Junkers Ju 390, Ju 332 and Ju W34



Junkers Ju 390, Ju 332 and Ju W34


Photo 1 is a starboard side view of the huge wing span , six-engined, long range, heavy bomber.
The Ju 332 entry is a caption referring to the huge glider which could transport a tank or 100 troops.
Photo 2 is a side view of the single engined Ju W34.
Photo 3 is a port side flying view of a Ju W34.




Three b/w photogrpahs on two album pages


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Junkers JU 390.

The Junkers JU 390 was a six engined development of the JU290 with increased wing span & overall length. An extra panel mounting a BMW 801E engine was introduced in each wing & a new fuselage centre increased the length. The landing gear was duplicated, with twin wheels units retracting into the two inner engine nacelles on each side of the fuselage. Designed as a long range Heavy Bomber Y& [sic] Reconnaisance [sic] Aircraft powered by six BMW 801E 14 cylinder radial air cooled engine. Max speed 314mph. Only two prototypes were built of this the largest orthodox aircraft built in [deleted] g [/deleted] [inserted] G [/inserted]ermany.


Junkers JU322 Mammut. [inserted] WING SPAN 203 FEET 5 INCHES [/inserted]

The problem of invading the British Isles had led to the conclusion that success rested on finding a means of landing heavy eqiuipment [sic] with the first airborne assault wave, & this resulted in the concept of a truly gargantuan glider capable of transporting a self propelled assault gun together with its crew, ammunition & fuel, an 88mm flak with its towing vehicle a PzKW IV tank, or more than 100 fully equipped troops. Junkers came up with the JU 322 ‘Mammut’, to all intents & purposes a flying wing. However the flying characteristics of the glider were very bad & the programme was cancelled in May 1941.

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Junkers JU W34.

The Junkers W34 introduced in the early 1930’s was used extensively in Canada & South America as small passenger aircraft. Equipped with either floats or a fixed wheel undercarriage. Used by the Luftwaffe well into the Second World War as a communications aircraft & for ferrying V.I.P’s.


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