

2215 Topcliffe 61 Base say a/c circling Topcliffe, - their D/F say an a/c asked for an immediate QDM; QDM was 012° but not passed as a/c did not give call sign. When asked for call sign no more was heard from him.

2240 SOS-429/G On Leeming’s H/F D/F giving SOS – given QDM of 358°. Informed 12 Gp FCLO.

2254 4 Group Say a/c is circling Marston flashing lights. Marson is U/S and they cannot contact a/c so are going to send him to Linton by red tee

[Page break]

at their beacon. Warned 61 Base & asked them to put all Linton’s lights on. FCLO is warning ROC.

2300 429/G (SOS a/c) landed Lindholme at 22.50. Has given darky call over Bircotes who could not land him & sent him to Lindholm where he landed in 400 yds. vis. His SOE was U/S and he couldn’t maintain height.

2325 4 Gp. Div. They have landed most of their a/c so will only require one of our A/D’s to stand by – said Croft. Stood Dalton, Linton & Skipton down.

23.50 4 Gp. Div. Croft stood down by 4 Gp.

0005 Tangmere Contacted Tangmere who said they have an a/c there that crashed into a hangar and went into flames. Fire not yet under control and a/c cannot be identified. All crew believed killed. (This later [deleted] to be [/deleted] was proven not ours)

[Underlined] Saturday November 20, 1943 [/underlined]

0100 434/Y This a/c which is missing was heard from at 20.43 at which time he asked for an ordinary fix. He was told to send call sign which he did. Hull then sent in x signal “Unable to determine your pos’n. You are in line with the D/F stations base line (20.46) They started to give him a bearing but another a/c interfered whom Hull told to wait. Hull then sent the bearing of 178° 1st class again which a/c ack. at 20.46. Hull then told a/c to change freq. to South. which a/c ack. but nothing was heard from him after

[Page break]

South did not hear him at all. Stanmore filter room say the only broad IFF’s received eventually landed.

A very poor fix obtained from the three bearings of Hull 178° (1st) Heston 170° (2nd) & Newcastle 172° (3rd) put the a/c near Brighton.

0110 428/T crash From 11 Gp: this a/c crashed near Canterbury. [Deleted] Three cr [/deleted] Crew baled out, three of which have been found: Sgt Oshaway, F/O Storan, and Sgt. Kirkland. A/c is burnt out and these three are at Canterbury police station. Sgt. Oshaway says he was the 6th to bale out and baled out at 3000 ft. – thinks the pilot F/Sgt. Hawthorne may not have got out. F/O Storan, 2nd to bale out, baled out at 17000 ft. and just made the coast.

0130 431/Q (see entry 22.30 Nov. 18th) 11 Gp. say a mosq was sent out at dawn to search for this a/c and 4 Spitfires were sent out subsequently but nothing was seen and as the position was so close to enemy coast no surface craft were sent out. Passed this to W/C Newsome.

11 Gp. continuing with “ribbon” search all day today

0700 434/Y From Intelligence: they have received a raid report from this a/c [inserted] at Thorney [/inserted]. Checked with Thorney Island who say yes it landed there, and are sorry we weren’t informed.

0800 428/T (the crew that baled out) F/S Hawthorne (pilot) and F/S Smith have been found. All are now at Manston.

[Page break]

0800 A/c away Weather in Group is duff: met. do not think they can take off before noon.

[Underlined] Saturday Nov. 20th 1943 [/underlined]

0900 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.
09.00 On duty. F.D. Cleland F/L.

10.00 431/Q Walrus now out looking for dinghy or crew. Passed to W/C Newsome.

10.25 Density Exercise. All conversion units & 432 Squadron asked to take part in this exercise tonight.

11.15 Crew of H/408 At Waddington. P. Inner mag. trouble. Crew have been told to return by rail today. Instructions passed to F/C 5 Gp.

12.18 Offers for Density. [Deleted] 1664 C.U – 4 Hals. [/deleted] Cancelled at 14.50 hrs.
432 Sqdn – 4 Lancs.

12.00 Crew of 429/D At Tangmere. To go to Ford and return with X/429 as 429/D is not serviceable.

14.50 Density Route A. Information passed to 62 Base.

Route #(a). On target 21.05-21.15 hrs.
On target 21.30-31.40 hrs.

15.30 Density Route A. Density exercise cancelled due to 12 Group not approving the route.

16.30 429 X At Ford, now u/s with P.O.E trouble. Staying overnight.

19.00 X-Countries. From Middleton tonight. Middleton have been warned that landing conditions in area they will be flying over are impossible. However, M.S.G. seem quite happy about it.

[Page break]

18.00 Ex. M.S.G. 428/T Manston say one more crew member has been found – W/O Fournier. This leaves one missing still.

18.30 Off duty. F.D. Cleland F/L.

1830 on duty [Signature]

1833 X-Countries Middleton have now cancelled their x-countries.


0900 off duty L.A. Justason On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

0940 Testing of ROC N.I Post at Berwick Middleton are going to send an a/c up to test this post approx. between 11.00 & 11.30. FCLO 12 informed.

1020 a/c away From 62 Base: all 434 a/c to return if serviceable between [deleted] 2 oc [/deleted] 1400 & 1700 this afternoon. Contacted the appropriate Group HQ & found that 424/M was still u/s and 434/J was Cat. AC & would not be ready for 2 weeks. Informed 62 Base

1040 a/c away From Leeming: 429/D crew to come back by train; 429/X – crew to stand by and come back when a/c serviceable.

1045-11.10 Diversion Hudson From 16 Gp: can we land one of their Hudsons from Docking which is at present out to sea. Met give following conditions at Middleton: 2-4000 yds vis. 2-3000 ft. cloud base till at least 1400 hrs. ETA of Hudson at Middleton is 1200 hrs. Call sign NYR/K “ICEPACK”, will be on [deleted] 3380 [/deleted] 3200 kcs. Want Middleton to listen in on [deleted] 3380 [/deleted] 3200 & pass message to them who will answer a/c on [deleted] 3380 [/deleted] 3200. Controller & DSO said okay as it would only be for a short while

[Page break]

Requested 12 Gp. to close-haul Newcastle and Billingham balloons immediately.

11.30 Hudson On advice from DSO, contacted 16 Gp. and asked them to tell Hudson to swing onto Middleton’s freq. 3455 kc. We are listening out on both Middleton’s freq. & on 3200 kcs.

11.50 Testing ROC. Berwick the test has now been cancelled FCLO 12 informed.

1230 Hudson landed Middleton at 12.29, Released balloons with 12 Gp. Informed 16 Gp.

1325 434/Y W/C Harris instructs that this a/c return to base from Thorney Island immediately. Met. say okay. Informed 16 Gp. (Landed Tholthorpe 16.10)

1400 Testing ROC-Berwick 428/U has now decided he will test this post and will take off at 1430. Informed FCLO 12 Gp.

1515 428/T crew The crew that baled out on Friday night are all found but one and Manston want to know if they can discontinue the search being carried out by the Canterbury police for the one missing crew member. Air I says to continue till tomorrow noon and then refer matter to Bomber Command Intelligence.

1630 Testing ROC-Berwick From 12 Gp FCLO – 428/U circled the post for 15 min. but nothing heard by post. Will we check a/c’s R/T. This was done & found to be strength 3. Middleton will check to see whether a/c used 6440 or their LAC. (Later, pilot said he called on both freq. & heard once [inserted] very faintly, [/inserted] “ROC are you receiving me?” Passed to FCLO.

[Page break]

[Underlined] Nov 21st 1943 [/underlined]

17.40 Albermarle From CFC: this a/c now circling Ashbourne (93 Gp) cannot get down – can we take it? After consulting Met. gave them Middleton who will have 2000 yds vis. & 2000 ft. cloud base for the next hour & a half. Middleton all teed up. ac/ has plenty of petrol (5 hours)

1800 Albemarle From 93 Gp: W/T – RVD/S, R/T – Judgement & Allad a/c has now acknowledged diversion & has Middleton’s W/T freq. [deleted letters] 12 Gp. want Middleton to call a/c and tell him in clear that Sheffield balloons are close-hauled. A/c has no code. From Met: if Middleton cannot land a/c they can send him to Acklington which is quite good.

Passed all the above to Middleton.

DSO & Controller approved sending this message in clear.

12 Gp. are having Billingham balloons close hauled.

1830 Signals Leeming F/C says someone whom they thought was Ashbourne signals officer, phoned and wanted them to change their D/F freq. to that of Middleton’s to help the above Albemarle.

1847 Albemarle landed at Middleton at 18.46. 93, 12 & CFC informed.

1850 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt. On duty F.D. Cleland F/L.

19.30 No Night Flying in Group.

[Underlined] Nov 22nd 1943 [/underlined]

09.00 Off duty F.D. Cleland F/L
0900 On Duty [Signature] F/L

0930 A.M. BARRETT. – By Train from York – yesterday to London – His Domini to follow this morning –

[Page break]

0935 Domini Permission refused to this a/c to fly to White Waltham because of very poor vis there.

1010 Domini Permission granted that this a/c can land at Cranwell where vis is 2000 yds. 9/10 1000’ improving.

1025 Domini airborne – passed to Controller 12 Gp.

1040 S/L Carr-Harris Permission granted by Air I that S/L Carr Harris be flown in Middleton’s Tiger Moth (with responsible pilot, G/C’s discretion) to Dunsfold – for aircraft inspection there.

1130 L.F.B. #2 Bearing 270° - 23.15-0015

Balloons Billingham – close hauled 1600- [deleted] 1730 [/deleted] 1800 and 2300-0100.

1300 C.F.C. Allocation of two Emergency Petrol Bases as follows: Swanton Morley and Docking.

Emergency a/c from 419, 428, 427, 429 to go to Swanton Morley. Remaining Emergencies - Docking

- Stations advised.

1420 Ex C.F.C. Feeler on behalf of 3 Group

[Page break]

C.F.C./3 Gp who request provisional bases for 48 Stirlings. – Air I suggested Eastmoor – Wombleton, Dalton, Skipton and Croft with the proviso that not more than three such should be used – so as to ensure to us an emergency base if reqd.

1800 Met Docking Swanton Morley. Six Group met happy ref both Docking and Swanton Morley giving 5/10 – 3000’ – 3000 yds vis beyond midnight.

1825 Leeming (Duty) Pundit U/S Told Linton to stand-by as a duty Beacon for Leeming.

1830 Off duty L.A. Justason, F/Lt. On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

1940 Weather From Met: our emergency diversion bases and all A/D’s in East Anglia are getting smoke and fog trouble – present vis. about 1700 yds NLC, likely to deteriorate. In view of fact there are no better bases in that area, Controller decided no action could be taken as yet, unless these diversion bases get unusable.

1950 Crash From Croft: an a/c has crashed 3 miles west of Croft & 2-3 miles NE of Scorton. Both these stations have sent out crash tenders etc. A/c is believed to be 1664/U, one of their night flying a/c which they have not heard from for some time. ROC say crash occurred at 19.25; they reported it to FCLO who did not tell us ROC said it occurred on Croft aerodrome.

[Page break]

1955 Upper Heyford a/c – Linton D/F Received by Linton D/F: from LGX/I to Z6V: 9921 BVJE GCAG AJ – 1858 (decode – 5343N 0102W) Linton gave a/c QDM of 261° at 19.39. Passed to 92 Gp [deleted] RO [/deleted]

2030 Crash 1664/U From Croft: this crash was definitely 1664/U. It occurred at Scotch Corner near Gt. North Road, on Blue Anchor Farm. A/c burnt. 2 crew dead, 2 alive (1 at Scorton & 1 with the Army) 3 not yet accounted for.

2200 A/S Rescue From 16 Gp: can we offer 8-10 a/c to stand by for A/S Rescue first thing in the morning. SASO says ask Con. Units & 432 Sqdn. Offers are as follows: 1659 – 2 a/c
1664 – 1 a/c (cancelled)
1679 – 1 a/c before 11.00, 4 a/c after 1100 hrs.
432 – 4 a/c minimum

2305 Ashbourne a/c Linton D/F From Linton D/D: Message received from RVD/A to 3MY (Ashbourne) 99AC SQWN EKKX – 22.16

2355 Tholthorpe A/c bogged on edge of runway – Eastmoor will be taking their a/c until runway clear.

[Underlined] Tuesday November 23, 1943 [/underlined]

0020 [Deleted] Upper Heyford [/deleted] Ashbourne a/c – Linton D/F From Linton D/F: Message received from RVD/G to 3MY: 9959 FXHM PPKX DGPF AC 22/2330 Passed to [deleted] 92 Gp [/deleted] Ashbourne.

0130 Results 434/C & E, 419/F and 428/D considered lost. Nothing heard from any of these a/c. All stations except Croft stood down. Croft have one x-country still out.

[Page break]

0900 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.
09.00 On duty F.D. Cleland F/L.

10.00 431/X W/C Newsome requested permission to send a/c to collect crew from Woodbridge. Refused by Air I. Message passed to 62 Base.

11.05 1664 U 6 crew dead, one still alive at Northallerton Hospital.

11.10 434 P 434 Z At Docking. One of these aircraft is U/S. Crew wish to return with other aircraft. Passed to 62 Base.

W/C Harris does not feel weather is good enough and also wants full engineer’s report before crew leave aircraft there. Passed to 16 Group.

11.30 Fix on 1659/S 5434N 0157E I at 10.59 ack. from Hull.

11.30 L.F.B. #2 at Flamborough on bearing 270°T from 23.15 hrs – 00.15 hrs.

12.10 Swordfish Fleet Air Arm. Reported crashed near Otley in posn 668662 or E 6565. Reported by Army.

12.30 Swordfish Fleet Air Arm Pilot, Sub-Lt. Ward telephoned Linton & gave this information. Was en route from Inchkip to Sherburne-in-Elmet. Crash landed at 10.30 at Ashfield Farm 1/2 mi NW Otley. Is now at Ashfield House, Otley 481. Aircraft being guarded by army. This information passed to 12 Gp & 4 Gp.

14.10 Prov. Emerg. Diversion Base:- Docking (16 Gp.) Passed to 62 Base.

16.15 Diversions All stations in Group warned that 6 Gp. weather conditions will be best in Command and therefore it is possible we will have large diversions tonight.

[Page break]

[Underlined] Tuesday. Nov. 23rd 1943 [/underlined]

16.45 Seafires from Lee-on Solent 2 Seafires signalled to Leeming at 14.20 hrs have both landed at aerodromes en route due to weather and will be staying overnight. One at Lissett, one at Brough.

17.55 Croft Aerodrome lighting U/S tonight. Electricians are working on it.

18.30 Off duty F.D. Cleland F/L

1830 – On Duty. [Signature]

“HUDSON 9912 Goosestream 9912” American Fortress left Prestwick 1541 Enroute to Horton (near Blackpool). This a/c was plotted for 3 hours in the area between Wombleton and Eastmoor. Both airfields were lighted and had R/T contact with the aircraft which could not see the searchlights homing him to Eastmoor. FCLO12 [indecipherable word] to searchlight to Snaith – advised better to use Middleton O.K.’d by F.C.L.O.

Aircraft contact on R/T Wombleton told to fly 328° 27 mi and use Darky – Did so. Landed THORNABY at 20:32

[Page break]

2130 Ex C.F.C.. Query on behalf of 5 Group ref Diversion Bases in 6 Gp.

- 6 Gp met gave O.K. on all our bases as of 2300 hrs.


- Later cancelled CROFT due to failure in night lighting. ADDED LINTON as last resort substitute

2200 P/408 – Reported to Linton that on R/T over Docking he was refused permission to land because he was told that Docking was unfit for night landings.

- Checked this with C.F.C. who confirm it to be total error.

2350 Dvn Diversion from 5 Group off

2355 Stations stood down.

0001 Nov 24th WEDNESDAY

0030 Ex 4 Gp – Query ref possible crash near Rufforth – No Gen.

0035 G/426 Ex Base 62 – no news of G/426 since last QDM of 282° at 0024 hrs.

- Fear that the crash might be G/426.

[Page break]

[Underlined] Wednesday Nov 24th [/underlined]

0100 U/408 On interrogation the crew of D/408 reported having heard U/408 calling “DARKY” at position 53° 50’N 00° 32’W at 1733 hours.

0120 Crash (Masham) 1658/A Leeming F/C advised by Masham Police crash near that town. Local fire brigade and Leeming ambulance & tender assisting. Told F.C.L.O. 12 Gp.

0200 426/G Crashed near Duggle[deleted] s [/deleted]by. wop/ag O.K. – 3 of crew O.K. – 1 may be killed. His information confirmed very inadequate knowledge rec’d from F.C.L.O. 12 Gp.

0230 426/G Requested 4 Gp. to send Driffield ambulance to the scene of the crash to look after the crew members and prepared to receive them at the S.S.Q there. #62 informed.

0630 426/G DS770 4 Gp F/C report that Driffield have arranged for guard on this a/c.

The condition of the crew is as follows.

Pilot P/O De Bloeme laceration of face & schock. [sic]
B.A. [deleted] F/L Cleveland [/deleted] F/S Huffman dead
Nav. F/L Cleveland Seriously ill. Fractured skull – lacerations concussion
wop/ag Sgt. McGarrighan O.K.
Mu/ag F/S Martin Seriously ill lacerated face, concussion
R/G F/S Manders. Dead.

thru Church Fenton These aircrew were first taken to a searchlight site O2. Which rendered valuable assistance. Then to a farm house (phone Dugglesby #23)

[Page break]

0508 1658 C.U. Aircraft [deleted] A [/deleted] 1658/Z 4 Group F/C – Ricall reports a Halifax a/c from there crashed in VE48 – Langcliffe Hedge Whernside 2 1/2 miles North east of Kettlewell. Aircraft is burnt out. 3 bodies have so far been recovered (7 in crew) Told Topcliffe and the Sergeant watch-keeper to get Dishforth cracking with ambulance and guard. At 0523, she reported ambulance R/b (road borne) and guard arranged. Good show.

0540 Crash (Masham) JB926 1658/A Leeming F/C reports that aircraft was on a very high hill six miles north of Masham The a/c number was JB 926. Found Pay Book 1570461 Alexander John Winton. Pioneer Corp doing guard duty.

Due to hilly nature of the country ambulance could not proceed to crash – bodies will be collected in the morning. There were 8 in crew. Quite accidentally discovered it was another a/c of 1658 C.U. and four Group now account for all their a/c.

0900 off duty – SR Wyman F/L. On duty D.H. Miller

0930 429/X Leeming would like this a/c to stand by to take off around 11.00 hrs. on instruction from us. However 11 Gp. say the a/c will not be serviceable today as the working party has just arrived. Informed Leeming.

0940 Crash (Masham) JB926 From Leeming: Transport has been sent out this morning to pick up the bodies. No further information has been received re crash.

1045 1658 C.U. Aircraft Z As Dishforth has no M.O. one was not sent out with ambulance. 61 Base are sending one out immediately. No further gen. on this crash yet. From Skipton-in-Craven police – crash occurred at 23.55

[Page break]

09.45 U/408 Re entry 0100 concerning Darky call reported by D/408, a further check reveals that thus was heard by Lissett who called but did not contact aircraft. In an effort to tie up this incident with plots of an aircraft which wandered up and down the coast from Filey to Spurn Head, 12 Gp F.C.L.O. was contacted. 12 Gp had the plots of an a/c which started near Lissett and it would appear that this would be U/408. 12 Gp laid on searchlights but no contact was made with this aircraft and [underlined] plots (RD/F) faded in WB0565. [/underlined] [inserted] approx. 21.30 hrs. [/inserted] 12 Gp sent out Anson. 16 Group advised and had no knowledge of the incident. They will organize search.

1050 419/M Middleton have a strong wind at present and want us to stop this a/c returning from Catfoss. Passed to Catfoss who have now stopped him.

1055 A/S Rescue From 16 Gp: can we supply some a/c to stand by for A/S Rescue? Controller said to ask Con. Units & 432 Sqdn. This search is for 408/U

1130 434/Z & P to return immediately from Docking. Informed 16 Gp.

1145 A/S Rescue 432 Sqdn. have offered 4 a/c for search. Other unites stood down. The following information received from 16 Gp. & 6 Gp ASR Officer passed to 62 Base

[Underlined] Area I [/underlined] 5353N 0010E 5353N 0050E
5405N 0010E 5405N 0050E

[Page break]

[Underlined] Area II [/underlined] 5345N 0010E 5345N 0050E
5357N 0010E 5357N 0050E

Aircraft to search at 1/4 mile vis. (1/2 a mile apart) flying a parallel track W-E creeping N to S.

Call Signs: WCF 54-57, using Sect. J (385 kc) for 5 min. at the hour & half hours. There will be no surface craft in the area due to rough seas. A/c are to work in pairs, one a/c to be responsible for the navigation. Heights of a/c to be 500 ft approx. Smoke floats to be carried & should be dropped at end of each run to assist a good start on next run.

[Underlined] From Met: [/underlined] Weather in area will be squally amounting to nearly gale proportions with high seas. Also there will be some rain.

[Underlined] From 16 Gp. [/underlined] There is a convoy in the above area, which has been warned of our aircraft This convoy sighted the wreckage of a 4 engined bomber at position 5358N 0015E but no dinghy was sighted.

1210 408/P to return to base from Sculthorpe immediately.

1200 434/P at Docking is U/S so crew is returning with 434/Z as per squadron commander’s instructions.

1330 Permission given by SASO for R/408 to take crew down to Waddington to pick up 408/H.

1425 429/V From 93 Gp: this a/c took off from Assington for Leeming at 14.21 without any permission from 6 Gp. or apparently Leeming F/C or Ops. Leeming now enquiring into it (apparently pilot took off without notifying anybody. Told Leeming to tear wide strip off the pilot.)

[Page break]

1450 Permission given by SASO for 434/F to take crew & spare parts down to Shipdham for 434/J. (cancelled)

1535 1659/[deleted] D [/deleted] M From 15 Gp: this a/c (while on x-country) landed at Aldergrove about 14.00 hrs. – Gyro U/S. due to strong winds pilot intends to remain over night.

1540 434/P & Z Re these two a/c at Dorking, W/C Patterson wants both crews to return in either a/c tomorrow if one is serviceable. If neither will be serviceable tomorrow both crews to return by train tonight.

1640 408/U 408/P which landed at Sculthorpe last night is now back at base and says that he heard 408/U calling Darky last night at 17.56 when he (408/P) was 2 min out from the coast and right on track. Pilot sounded in distress.

1700 A/S Search All a/c back from search – no results. Passed to 16 Gp. F/C.

1830 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.
18.30 On duty FD Cleland F/L.

20.21 1658/Z See entry 05.08 hrs. From Topcliffe we now have pinpoint of the crash – Sheet 21 – 474938. Evidently an M.O. had not been sent out to the crash, nor an engineering officer. Engineer Officer will go out tomorrow morning.

Bodies found: Sgt. Aitken 1322354 B/A
? Martin ? A/G
Sgt. Robinson 538137 F/E
Sgt Robson 1451671 Nav.
Sgt. Chadwick 1453551 Pilot
Sgt. Stabler 1784108 A/G

Aircraft number DT 578.

[Page break]

21.00 Bullseye. Route now changed due to weather. Base to Cambridge direct then to London. Rest of route unchanged. Passed to Croft.

23.00 408/U. S/L Stanley & S/L Seabourne are going to investigate the reason why 16 Group were not informed by 12 Gp when plots faded at 21.30 hrs last night. No action taken tonight

[Underlined] Thursday. Oct [sic] 25th 1943 [/underlined]

01.00 Intruder Lines. Twice last night we had trouble getting through to York 9 & 10. Long delay caused by having to go through GPO first to make connections.

* Attention:- S/L Stanley & FCO’s.

(Later found out that it was a fault on each line – We couldn’t flash York 9 and York 10 could not flash us and we couldn’t flash them. Reported this to Supervisor at York who is working on the trouble).

* However, the point of this long entry here, is, that in case the girls report trouble to us, we can get good service from the ROC Liason Officer at 12 Gp. He can get us connected at once and also is very willing to test any lines for us if we feel there is a fault anywhere.

17.00 Night Flying finished in Group.

09.00 Off duty F.D. Cleland F/L.

0900 On Duty [Signature]

1030. Diversions Request to C.F.C. for three good bases for 3 Lanc sqns: very likely to be short of petrol on return – and for Provisional

[Page break]

Nov 25th 1943

Petrol Bases for Halifaxes.

1100 U/434 Permission granted by Air I for this a/c to land at Shipdham with crew and repairs for a/c there

1100/1200 A.S.R.S. – assisted in getting call signs and Search Gen to sqns.

0100 S.O.S. Wellington plotted in over Flamborough at 1000ft – flew to Wombleton, gaining height to 6000 ft – proceeded to visit nearly all stations in Group but answered none of the R/T calls made from Stns flew out of Group to South still showing S.O.S.

0130 C.F.C. Provisional Bases as follows:

419-428 to Dunsfold.
427 - Wing. 429 Westcott.
431 – Tangmere
434 – Stanton Harcourt.
432 – Marham.
428 – Swanton Morley
408 – Docking.

- Gen – with exception of Pundits – passed to stations.

[Page break]

Nov 25th ‘43

L.F.B. #2 - 270°T – 0700-Dawn.

LFB. Beachy Hd. 310°T 0500-0600

Balloons – Billingham – Closehauled 2245-0100 0600-0900

Balloons Langley & Weybridge. 1500 ft Dusk-Dawn

1456 ASR. Eight [deleted] Hal [/deleted] aircraft a/b’n on Sea Search

1500 SOS second SOS a/c – a Boston made landfall at Flamborough – Its Bomb Doors were open and showed a torpedo on board – This aircraft turned south and proceeded into one Group.

1600 Marham. Ex. F.C. P.F.F. aircraft landing tonight at Marham are to be briefed to turn right at finish of run – taxi along blue lane to taxi post.

Passes to S/L Kyles.

1640 J/428 At Tangmere. To land at Topcliffe on return for special modification (Ex W/C Miller) – Passed to F.C. Tangmere, who report a/c u/s.

1745 SOS. 3 SOS Lancs. plotted in over Flamborough proceeded west to Leeming – finally landed at Eastmoor. Were 1679 Lancs returning from Sea Search

[Page break]

Nov 25/26 ‘43

1830 ASR Reports = NIL

1830 – Off Duty [Signature]
On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

2230 Cancellation of Lancaster – Whitebait scrubbed.

2345 1658/2 From Topcliffe: the 7th body has been located and will be brought to Topcliffe tomorrow morning. Has not yet been officially identified. 4 Gp. informed.

[Underlined] Friday November 26, 1943 [/underlined]

0015 Leeming taxi accident 427/G & 429/G had taxi accident just before take-off, one of the a/c coming out of dispersal at the wrong time & taxying into the other one taxying along the perimeter track.

0230 419/B At 01.47 MLS passed us the following fix ack. by this a/c from Hull: 5420N 0110W 2nd 0139. This a/c has not yet arrived at base, and upon checking his fix with MLS they tell us Hull does not think this was our a/c but was one of Wymeswold OTU a/c using our call sign by mistake, and which is now using its correct call sign. Matter being looked into by DSO.

0300 419/B Hull say that the message they received from this a/c (see above) was distorted and they were not sure of his call sign. Another fix was requested from Hull by this same a/c using its correct call sign RUW/B and the MLO is satisfied it was not our a/c calling.

0302 429/V had damaged tail wheel on return was sent to Skipton where it landed at 03.14.

[Page break]

0315 Stanton Harcourt 91 Gp. advise us that this station may experience some mist after 0400. Harwell or Enstone will be okay & they say they can divert any of our a/c to one of these stations if they come up at Stanton. Controller says this is the best arrangement and does not think it necessary to send message to 434 [deleted] not [/deleted] giving them another emergency diversion base.

0512 Darky Skipton heard “Edwin E” calling Darky very faintly but could not contact him. No such call sign as “Edwin”. Informed FCLO 12 Gp.

0610 Darky Skipton & Topcliffe still hearing & answering above darky. It is still very faint.

0708 419/O From Finningley Signal officer: 419/O sent message on Finningley’s H/F D/F – “Request landing – petrol low” TOO. 0646, TOR. Finningley 0648. TOR. 6 Gp. 07.10. Told them to send reply: “Land first A/D possible” as no bearing received and it is now getting light. Message was priority “Important”. Finningley, after receiving message sent “Wait 3 min.” but apparently a/c did not come up again. FCLO 12 & 93 Gp FCO informed.

0745 419/O (see above) landed at Wymeswold about 0730

0830 434/L & 431/K & Y at Tangmere are to return as soon as possible on instructions from squadrons. Also 434/G instructed to return. 429/Q will be returning from Westcott as soon as they refuel.

0900 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.


“Flying Control Logbook,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 12, 2024,

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