Piaggio P108, C-47 and Savoia-Marchetti SM82



Piaggio P108, C-47 and Savoia-Marchetti SM82


Photo 1 is a port side view of a Piaggio P108 in Luftwaffe markings. This was a four engined bomber.
Photo 2 is a port side view of a captured C-47 in German markings.
Photo 3 is a port/front flying view of a SM82. This three engined aircraft was used by the Italians and the Germans.




Three b/w photographs on two album pages


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A taken-over or captured Italian Italian [sic] Piaggio P108 in German markings. A four engined bomber & the only Piaggio aircraft to serve with the Regia Aeronautica during the war.


A captured American Douglas C47 Dakota in German markings.

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Savoia-Marchetti S.M.82. Kangaroo.

The SM 82 first flew in 1938 as an updated version of the SM 75, having more power, taller vertical tail surfaces, & a fuselage both deeper & longer for greater capacity. Powered by three Alfa-Romeo 128 RC 21 radial piston engines. Max. speed 230mph. Armed with 5 machine guns & capable of carrying 8818lbs of bombs. Used by Germany & Italy.



“Piaggio P108, C-47 and Savoia-Marchetti SM82,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 2, 2022, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/23266.

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