Letter from Douglas Hudson to his parents



Letter from Douglas Hudson to his parents


Letter number 23. Had just collected their registered parcel and thanks them for sending little items. Was on duty previous night which was a strange way to celebrate his birthday. He and the boys were OK. Reports arrival of small parcel from Aunt. Asks them to thanks someone for card and best wishes.




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Two pagew handwritten letter and envelope


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Mr. & Mrs. H. E. Hudson.
191. Halifax Road.
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[underlined] Letter No. 23. [/underlined]
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Monday. 1. pm
My Dear Mother & Dad,
I collected your registered parcel about 12.30. pm. on my way to lunch. I have not yet opened it & shall take it back to the billet with me when I have finished writing & I shall give Jack the cigars. Thank you very much for sending these little items along, they will all be very useful.
I didn’t get up until mid-day as I was on duty last night. I did intend to celebrate my birthday somehow, but I didn’t expect it would turn out like that. Anyway I didn’t mind, it was quite a useful way of creating a diversion. You will be pleased to know that I & the boys & our little Rooster are all O.K. & in good spirits & being keen are continuing to press on.
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I did not receive any news from you today but I received a small parcel from Auntie Dorothy which I have not yet opened. I presume it contains cigarettes. In an earlier letter I think I told you I had written a short letter for her birthday so I shall not bother writing again as I am now busy again.
Will you please thank D.C. for her card & send her my best wishes & ‘luv’ [sic] in return.
I havent [sic] any further news now so will say ‘bye for the present.
Hoping all is well at home I send all my love & best wishes as always.
The young thrushes which grew to a terrific size have opened their wings & flown.



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