Heinkel He 116 and He 119



Heinkel He 116 and He 119


Photo 1 is missing.
Photo 2 is a port side view of an He 119 with a conventional undercarriage.
Photo 3 is a port side view of an He 119 on floats.




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Heinkel HE 116.
Designed in 1936 to provide a direct mail service to the Far East, the first prototype was completed in 1937. By early 1938 Heinkel had completed four pre-production models. Deliveries to the Luftwaffe commenced in 1938 & they operated as extreme range surveillance aircraft. They were unarmed as they flew outside land based fighter cover.
Powered by four Hirth HM508H 8 cylinder air cooled engine [sic].


[inserted] HE 119 W V3 40907 [/inserted]

Heinkel HE 119.
Late in November 1937, the German Propagand [sic] Ministry announced that the HE 111U plane had reached a record speed of 314mph, faster than the 285mph Bristol Blenheim. The facts were different as it was the new HE 119, & the reason was the German wish to keep the HE 119 a secret aeroplane. Designed for operations as a land based aircraft or floatplane. Powered by a Daimler Benz DB606A-2 24 cylinder liquid cooled engine.


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