Letter from Leonard Cheshire to G W H Gardiner



Letter from Leonard Cheshire to G W H Gardiner


From Royal Aircraft Establishment. Thanks him for enlargement of Limoges. Also thanks him for information about side-slip and add some experiences.. Mentions horizon and that they have received two Mustangs for marking. Would like to call at Farnborough to discuss matters.






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Your ref :-

No.617 Squadron, RAF. Station
Woodhall Spa, Lincs.
30th June, 1944.


Thank you most sincerely for the enlargement of Limoges. It is really a beautiful piece of work and I can assure you is very much appreciated. I am in the process of having a suitable frame built, so that it can stand in the Mess.
Thank you also for the news of the horizon and the information about sideslip from the Aero Department. I find that the sideslip increases with speed and therefore, since it is difficult to correct on the trimmer because of its position in the aircraft, it is best done on the throttles. However I shall keep on experimenting in der to find the most satisfactory answer.

As to the horizon, I am now in somewhat of a quandary. We have just received two Mustangs with which to carry on marking and I’m sure there wouldn’t be room on the panel. I would like, if I may, to call in at Farnborough when I can get away, and see if anything can be done to find a means of installing it.

Again my most sincere thanks for your many kindnesses.

G.W.H. Gardiner Esq.,
Royal Aircraft Establishment,
Farnborough, Hants.



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